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Não perca o seu drone!!! Dicas valiosas de DJI Phantom 3 e 4 #5 (EN-US/PT-BR)

Hi, guys! All right? Welcome to the Konter channel. Today, let's talk about fly away, which was a theme suggested by our friend Adriano Pimentel, which is a much discussed topic among drone pilots or those interested in the subject. Let's go! After all: What is "fly away"? "Fly away" is a generic term; it occurs when you lose control of the drone, it creates its own life, it flies away, and you no longer have control of it. You totally lose control of the drone. It creates its own life and goes flying around, until it falls, or hit […]


by Jose Thrown jabs the drones are becoming more and more popular every day as drones grow in popularity. So do the opportunities to make money with drones, increasing camera quality flight time and ease-of-use is leading to more and more commercial uses. What used to cost thousands of dollars and require hours and hours of planning to shoot aerial photos and video now takes only minutes. Construction and building companies are taking notice and deploying drones for all types of jobs, job site, surveillance, progress, photos, building inspections and surveying are some of the most popular jobs for drones in […]

Starter Drone Pilot Tips: Frames Per Second Explained (FPS)

What’S going on guys build here and welcome back to another episode of starter drone pilot tips? Now today we’re gon na be talking about frames per second. This has been a prevalent topic in the community ever since the release of the DJI phantom 4 pro with the phantom 4 pro. We can now shoot at 4k in 60 frames per second, and this has caused a lot of people to ask the question as to what frames per second actually means to start things off: let’s go nice and slow and discuss some of the interchangeable vocabulary. Now, […]

A Sunshade For The Professional Drone Pilot

<?xml encoding=”UTF-8″>   What’S going on guys, Billy here and today, I’ll be sharing with you, my favorite sunshade that I use when I fly my drone now just a quick warning: it is only more expensive side, but in all the Sun shades that I’ve tried this one really does stand Out and I’m gon na try to explain to you why it has become such an important piece of equipment in my everyday flying with my phantom 4 Pro now, the functionality of a sunshade is pretty self-explanatory.   It’S basically little pop-up walls that go around your […]