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Become a Commercial Drone Pilot With the Professional Operator Package

by Jose
https://youtu.be/h2KbjIorCnY   The dart drones professional drone pilot certification package is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to be a professional drone pilot and commercialize their drone flying gained access to our full day in person. Phantom and inspire course which gives you outdoor time with our expert flight instructor to learn how to operate the DJI phantom and inspire series to its fullest potential, learn everything from basic controls to more advanced features such as Follow Me waypoints and point of interest. You also gain access to our full day – part 107 test prep course in person. […]

Drone Courses To Turn You Into An Expert Drone Pilot • DARTdrones Flight School

Are you interested in becoming a professional drone operator? Dart drones offers expert training courses both online and in-person in over 30 cities. The phantom and inspire flight training course is an eight-hour in-person course, where you receive hands-on flight time with one of our expert flight instructors to learn how to use your equipment safely legally and confidently for drone pilots hoping to use their drone to make money. The FAA requires that you pass an exam called the airman knowledge test. This two-hour exam is quite complex and requires vigorous study, you’ll, be tested on reading, aeronautical charts, […]

Why Take A Drone Training Course?

What dark turns provides is a comprehensive overview of again a very dynamic changing market right now, with a lot of unknowns and without having formal training. It’S not so much your ability to actually fly the aircraft. The aircraft are, as we said, very easy to fly. A lot of our economy, a lot of technology that makes them pretty easy to pick up and go the thing that gets you in trouble is not knowing all the rules and regulations, not knowing all the capabilities of your aircraft, and that’s where you can get in Trouble very quickly […]