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(Subtitles are described by *I am HeRe* at the bottom) (Sorry for any errors in the subtitles) -Perfect. We did it perfectly. Welcome to our seaplane . it has started The rules of this are simple, we will have three different rounds of three planes and end with a two-person finale. Good luck pilots. Welcome to the first of three competitions called fly or die You have to fly around while avoiding the cobwebs of death, the balloon minefields have to exaggerate the sound Of course, the flame fans first let two people collapse, and you will be eliminated.

it has started. The purple hoe is here a bit to ensure the lead before the game. let's do it Love the looking for two people with us, . Today I will take some different directions and strategies I will call the Rocket Man well I might take out some money in an air collision If we let these three rocket men out, then the gold medal will not be completed I want a metal detector, but hope we can turn the plane and let us do it control Boys now Miguel 3 fly over I want to disappoint him so badly.

I Found her I'm alive I Now I am afraid it will get hurt 20:19 is still the last year of losing streak for me These fancy goggles Before shooting down, we will be able to see that our aircraft sees the target is the radio in the code Well, Cody finished third in the first game, so he left first Our job is to kill him before using the radio in my code. are you ready? Yes, sir Here we are in the second round. All i have to do is get second place -For I Don't know if i did it right but i went Oh, they let me down, I will say he got the right answer because I gave up his job Yes, we made 6 of the 8 letters. She can run. Ok, deal with you My heart was pounding. Kody scored 6 of 8 points, but it was beatable. Let's go -Why ca3 jlc There will be eight Leonard booms I haven't forgotten it, but I'm thinking about chopping wood. Hi brother.

Good luck to your mother You can't wear Sandy and shoot airplanes. What am I thinking? Unfortunately, yesterday we ran out of this little thing called Nikko. So hey the next day, let's start again here I’m going to get very hot. I’m not afraid, you know, I- I have such a move. Oh, watch it strongly There is a bogey on your tail We are sure you know Tyler’s bet We shot him and let me enter the finale to play with this guy. This may be Kobe’s second fight let's go I Thought i got it You got shot down uh, i want to make sure i can see it clearly But the only way to do this is to be hospitable That's it, buddy. I'm okay, I will see you in the last boy Welcome to the third round of the Cubs, I can’t believe I welcome this welcome to the final welcome Wait. I've been there So, if you want, the third round team we got here is the closest to the pin There is a small button for quick separation on our remote control.

We flew past the descending trap advancing They all parachute one foot below the national flag. Toby will be in the pond This is my prediction. Yes, Kobe is leaving first. Hey, good luck to you. Enjoyment can't wait. let's do it Three two one We give it up now bring it on It's exhilarating, I don't know what is crazier, this is the best performance I have ever seen.

Thank you We have seen the crazy comeback of time, please do not today haha It's really great. Gary's No. 12 was completely defeated. What about after the performance. Only one thing left The door is still opening But it also has ridiculous winds. So all of me can enter the pond The problem is that I now have my own worries, and I have not won the for 9 months It really started to hurt a man and was very frank with you I'm not sure how Cobie did this. To your Cubs long hat and congratulations on the victory if not Congratulations to myself. So we go 3 let's go 2-1 Rocket Man Pilot wise, you look smoother and more decisive and so The poor thing is that on the one hand it is the American flag.

These people represent the military to keep our country safe. I can't fully thank you two Prophet Johnson, what is your question? Hey guy First of all, thank you for logging in 12 of the Gerrits guide links This is your soldier, everything I owe you. Back to the barracks Well ladies and gentlemen, if you want to know why we are sitting it is this way we can do it Guy didn't start crying Guys, thank you for watching. If you are not a , then the perfect subscriber click here So you will not miss any new videos? We are currently on tour, if you want some behind-the-scenes tour, please make sure you click here If you want to see the last video click here, if you want to join this team, please sign with the honor-bound dog immediately He grows so fast

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