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Getting Your PfCO As a Drone Pilot – Training Course Review

by Jose I went through search online, found, copters and decided. That was the course for me. My friend Lizzie’s completed the course and she’s recommended a threeway, [ Music ], yes, ma vie protein ideal. I have three at the moment, but I might be looking to extend the flee or change some out of the better equipment it’s been really good, very informative. Very to the point, and certainly I’ve, come away with a lot of useful information and websites. I can use to assist me with my commercial-type planning and operations it’s really interested in is real good. […]

Getting Your PfCO As a Drone Pilot – Training Course Review

by Jose Hi I’m Dao hagh refer based in northern ireland, now terms of getting a PF seal. One of the reasons for it was just a quite high cost of investment in terms of getting the getting on a course. The CAA costs the insurance. But what copped res is allowed me to do is really manage my budget over a monthly basis. What did I like about cop trousers course? It was really professional. It was really geared to everybody in the room, so there was a uniformed pace that everybody could follow. Now I loved everything about the […]


Everyone right everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. MPW, and welcome to today’s drone expert secrets, video in today’s video we’re going to be looking at something that’s fairly topical, particularly with the time of year that we’re coming up to now. That is how to fly safely at night. Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. and peww, welcome to the channel and today’s video, if you are new to the channel – and you haven’t done so yet, please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel press the bell button next to subscribe, icon to stay up to date with All […]