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Drone Pilot Tip : What To Do When Automation Fails

by Jose Hi, this is Dave from Steel City joints, flight Academy. Today I’m on location in Oklahoma City, doing some training and I thought I would take a nice little break to give you guys a nice little video on some of the questions that I’ve been asked recently by my students That I thought would be very nice to give all my students on the YouTube channel. So what that said, the subject that we’re going to be talking about is controllability controlling your aircraft under all circumstances on, and how to be able to do that. So with […]

OUR SECRETS REVEALED | Instantly Become A Better Drone Pilot

Today, I’m going to give you guys a really awesome tip on how to very easily improve your flying almost instantly for very little cost. So I hope I have your attention. So a lot of my students that come to me when they’re looking to take lessons, you know, they they come with their own equipment and they come with a basically traditional neck strap that goes around them and attaches to the remote control, just like right here. And no matter which one it is, it never works out well and the students are always either, Most likely, […]

Advanced Tactical Drone Training in Las Vegas

by Jose
So the hikers needing help thanks Cynthia Maldonado right now is spent today with first responders to see how drones are now helping them save lives. Firefighters, take air since hilly terrain and Henderson makes them much more difficult to locate lost hikers. That’S why the Henderson Fire Department is training on drones to locate them much quicker. There are trails where hikers can get lost. The Henderson Fire Department is training on how to locate lost trekkers with the help of highly sophisticated drones during any search rescue. Firefighters have about 30 minutes in the air between batteries. We […]