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How To Fly A FPV Racing Drone – Lesson 5 – Putting It All Together

by Jose
this is lesson 5 of my series how to fly fpv multirotors using fpv free-rider as the simulator that we're learning in as a reminder as always i'm using the default settings here and I've got throttle 0 at bottom configured which is how most transmitters have it set I'm going to click on the desert and let's get started on this lesson up till now we've covered the sort of basics of manoeuvring your multi rotor in fpv we've got altitude control y'all control to face the direction you want to go roll to keep the car horizon level […]

How To Fly A FPV Racing Drone – Lesson 2 – Slow Forward Flight

welcome back to lesson two of my series on how to fly in a crow mode fpv using fvd free writer real quick i'm just going to show you my settings i went over these in the first video default settings and throttle 0 at bottom let's go ahead into the desert track and i'm in accra mode low rates and the fpv camera in the last lesson we talked about using the throttle to manage your altitude and we did that in a hover but the thrust vector of the copter changes as you pitch forward and back and […]