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Airborne-Unmanned 12.02.20: Drone Certs, Drone Pilot Busted, Flirtey-Vault

by Jose
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  Coming up on today’s episode of airborne unmanned, the faa moving forward to enable safe integration of drones, also busted drone pilots suspected of hitting lapd chopper, is arrested and flirty partners with volt health to conduct 19 test kit. Drone delivery. Welcome to the era news network’s airborne unmanned program, a weekly news program covering all things unmanned, in partnership with auvsi, the association for unmanned vehicles, systems international hi. I’M your host kimberly k. We have a packed episode today.   So, let’s start with faa is moving forward to enable safe integration of drones. The faa […]

Aero-TV: Realflight Drone Sim – UAV/Drone Training Without Risk

by Jose
Josh, when you look at the tremendous technology currently available in multi rotor systems, otherwise called drones by the great unwashed public at this point, there’s some really great stuff out there, but let’s face it, the good machines come with a little bit of a price tag. A lot of people are going to be very concerned that they have the skills or, for that matter, understand the operations enough to be able to drop a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars or some of the decent entry-level semi-pro drones and things of that nature. So it seems to […]