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Everyone on Matt Williams, for mr. npw calm and welcome to today’s. Newsflash Friday in today’s news. We’re, taking a look at the top stories in the drone and aviation industry over the last few days. First up drone registration update.

Then we’ll, look at the Science and Technology Select Committee report and finally, the DJI killer. The sky do drone, so first up drone registration, a little update for you. We have spoken to the CIA and the update is that there is no update.

There is no news coming out of the CIA at all. They won’t. Give us any comments on this, and really that is as far as we are the last. We heard is that the 14th of October, so in just a few days time from now, is when we’re all supposed to know about what is going live.

It’s supposed to go, live. It was supposed to go live two weeks ago. Let’s, see what happens, but as always, we will keep you up to date, one of the things that did come out, though, yesterday from the video that we did just say.

If you watch that live on the channel, if you haven’t go back and check it out. Is the question of our overseas citizens so non UK residents going to have to register to operate their drones in the UK and the word from the CAA? Is yes? So although it isn’t written into the wording at the moment, the intention of the drone registration and education scheme, the dress, is that all drone operators who want to operate a drone in the UK, not just those who live in the UK.

Anyone who wants to operate here at the moment, the intent is that everyone needs to register, but given that even UK citizens aren’t able to register at the moment, we will wait and see don ‘ T.

Forget, though, the backstop on this who’s, not word the backstop, the backstop on this is the end of November, so the Syria are still sticking to their guns on that that, regardless of when the registration scheme goes live, everyone needs to be registered By the end of the November, if you own and wish to operate a drone in the UK again more on that as we get it from the CAA.

Second, the Science and Technology Select Committee report was released at midnight last night for recreational and commercial drone use in the UK, and I’m sure many of us within the community saw those live meeting streamed as they happen, and, to be honest, I Think it’s, fair to say that the experts and witnesses that presented on the whole didn ‘

T impress us all that much. However, the report having read it actually has some quite interesting thoughts and the next steps are worthy of note. Now the main thing that caught my eye from the whole thing was the fact that the report really states that the UK are now starting to lag behind other countries in terms of drone adoption and regulation.

And this is a massive shame, because we were one of the very first ICAO Member States to create a framework for a manned aircraft, and then many other people took that and followed on, and actually those countries have now seemingly surpassed us in terms of where we Are in terms of proliferation and adoption of drone operations, a large part of this is down to recent changes in the regulations and uncertainty as to how the regulatory landscape will look over the next few months and years.

Looking at this from a slightly higher level, o the CAA have formed for this in other areas, too, marks one the head of airspace policy at the CAA, actually issued an apology to the general aviation community, not too long ago, because the CAA admitted at the time That they have fallen behind most other countries in their adoption of GPS based approaches at small airfields.

Hopefully, this report will force the regulator to listen to the community and do what’s needed in a suitable timeframe so that we can move things forward. Progress as an industry and not become a victim of unnecessary over-regulation, I think all of us within the industry would agree that the current checks and balances are entirely appropriate for the level of risk posed.

So that leaves the question for the CIA and the Department for Transport. What, if anything, are you going to do out of this report? That’s. Gon na make things better and easier for those of us who want to adopt and grow and build within the unmanned aviation industry.

Everyone keeps saying that drones are coming, but I would say – and if you’ve been watching the channel they ‘ Ve said this, for the drones are already here and they’re here to stay. So we need to work out how to integrate them into society, integrate them properly into airspace and move forwards together and share the air safely.

Finally, for today the DJI killer or not the sky, do drone has landed on people’s radar. This week, too much critical acclaim. Some people are branding it as the DJI killer, but then many people said that about the GoPro camera and well, if you’ve been in the drone community for more than a few months, you’ll.

No doubt be aware of how that went, but with the most advanced flying AI on the planet, what could possibly go wrong? The sky do drone, has six 4k navigation cameras to see the world around it and it’s been built around the Nvidia Jetson TX 2 AAI processor, with 256 GPU cores it’s, a flying supercomputer that can do 1.

3 trillion operations. A second Skynet eat your heart out, whilst all the numbers sound very exciting and they’ve absolutely nailed their . What’s? Probably the most interesting thing about the sky.

Do is the way it is designed to be controlled. There are three main interfaces with the drone, a beacon which you can activate, which allows the drone to use its AI to track you or any object that the beacon is attached to via an app on iPhone or Android.

Where you give it a bunch of flight parameters and the AI takes care of the rest or via a handheld for access controller. The big question for me surrounding this drone is how much of the functionality is going to be legal in many of the countries in which it will retail, because who’s in command of the drone? Well Stitz operating autonomously, who’s? Liable, if it crashes damages something or heaven forbid, hurt someone else the AI is flying.

You can reserve yours now on their for just $ 100, but before you do just take a quick second to think. Is this the next DJI killer or a repeat of the ill-fated Lili drone I’ll, leave that one up to you.

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