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Drone Pilot vs NYPD – New York Drone Case Dismissed – Geeksvana Drone News

Another victory for common sense and the hobby comes this time from new york, an award-winning national geographic and new york times photographer, who was ticketed earlier this year for photographing, a mass burial site has updated everyone with some positive news: in april 2020, photographer George steinmetz was working on a piece focused towards a small island nestled between new york and long island, heart island measures, approximately one mile by a third of a mile and forms part of pelham islands in the northeastern borough of bronx new york city over the years. It has been an army […]

CAA Drone Registration SPREADSHEET?!? DJI Mavic Mini Launch & VOLOCOPTER – DRONE NEWS | Mr MPW

by Jose
Everyone is Matt Williams for mr. npw calm and a couple of big news things to run through for this week. First up DJ, I have officially announced the launch of the Mavic mini the CIA. Drone registration starts next week on an Excel spreadsheet and volley. Copter takes to the singapore skies, but can air taxis take off so first up today, DJI have officially announced the launch of the Mavic mini an almost pocket-sized drone, which they’re dubbing their flying camera. This new drone looks like it could be a game-changing evolution in the small drone market and, […]