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Drone Pilot Canada New Features in Release 1.4 Hi I’m dawn from dawn drones on we’ve, just released version 1.4 of the drone pilot Canada app it ‘ S got some great new features in it. That will make it even easier for you to meet the requirements of the 2019 Canadian ARP as regulations and to fly your drone safely. Let’s run through them right now. The first new feature is an expansion of the document storage capability. We introduced in version 1.3. Now the app allows you to store any PDF files. You wish not just certificates and exam results like before. You start by […]

How to use the Emergency Button in the Drone Pilot Canada mobile app Oh sure I’ve just had a horizontal flyaway. If this was real, this would really be an emergency situation. Time would be of the essence – and this is the last time in the world that you’d – want to be rummaging through binders, looking up VFR, charts and phone numbers with drone pilot Canada’s, new emergency buttons. You can transform this sort of panic situation into a simple set of procedures that you can easily follow. Let’s, have a look. We’ve added an emergency button to the flight timer screen. You can see it here. The intent is […]


by Jose So this is drawing. I got guys: it’s a DJI spark just a little guy. As you see, you got my registration number, so I’ve registered the drone with the Government of Canada. I’Ve also got my drone license and I’m carrying everything with me. In my pouch here, a little camera bag that I’m using for there’s my drone stuff. I’Ve only been flying for maybe a couple months. I got the drone back in I think, March or April and basically a you know because of the weather and stuff we’ll only flown it a few times. […]

Drone Pilot Canada New Features in v1.3

Hi, I’m dawn from dawn drones on we’ve added a number of features to the drone pilot Canada app since it was released a month ago, and this video will explain how to take advantage of those features for those of you who are new to drone pilot Canada. It’S a terrific mobile phone, app available for both Apple and Android platforms. That makes it very easy to meet all of the procedural requirements of the 2019 Canadian ARP as regulations without lugging around binders of checklists procedures and certificates. It also features a map showing you, the locations of […]

Top 5 Drone Pilot Canada FAQs Hi I’m dawn from dawn drones. On today, I’m going to talk about the top 5 questions. I hear about the drone pilot Canada app drone pilot Canada is Canada’s only mobile phone app that directly addresses the requirements of the 2019 Canadian are pass. Regulations fly safe Maps, flight logs checklists and procedures and much much more. Let’s, get into the questions here’s, the first one hi Don I’ve just installed the app and the circles. Aren’t showing up what’s. The deal with that. Well, the circles are talking about: are these ones? They’re, the circles around airports […]

How to use the Canadian Drone Pilot Log Book New Canadian RPAS Drone Regulations 2019

Hi, I’m dawn from dawn drones on, as many of you know, I’ve created a simple Excel spreadsheet called the Canadian drone pilot logbook. There’S a link to this logbook in the description below the video. What the drone pilot logbook is is a simple way for drone fliers to meet all of the well, let’s say procedural requirements of the 2019 Canadian ARP as regulations. Things like checklists having your drone registration number and pilot certification, number handy and keeping maintenance logs things like that. I’Ve had a number of people. Ask me questions about the logbook, so what […]

Drone Pilot Exam Study Guide…a few things to discuss!

Hi, I’m dawn from dawn drones. On a few days ago, I put out a video entitled study guide to the new 2019 Canadian drone pilot basic operations exam and the response from you guys has been overwhelming over 1,300 views, maybe 1,400 by the time you watch this hundred thumbs up lots and lots Of comments about 50 comments – and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for watching and particularly thank you for those who took the time to comment and ask questions and point out some errors. Let’S check those out in a […]