RealFlight Drone Simulator Drone Training Tips and Learn How to Fly with TheRcSaylors

by Jose
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We are the RC sailors and we are here with a drone flight simulator. This is the real flight drone flight simulator we’ve, had the RF 7.5 on the channel before Hey you just jumped up on my lap. It’s. Papa Hey, but this is for drones exclusively and we wanted to take a look to show you guys, because drones are just getting more and more and more and more more and more popular and it’s winter outside and see they’Re snowing or raining – and this is just a good chance for me and Abby – to hone our skills.

We just picked up some really expensive quads on the channel, and I think this is a good opportunity for both of us flying. So let’s. Take a quick look: actually, we’re, just gonna jump in and have some fun.

I want to fly my favorite looking drone on the simulator and then I’m, going to pass the controls over to Abby. Okay, I ‘ Ll, have little phones that’s, something good. Okay, let ‘ S, have some fun here by the way really quickly, it does come with a full functional transmitter.

This is an 8-channel transmitter. It just plugs into USB. This version that we have, I’ll, have a link in the description box below let’s. Take a look, but before we get started, I do want to make a point here.

This is the coolest thing that we’ve gotten on our channel. By far this is from one of our fans: [, Music ]. His name is Squatch face, and this is actually the first fan letter. We’ve ever gotten from one of our viewers.

We think it’s. Squatch face it’s. Squatch face nice. Lunch face beer, mate Nabi. Thank you for helping me get into the RC Hobby. I’m. Having a blast with my dromeda ominous and my traxxas SST 118, we should put a beep over that your videos are full of information and they are fun to watch.

Thank you for making YouTube videos and letting me know what is junk and what isn’t junk. You’re welcome, but it happens to be a subscriber and help your channel grows even more than it has a fans. Squatch bass PS.

Tell Papa the most adventurous and curious dog I’ve, ever seen, yeah being a part of my RC life. The Squatch face thanks for the letter, and you guys want to send us a letter. We have a P o box Nathan.

We’ll, put it down in the description box and it is on our about page on our channel for it slash GRCC. If we get like a few of these letters or whatever RC stuff from you guys every now and then we will make probably a fan mail and pop, I love the letters if we let him he would rip that into shred.

But this this is gonna. Go on our fridge, so thank you very much. Squatch face. Let’s fly and have some fun with the drone simulator your first finger. Okay, let me reset my flight here, start recording alright! Here we go.

Oh this! Let’s, see what is one of the. I want to make sure you get the name right. So this is what I’m gonna fly. It’s, the hello max voltage, 500 3ds. I think it’s, their only 3d on here, except for a tricopter.

So I’ve wanted to fly this in real life, this opportunity for me to fly it now, yeah that’s. Recording hmm! So I ‘ Ve got inverted throttle here and you can just flip it over and give it some juice little touchy.

Let me bring it back down. [ Music ]. Give me a doing inverted flight yeah! Oh, oh, I touch down. Oh, but you’re. The beauty of this is you just have a reset button and I can just flip it back on, and now I’m inverted I want to have you fly something else hard hard to answer questions while you’re flying inverted yeah, [, Music ] that’ll.

It’s, just blind, really weird-looking [ Music ], all right there. We have oh okay! Here we go now. He is up doing these, you sure, okay, all right! Yes, what would you like to fly? We’ve got an explorer 580.

Okay. Now the cool thing about this. Is it’s, got throttle down and let’s. Let’s. Do you want to do a nose? Can so you can do actual fpv yeah? This is Abby’s first time flying fpv, so that’s like like fur yeah start going good somewhere, see not too bad.

Oh big enough speed. There are all kinds of different places you can go to fly and you can actually fly out to those mountains that we try to go, try to go to those trees down there and show them that you can actually go to the places that you can see Least on this map there’s, other maps that you can fly at in the desert, the forest little mini games and things we can take.

You are your full nose-up aren’t you yeah! Well, we’ll jump ahead for you guys now something here. I’ll, some quick little thing. We can change the view to a chase, scam and see the itself. So we know we’re, moving, pretty neat when you’re that high up it just feels like you’re moving, really know you’re falling.

Well, it’s on altitude hold, so it drops it like really safely for you gonna go to stablize only it’ll, just just stabilize the . You’re dropping fast. Now you actually need trouble yeah there. You go altitude hold put it back on fpv, okay, come back in C nose.

There we go so we’re there. We’re at the trees. It’s, pretty cool! You can just fly really wherever you want. I recommend, if you want to get into a fairly expensive drone of your own, that, especially if it’s this winter time.

This is a great chance to buy a drone, simulator and practice because it’s, really really close to what you actually feel when you’re out flying – and you know something like this – is always good to have.

No matter how good you are at flying, because if you have bad weather, you can just come in and fly all over the world. Almost let’s. Try a different airfield and a different quad bird. You like to go.

Let’s. Go to Joe’s. Garage sound good. Are these different places than the real point? Seven point: five. I see a lot of similar ones. I don’t, see any that are very different here’s, a soccer field trip.

Try that now let’s, try a different aircraft as soon as that loads. Oh, my turn. Okay, let’s say we can do like there’s, people! Okay! We’ll. Probably let’s. Try, no girls, though oh yeah, let’s. Let’s.

Do something fun really fast! Let’s. Do an x8 quadcopter. This has eight rotors get murders and blades yeah. So here we go. This is pretty cool. Now you actually have, let me get it a little closer, so I can show you guys there’s a knob here.

I can control that DSLR the angle of it on my transmitter. You see yeah, so I can really adjust that, like I’m flying this, this guy in your life cool thing about this, is it’s, just really powerful? Let’s go over and on this one at least yeah at least with this gimbal wait.

Is that a girl, or is that, guy alone we’re gonna land? It really quick, so I can adjust here. Oh, let’s. Go to fpv. We’re gonna go, see and sweep these people. I there’s. More people, yeah see you. They are cuz don’t.

They do some hobbico people. I think so. I think the makers let’s, see who it is. Do you recognize anyone uh? Who is that there’s, a girl? Sorry, I’m. Sorry, like they’re real cardboard people that’s.

Hilarious, okay, keep going because we might, I think they sometimes do. You have eco people, who is that I don’t, know sorry, guys their shirts say RealFlight. They say I just can’t quite tell that’s.

So cool, oh wow, go I don’t, see their cardboard cutouts. Let’s, go see. If there’s. Anyone over here uh yeah there’s. Some and a vending machine say good, good practice. This is a good practice. Oh skittles.

Oh it says push just to get that. So let’s. Push it push to get the candy aisle see push. Oh, let’s, put it on chase, so we didn’t see. Oh my gosh. My arms fell off that’s. Probably like a 70 feet. Let’s.

Go to a new airport. Oh there’s. This the HD version. They probably could read it there. We’re gonna put a be Joe’s garage in the desert, and we’ll. Give you a new one that’s right there’s that mini quads compared to the real flight 7.

5. It doesn’t. Look like there’s that many quads okay, we’re craft yeah. This is the whole list right here, but I do know you can download some. I’ve heard people talk about hubsan. What super high? Oh yeah! This is a really nice one.

Let’s, give you a broker. Those has their camera. Yeah, I’m a lot smaller. Now it has headless mode. Is it working this headless mode working right now, [, Music, ]? No? Okay! I think it’s, one of these top switches.

Here you want to fly off PV at the desert yeah. So someone’s, getting a phone call. You have to do. Okay, let’s, know another hotkeys. For that, too, you can just hit f1 f2 f3 switches it around there hotkeys for just about everywhere.

How much is it 74 man? It’s like $ 1 frenzy, see if you can fly under the gas pump thing right there yeah you got this, Oh, can’t, you do it on the ground. Now this is cheaper. Hey get in here! You can do it.

Keep it forward in not quite under it, but there you go yeah, alright, good John! Let’s, see what the challenges are really fast and then we’ll see what else it would be. This knob, but I don’t, think it does.

I think it’s encrypted right now. Let’s. Let’s, see what the challenges are. Okay, yeah challenge: we’ve got quadcopter trials and scavenger hunt. Now scavenger hunt sounds fun, find designated airport objects using your fpv quadcopter.

Hold it steady to take a picture of each one, Wow okay level, one! Let’s fly nice. I, like the challenges, says, take off and fly towards the soccer goal, keeping it centered and your monitor once it’s, big enough on screen.

Your camera will automatically take a picture. Let’s. Do this? What am I trying to take picture of just that thing right there, the goal? I guess the goal: yeah yeah? Okay. I think I just got. Oh, oh, oh, oh okay, I see what it’s, doing that’s, cool! That’s.

Cool nice pose cool like a pole, yeah yeah next level for a bee. Alright take a picture of both goals: yeah hey on real fast! Let me reset this: it’s on 11 minutes. Okay, we’re back. We’re back heavies.

Here you got together, you got to get like it in the focus ring. You see there. Good job now switch it around around and get the other one nice. I like this. This is good practice. All right y’all probably get lowered.

Oh man, Oh soccer, ball, nice, good job, okay, my turn! Ah one more! Let’s, see what we can do here. Well, I have to take a picture. Okay. We need photos of three vehicles at this location, one fuel truck and two airplanes.

There’s, a truck; oh, they want this. One, Oh come on, yeah, okay. What else do I need there’s? A truck back there? Two other people? Oh, was it this? I think it’s this over here, but there wasn’t. They said to airplane.

He’s in a fuel truck yeah that looks like dusty, isn’t rusty, nice nice. We did it, I’ll. Do it okay, one more for pictures and then try another challenge. I like the pictures. Oh let’s, see get shots of those of the two tractors, as well as the hay and fill dirt supplies.

This is a new map and it looks good. Oh my god, there you go. Oh you got some trees and stuff to look around. This looks like a lot harder that truck that door go tractors actually idling it ‘ S got like smoke coming out of it.

Oh wow, one is in the in the barn. No, no, the tree, close [ Laughter, ] link is offense by you’ll get oh, it only gives you like 49 seconds to do hey you got it now. I have to go inside or just like frame it right outside use your right, stick and Bank right.

Thank righty thank right. Use the right! Stick: contiguous [, Music ]. Hopefully let’s, see it. You got it yeah now get up in the air. Hurry lose more stuff there’s. One more thing I saw it over here.

Oh they see the red marks. You got 15 seconds. This one looks a lot harder. Oh No, nine seconds, not bad. I think let’s, try hard different challenge. Let’s. Go okay! Oh scavenger hunt bustle where o’clock upper trials fly a challenge, only version of the clock after X, through the courses and gates.

Okay. This is gonna be fun, and then we got the battery’s almost dead on the camera. We’re gonna have to wrap it up soon. Yeah some levels will require you to fly your quad through one or more gates. This is one of those lovelies.

Oh it’s, an fpv. No, it’s, not okay. Here we go next level. You can do this some levels or land on a touchpad yeah laying on the cover go [, Music, ]. It’s like your camera, but hello, hey you, didn’t ice, go strums cool.

So probably, if I retry it, it ‘ Ll. Have your ghost in here? Let’s, see let’s, see if it is yeah. Look I see it yeah. I bet I can beat you [ Music ]. Oh, that’s. Fine! Okay! Here we go fly through the gate.

They land on the touchpad. Then we’ll, see if you can beat me, so you get the benefit you get to. Watch me yeah, nice, one more! We’re gonna go for the battery okay, so you ‘ Ve got some all kinds of how I quit the challenge.

It’s, going to pause level. Slaved back. Okay challenges are fun. I like those a lot. Let’s close the challenges we’ve got simulation, you got graphics, controls sound controls. We can kill the title bar if we want to all the different aircraft tons of different places to fly the challenges gadgets all over the place.

If you want to see what we’re hitting on the radio, show, maybe like a lot of food of the radio that’s, nice, we’ve got binoculars. I might mess you up here. No, that’s up here, so you can see the angle of the quad all time pretty nice.

Take that off so all kinds of cool gadgets, different camera positions we can zoom in with the plus and negative sign here. Let’s see. I think that’s only for other other like to follow those and stuff.

Oh [, Music, ] battery died all right. We’re back camera battery died there and having you can keep yeah. So that’s. Awesome actually want to get this part of your life to it’s, pretty cool for a camera quad, but they have real quads real, try, copters and tee copters and stuff to on here.

One try to fly the tricopter sure yeah, okay, see it’s down here, okay, what’s neat, so that is the real flight drone simulator with more to do than we showed you, but just a lot of fun. Going take the time to show you because it’s, the middle of winter, for us, which is just such a good opportunity to learn to fly better, an airplane, tricopter yeah there’s, a camera on it.

Let’s. Go to the nose, so we’re at a little airport. Here. You guys can see what Ivy’s doing on our controls down there in the corner very cool it’s, fun to watch. I get lost then just watching her do this.

This one seems like it’s flying faster than your other point, a tree crash. Okay. Alright, we hit the reset button, but real life does not have let’s. Go you think I can fly in that hangar yeah, let’s, do it and we’re in speed 1.

This is nothing around. This would be a good way to practice. Fpv racing. If you wanted to get into that it’s duck into some trees. Here I think I can fly in and out of those trees. Okay, let’s. Do it I do wish.

I had a camera, those trees and fence yeah. You’re, actually, okay. I think that’s, pretty much it that’s. Gon na be a long video. If we keep going it’s, addictive yeah, [, Music ], we’re, just getting lost in it.

This is fun all right. If you guys want to see more on the real flight 7.5 or the drone real flight simulator. Let us know we’ve got both of them and we want them and we fly them on bad days like this.

When we’re, not editing our videos thanks a lot for watching we ‘ Ll see you the next video

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