Syma X5HW Altitude Hold Camera Drone Flight Review


Good morning, quadcopter 101, here what I got for you today is a review of the new x5 HW. Now the same x5 HW is an upgrade to the x5c, see my x5 s S series with altitude hold it incorporates altitude hold in this quadcopter. This is the first of the seem as I believe, to be released. That includes that ability now, what is altitude hold altitude hold includes a little barometer inside here that senses air pressure and with that it can automatically maintain altitude. You set the altitude for the quadcopter and then you don’t have to worry about that again.

It automatically will hold that quadcopter altitude. Now, where does that come in handy well in , flying and flying this? That’S what this does this one is a 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi, flyer: here’s your ! Here’S your transmitter again!

This seems to be an upgrade actually to the x5 s model. I hope it does not have the wind bug we’ll find out today, but it’s very similar to the x5 s model, with the exception it includes now barometer altitude hold another thing that it has, which I don’t like. This is the first time I’ve seen this. Is it has a new type of connector, a proprietary connector to the battery, which is a 500 milliamp? I believe it is a yeah 500 milliamp per hour.

I guess there’s plenty of room in that battery compartment for larger batteries, but it comes with a 500 milliamp per hour with this proprietary sima connector. Now that’s going to be an issue because I don’t know where you can get replacement batteries for this other than Seema. So these normally these are dirt cheap for the x5c in the x5 s series, but expect them to be a little bit more because the proprietary connector on this quadcopter. Well than that again, it is your basic x5 s model with an on/off switch here. The same connectors for the same , connector, as you see, on the x5 SW model and again more or less the same quadcopter x5 s model with the addition of altitude hold.

Well, let’s go for a flight, oh wait! A minute! We do go first, like I have to go over this controller now. This is the syma x5 x5 HW controller and if you notice the throttle switch here, centers automatically, that tells you right away that you have an altitude old quadcopter, one that hat when you have something like that. So again, you set the altitude of the quadcopter and you just don’t touch this throttle.

If you want to go up a bit, you push up a bit and tell you what reach the altitude that you want and then let go of the throttle and it will maintain that altitude again, this is your pitch roll or your throttle. Yah stick and your pitch and roll stick, and these buttons here are fur trim, and I’m going to need that today, because I got somewhat of a slight breeze here: the shoulder buttons. This one here is for changing the rates or for entering headless mode. This does have added this mode if you hold down this left trigger button for two seconds, and if you want to do flips, this will do flips by pressing this right trigger button. Here now the quadcopter uses this bracket here to hold your smartphone, and this will hold smartphones up to bat.

I believe five inch smartphones, maybe a little bit larger, actually because yeah a little bit larger smartphones with this bracket. It’S it’s pretty easily adjustable for most available smartphones. Now this uses a syma x5c, my fpv app available on Google Play and the I store. So you know there’s no issues with getting a the app for this. It’S easily available and readily available right.

Now, if you want to try that on your phone, it’s called see my fpv look for it on Google Play and iTunes. So let’s go for a flight of this thing. First off. I need go into the shade here, because I want you to be able to see the screen here and we’re going to go over to home play here and take off from there you’re right. This is Leroy Jackson Park in Ridgecrest, California, nice nice Park great place to go to fly.

If you go early in the morning once there’s nobody here during the golden hour when filming is best and winds are relatively light. So let me plug this battery and turning on off switch off batteries plugged in closing up the little door, turning the on/off switch on, and the first thing you want to do after you turn on the on/off switch is find that app and we are going to Do that right now turn on my phone and looking for the app Oh first thing I do is not look for the app you want to make sure that you have Wi-Fi connection with the quadcopter, so you go into settings turn on Wi-Fi. I normally have it off when I fly the reason being. I don’t want to interfere with my quad copters, but in this case I do want it to connect to fpv Wi-Fi DB fa. Okay, so we’re connected going to the app itself and opening the app and then you hit the start button on the app and there we go.

We have signal okay, so putting the phone into its bracket order and it automatically flips. So I have mine set up to automatically flip and I’m going back a bit into the shade, so you can see that now, I’m turning on the quadcopter and binding it to the quadcopter and starting the video video is recording. Now this automatically takes off by erection. Doesn’T automatically take off? I’M sorry, but you start the motors by pulling the motors down and out or the both sticks down and out and then let go of the sticks or maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s down and in and then let go.

Two sticks yeah there. We go okay and it enters into an idle state and then to gain altitude. You give it throttle, I’m going to higher rate here and adjusting the trim a bit. It’S got to be trimmed to the left and trim forward to okay. We have reasonable trim and I had a good screen on my fpv screen.

I am flying an fu you right now, folks. This is working very well, but it’s not recording hit record again. I don’t know I turned off. Maybe it took too long just start the flight it’s recording now, but it’s holding altitude relatively well, as you can see here now, since this is a altitude hold quadcopter, I can’t stop recording again starting it back up again. I don’t know what that was.

It’S keep stopping or it’s recording, but it’s maintaining the altitude very well. Why is it stopping recording one more time? Okay, let’s go up up up up up up, show you rich quest, Ridgecrest and we’re, but I’d say about 30 meters up, let go the altitude hold. Stick or the throttle and showing you the area around Leroy Jackson Park in Ridgecrest, California, and, as you can see, my screen is very switched very well here, especially if you’re flying the shade on a sunny day and it’s still recording now. Okay, I want to make sure I got that recording but turn it off all right, I’m going to come back down again.

Where do I okay, that’s time them recording off for now, I’m going to make sure I got the recording, in other words, now, let’s look at this altitude hold. Actually, let’s go into headless mode when we head this mode, okay, we’re back right. So I think’s headless mode off Direction, is off air coming out of a headless mode: okay, rubber emergency off emergency off you push down two sticks and move inboard and turning off the quad Cocker, turning a quadcopter back on again and waiting for it to regain that Signal from the quadcopter connect it takes a few seconds for to reconnect again. Okay, seem fpv, app and hitting record again and recording and pulling on an inboard letting go. Give it a little throttle, not sure if this is working correctly.

The rest arethe, Oh, have to turn on their transmitter and rebind it to the quadcopter. I didn’t do that: okay, we’re rebound now we should be able to go again, yeah Don and inboard, and then give it a little throttle and it’ll start up and again. I want to start off in a headless mode this time and there we go okay, going to a higher rate to and starting recording again. The reason I want to be and headless mode is, I want to record myself and to do that, I’m putting it in headless mode. So again, this is altitude hold feature is activated coming down a little bit.

It’S a little too high. I just been flying to SEMA or cheerson cx-10 D altitude hold, and that would do kind of screw things when you use pitch roll command, it would start to climb when you give it pitch, this one seems to be holding altitude. Well, the only thing it’s not doing well is the that the I’m going to turn it this way to get the Sun out of the picture is that the recording keep stopping on the app. I don’t know what that is. Maybe it’s an issue with my camera.

It could be an issue with my China camera that I’m using here, but now it’s recording okay coming out of headless mode and flying normally so that Elsa to hold what’s very well on this. I’M not seeing the wind bug by the way. So it looks like the current, but that it doesn’t have the wind buck. I got a good three four dot breeze in my face here and I’m giving a gentle commands and it’s easily going into the wind. So when bug is not an issue, good apps, to hold feature on this pick it up a little higher right there, a little bit higher angle.

Are they up to to my camera on my act, good job and that battery seems to last a good long time with this going up on what time here, I’m not seeing any light still and we’ll fly it around here, nice, gentle flyer. I hope the video is coming up nice, but again it’s recording on to my phone and since it’s recording to my phone via Wi-Fi, the data stream is very it’s kept minimal by using lower resolution to the quadcopter, so it’s only 0.3 megapixel sensor and camera. Actually, that’s probably a 2 megapixel sensor in there, but it’s only transmitting three point: three megapixel to the foam here, pronita and after the whole works real, well see how they see the breeze and the trees. It works well even with the breeze, which I’m fine kind of surprising, oh yeah.

This is a winner, this one here, the x5 h w. The only thing I don’t like again is this very much so well again, this could might be a problem with my phone. Is the video signal or the video recording stops and that’s a great fire? Greater altitude hold fire, not extremely maneuverable, not meant for what do you call it stunts or manoeuvring meant for aerial video? Okay, my lights are blinking, let’s land it and show you how to do an emergency shutdown and see if it actually works and Don an inboard and that shuts it off and let’s stop the video.

So that was the ex 5hw folks, pretty any flyer kind of like it, I’m a good upgrade from the x5 s which I did not like or because the altitude or the wind bug this does not have the wind bug and it has altitude old, which makes It a winner and the fpv look really good in the screen here. I was really impressed with it and a bit more lag too. If you can see this bug or I can’t I’m not sure if you can see this, but the lag is somewhat minimal.


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