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How To Get Drone Pilot License In India | How To Become Registered Drone Pilot

<b>if you're one of those selected few</b> <b>who's childhood dream was to become a Drone Pilot!</b> <b>than you should not miss this video</b> <b>now the first quesiton will come into your mind that..</b> <b>…do we really need a license to fly our own drone now? </b> <b>and the answer is yes</b> <b>Subtitle</b> <b>and very soon it's going to be implemented strictly</b> <b>Right now the drone rules in india are going through</b> <b>transition phase.. They're constently updating</b> <b>and people are not sure about them including the authority</b> <b>it's like a beta testing for drone rules in india</b>…

1 MB drone mapping: A method for disaster zones

My name is Greg crutsinger and I was the volunteer data analyst for the public safety drone teams recently on the Carr fire I also helped on the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa last October as part of this digital first responder effort we used 360 drone panoramics as a rapid tool to visualize fire damage for the city of Redding and for surrounding Shasta County now the teams did an amazing job during this situation in the first 48 hours we went from an initial drone flight in the air to maps going public to the residence of the […]

GoPro Hero 9 review – FPV Drone pilot perspective, hypersmooth – 5k action camera

John here guys and today we’re talking about the gopro hero 9.. This is the hottest action camera on the market. It has a new hyper, smooth 3.0 um image. Stabilization built in this essentially becomes your action. Camera, your vlogging camera and your walk around camera, replacing all of those other tools um. I personally sold my osmo action little handheld gimbal because i was gon na get this because it’s something i can use for that and as a drone pilot i can also fly this. This can also be a vlogging camera in the field. If i […]