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Drone School: Flying An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle | NBC Nightly News

we are back now as promised with one of the hottest gifts this Christmas drones being unwrapped today all across the country so many in fact that this week the FAA launched a new drone safety campaign they're increasingly popular for personal use and a lot of companies Amazon and Daum Domino's among them are talking about someday using drones to transform how they do business the FAA still has not given the go-ahead for widespread use but already thousands of would-be pilots are lining up and some leading aviation schools are stepping up to train them here's NBC's Tom […]

How to Get Your FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot Certification Hey guys Brad Scott here from Brad Scott vigils, calm and today I have a really interesting topic to talk about, and that is passing your part 107 test with the FAA. So you can do commercial drone work. Now I’ve. Had my part, 107 certification for a few months now and I’ve – been able to do some awesome commercial jobs. With my drone, I’ve used both the inspire 1 Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro to get some amazing footage for different companies that I work with in different locations all over the US, and then I’ve, […]