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Alright folks welcome back to the shop kind of a mess right now, but different projects going on. I’m sadistic Facebook, but this was a failed project. Maybe I’ll post some other pictures, but I did it with this clear of resin did not work out very well.

Couldn’t, see it went back to white, and while I had some extra resin headboard, this piece of wood is amazing. Shout out that Cajun connection would work for supplying a beautiful walnut would have show some video of just some training video that I’ve, been doing just learning how to fly more precise and shout out goes to phantom fdv.

He posed quite a few videos on just tutorials how to do different tricks and get your muscle memory building, but I’ll, be posting some video here and we ‘ Ll have a look at that here in just a second here we go one other thing: all my equipment is breaking down right now I’m on a 3d printer, which I really need for fpv.

I need it to print GPU, which is like flexible spaghetti. It’s really hard to feed that flexible filament up and get it to work properly. But I ‘ Ve got a clog somewhere between here and there and I’ll figure it out.

We go on that so the other day watching one of Barbara’s, videos and we hooked up with my GPS chip, was groaned and step by step. I just followed it and then went into beta flight and configured it and just the other day they came out with a firmware.

It actually lets the OSD display the information and again I I just been learning watching videos – and I found this guy. It’s. A phantom MP puts on some good videos. Even he definitely needs more subscribers for sure he ‘

S got good content. He’ll sit down, explain how a trick is done and kind of encourage you how to do it so go check him out. I’ll, put a link to it in the video down below. So here we go back to the GPS thing and just my short run over the field.

I got up to 90 miles an hour and that was uh. I was not quite full throttle, but I found myself watching the speedometer instead of the trees, so it could be distracting you. You really have to hang one of these things when you flying them, especially low you get way up there.

You don’t have anything to worry about, but it’s more intense. When you flying low to the ground, you got more to risk. This is a HD one from rotor Ryan. One thing I don’t like is you, can see the props in the video just the edge of them, but I’m, leaning more to the cinematic deal so and now what any frames I do will be the kind of keeps The propellers completely out of view all right here we go don’t forget to check out IMF TV, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [ Applause ]: what are you doing? She boss? You can do it that now you go to your couch, comfortable yeah.

You got it made that you water bottle. I’m good shape now working left, oh yeah, that’s enough! You don’t have enough plastic for one day. I should talk to me: you want it yeah all right! Don’t eat it yeah.

You belong me, Archie in a bottle that’s enough yeah, you don’t destroyed the end of it. How am I supposed to drink out of that now? Huh now what you gonna do with it now don’t chew it. Don’t, chew it uh-huh don’t.

Whatever you do, don’t, you want it bottle. Should we invest in a chew toy? All right here we go Zeke. Here we go

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