RPAS (Drone) Training – Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) – IIA

by Jose
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The International Institute, Australia, delivers our past training, typically known as drone training, so you can take your career opportunities to all kinds of new levels. Well, I was really excited when International Institute Australia asked me to get on board it’s, an industry that’s just going to grow in the future.

So I thought it would be a really great way to ensure that more people have the qualification they need to legally fly these aircraft and do it in a safe manner. Iia is the first and leading registered training organisation to deliver certificate 3 in aviation.

Remote pilot visual line of sight both to domestic and international students. It’s becoming relevant not only for generic things like aerial photography, but also for surveillance mapping, logistics, security, situational awareness, military applications.

It’s, important to us that students get the correct number of flight hours in excess of what Spri it by their regulations so that they really get a feel for the aircraft, particularly the different aircraft that we’ll, be using, and That they feel confident to go out there in the world and fly them safely with an experienced team of staff dedicated to mentoring, contact the international institute, australia today to see your career flight to new heights.


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