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A day in the life of a DRONE PILOT [4K]

by Jose [, Music, ] hi everyone, my name, is Chara. Welcome to my youtube channel. I am a freelance professional drone pilot in San Diego and it’s about 528 a.m. in San Diego right now. Over the weekend, I have a project to fly. The drone and make a video for an industrial company – and today is Thursday, so we’re gonna go with Francesca and check out the area before the actual flight and the project itself. We’re gonna go. Do a little discovery fly the drone around the Coronado Bridge, because that’s, where we’re gonna be shooting and […]

To get their drone license, some pilots learn to fly a balloon first

I was looking for one of the most quickest and expensive ways to do it, so you can do balloon powered parachute. Hyperlite of those – and I looked at him – balloon was the safest, the guy up north, it powered parachute. I said: what’s the power because perish with the fan on your back, I said no, I’m not doing that radio on radio on you and I did a radio check – did come as a surprise because i started my balloon courses prob about two months ago, and i Thought it’d be a whole nother year […]