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How to Fly a Quadcopter/Drone (Basic Tutorial)

Okay, here’s, a small tutorial about flying the quadcopter, a basic level tutorial, for example, this one is the transmitter. It looks like this: the transmitter of the quadcopter it’s moving all around the right. Stick is moving all around also okay, and this is the quadcopter itself. It’s a syma x5c. These are the propellers. It has four propellers so that’s, why it’s a quad, copter quad, means four okay and let’s start with some basic things. So here on the transmitter on this one, we have the left stick which is moving all around. We have the right […]

RC Airplane Battle | Dude Perfect

(Subtitles are described by *I am HeRe* at the bottom) (Sorry for any errors in the subtitles) -Perfect. We did it perfectly. Welcome to our seaplane battle. it has started The rules of this battle are simple, we will have three different rounds of three planes and end with a two-person finale. Good luck pilots. Welcome to the first of three competitions called fly or die You have to fly around while avoiding the cobwebs of death, the balloon minefields have to exaggerate the sound Of course, the flame fans first let two people collapse, and you will be eliminated. […]

Volantex Ranger BIG Airplane Drone Flight Test Review

  good morning quadcopter 101 here and I got a neat review for you today this big huge airplane you see here is the Valen Tex Ranger now the Valon Texas Ranger as you can see here is a remote-controlled pusher glider very large and includes a brushless motor this version is the ready-to-fly version it comes with this transmitter here it is intended primarily for extra believe it or not fpv flag a long-range fpv flying you pop up in the top here you can put your fpv gear inside here it even has a little port here if […]

FAA’s Zero Tolerance for Disruptive Passengers

by Jose
hi i'm faa administrator steve dixon recently we've seen a disturbing increase in incidents where airline passengers have disrupted flights with threatening or violent behavior these incidents have stemmed both from passengers refusals to wear masks and from recent violence at the u.s capitol this dangerous behavior can distract disrupt and threaten crew members safety functions and as a former airline captain it's extremely concerning to me and i know it's equally concerning to the airline cockpit and cabin crews whose primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of all passengers now historically we have addressed unruly passenger incidents using […]

Airborne-Unmanned 12.02.20: Drone Certs, Drone Pilot Busted, Flirtey-Vault

by Jose
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  Coming up on today’s episode of airborne unmanned, the faa moving forward to enable safe integration of drones, also busted drone pilots suspected of hitting lapd chopper, is arrested and flirty partners with volt health to conduct 19 test kit. Drone delivery. Welcome to the era news network’s airborne unmanned program, a weekly news program covering all things unmanned, in partnership with auvsi, the association for unmanned vehicles, systems international hi. I’M your host kimberly k. We have a packed episode today.   So, let’s start with faa is moving forward to enable safe integration of drones. The faa […]

Aero-TV: Realflight Drone Sim – UAV/Drone Training Without Risk

by Jose
Josh, when you look at the tremendous technology currently available in multi rotor systems, otherwise called drones by the great unwashed public at this point, there’s some really great stuff out there, but let’s face it, the good machines come with a little bit of a price tag. A lot of people are going to be very concerned that they have the skills or, for that matter, understand the operations enough to be able to drop a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars or some of the decent entry-level semi-pro drones and things of that nature. So it seems to […]