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Drone Pilot Certificate Test SUCKS

this is a toy and this is not  a toy I don't know what to say I'm making this video today about Canada's drone  operating certifications I think this drone   operating certification program is kind of sh***y  and I'm making this video so that either you can   put some knowledge in me and I get some sense,  and I change my mind, or you can leave a comment   below about how right I am. From 2019 transport  canada came up with this rule where if you own   a drone that weights between 250 gram until 25  kilogram you have to […]

Flying Drones in the UK. Drone Laws and Proposed New Regulations

by Jose
[Music] hello my name is ben Lovegrove and in this video i'm going to summarize some of the main points of the UK government's 2018 consultation on the use of drones in UK airspace many drone pilots business owners and hobby fliers are concerned about the proposals so feel free to post any questions or comments below this video and I or someone else will try to respond the consultation ran from the 26th of July to the 17th of September 2018 it received 5061 responses and the results were published on the 7th of January 2019 the UK government […]

FAA and the RC/Drone Pilot The 11 Rules

Hi, i’m tim welcome to my channel in this video we’re going to go over the faa’s 11 rules that recreational rc pilots must follow. Let’S get to it, as i mentioned in the intro, we’re going to go over the 11 rules that the faa has published, that all recreational rc pilots should uh be following with rc pilots. I use that at shorthand for people that fly fixed-wing airplanes, particularly at club fields. Rc pilots can also include drone pilots that fly the more common quadcopters. The history of the involvement of the faa with the rc modeling […]