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DJI Mavic Adventures | Episode 3 | How To Shoot Surfing With A Drone

by Jose
We've just got down to the beach, the surfs up, so let's get the Mavic in the air. For years, you could only get really great surf shot by using a huge lens or by sticking some fins on, and getting wet. The Mavic is a super compact drone it's easy to take to your local break and gives you the opportunity to get some awesome aerial views of the ocean. In this episode we're going to cover a few useful techniques for flying your Mavic over the surf. Before taking off the first top tip is to get yourself […]

Catching up with FPV Drone Pilot Fincky | Spotlight Ep2 Hey guys, welcome back, we’ve got something super special for you this time it’s, another spotlight with the one and only thing hey how you doing. I’m thinking. I’m 28 years old. I’m from Paris and I’m. An fpv drone pilot, also known as racing drone pilot kind of wrongfully cuz. I don’t use these for racing. I use these to capture images. I basically fly these little toys here and I have a GoPro on top of it and I just use it to capture kind of crazy stuff, [, Music ] all right. So this video was […]