Shark Tank Drone Build 1

by Jose
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If you watch the shark tank last night, you ‘ Ll have seen the Shas go absolutely nuts for the X plus 1, which is a multi-rotor flying wing hybrid and whilst it was happening after work, I’m nice to have a go at making one of those.

So what if I got lying around that i could use for that about four years ago, i had to go making a copy of the japanese ball and it worked worked quite well. It needed a bit more refining and because i made it was very messy and at the time i use this cop control board cutting edge at the time.

First, one of the first 32 bits not their first 32 bit bored out there out before all the DG. I our stuff and out even before the 3d are 32-bit stuff. A cracking board still works well even today, so that’s.

That’s, the very bored I used in fact four years ago, and then I thought well, I ‘ Ve got got sort of an updated version. This is a sparky to from tower labs. What i like about this is it’s, got some an open, lrs radio built onto the board.

So one less thing to wire up don’t. Look my horrible solomon. The head is there so that’s, the antenna for the open, lrs radio, so that’s. A cracking wall could use that a thought, but although they were claiming autonomy and all those other good things, this is an RG pilot board.

Small form factor I pilot board and that’s, the GPS for it. So it could use that as well. That’d. Be great. So I don’t know, look at that, try and find out what they used went to the Kickstarter and lo and behold, using a px or or or a pig’s walk and there I have one of those.

So i will be using this for my bills and i’ll, sit down later with a piece of paper and property sketchup and work out, just a foam board, airfare frame to see if i can get it to fly and if it works. I’ll post the plans

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