Racing Australia’s FASTEST FPV DRONE PILOT – Pilot Showcase

Good ieast, you hear from your wavy futures, and this is a bit of a new segment for you guys. So what basically this is. I want to jump into the hobby and meet some other pilots out there that I want to recommend to you guys some people in the real top upper echelon of their field.

So today we’ve got this young man say who are you and I guess who are you? Okay? So I’m Thomas from the BMS web YouTube channel and I’m. The current uh Australian national champion and for a little bit, I managed to have the multi GP records for you to t 1, 2, 3 & amp 4, and how long? How long have you been flying for? I’ve, been flying RC for about five six years I’ve, been flying, multi Reuters for about the last three years of that and racing for the last few years.

But it looks like this kids been racing felt like it was born racing. This is one of the I’ve just been racing him around today and we’ll show you some fly footage, but this kid is like insanely fast.

So Tom, how did you get into the Hobby BRC? I guess I was mainly influenced by my dad, who also flies big influence for me, was Channel RC powers and nice to do our pockets and then, from there one of our friends told us about this crazy thing is so called a tricopter.

This is JB. I’m talking about and he ended up making one a few months later and then from then on. We got hooked now. One thing I’m, really passionate about, I guess, is getting more people into the Hobby.

So what’s, one tip? You would have for aspiring pilots or Falls who are just getting in there. What’s, one tip they can do that, can help them get better at their fly. Ok, probably my biggest tip would be to keep it fun, always try and push yourself, but make sure you’re enjoying it, because when you’re enjoying it, it’s, always much better time, and you find you do Progressed a lot better and just keep at it.

Sometimes you won’t, have good un have the best days. All the time still have amazing days, but just not have it so everyone and just keep striving for more and you’ll. Get there so this question number 4: what’s, your favorite thing about the hobby, so much I don’t know where to start.

Obviously the people the community in this hobby is amazing. I don’t. Think there’s, many other communities on the planet that are quite like us, and these things are awesome. Just I guess the speed you can get out of these things and obviously feeling like you’re godly as you’re flying through gates and stuff like that, it’s, really, no feeling quite like it.

If you don’t know, if you’re not flying around, you definitely need to experience it because it’s, a lot of fun all right, and then this is the last question, and this is where I’ve made up this week’s one, but Thomas is going to have a question for the next time.

I do this video, so the question I’ve made up here today is what’s? Your visit busy that I can’t talk properly biggest success or biggest hardship in the Hobby, one or the other. You can talk about my biggest success would probably the AE nationals and having everything somehow come together between the new frame for the helix.

Being rolled out on the day, working with team, motor and impulse IC and just having everything, work out really well and have a really good race. That’s, probably one of my most successful races and by far one of the most enjoyable hardships I mean.

I know I enjoy the whole thing so much I mean it’s, all it’s difficult, but it’s, always fun. So it’s really hard yeah. These are insane bad day good day. It’s, just it’s, always awesome, especially when you get the footage anyway.

I just want to give a massive shout out to being miss Webb. I’ll, leave a link down in the comments below to Paul and Tom, because I do a great job heaps of useful information down there, but what we’re gonna do now.

We’re gonna put some packs through these rip around our quads, and hopefully I’ll try and keep up so it should be very interesting. I’m super excited, so let’s, cut down to some flight footage, but other than that subscribe for more fpv, related content and as always, happy flying all right.

Let’s. Do it alrighty! So I’m flying around in my chameleon and I think tom is racing. The 5 inch helix and, of course this is on the futures test track and at the start here we’re, just sort of chasing around getting some flight footage, and this is what I really started to notice that tom is probably toying with, Because I’m, like yeah, that’s, pretty good! That’s, pretty good yeah, a little bit quicker here or a little bit quicker there and in about a second one, little blip, and he was also in front.

So he was so quick, and especially this over and under it was. It was amazing to watch that’s absolutely in awe of his flying skills. So this is just us sort of floating around. I’m, probably trying to go.

You know trying to keep up a little bit, but it was totally effortless man, Tom and one thing I want to point out as well. I fly this track. All the time like this is the futures test track. This is usually a little track.

I set up if I want to test how a is going, and this was like – maybe Tom’s – third or fourth pack, or anything like that. So I definitely had a massive home ground advantage and it became apparent in a few little clips that you’ll, see later on.

It became very, very difficult for me to even keep up, let alone seem on the screen. Nice little nice little crash day into the bushes ready. So I think here this was just another tiny little clip Tom was gonna come past in a second and look at his quads acceleration.

It is just totally out of there. I was like okay, maybe poached over the top, but not straightaway he was inside again, and I found in this day of racing the only place where I really could make a small amount of ground was coming through this part right here.

This sort of little tunnel through the bushes – and that was because I was so used to the course, the rest of it tom was just out in a way like I thought. Yes, maybe I’ll have a little bit of a stray, but no, he was so quick on that over and under and all through here, his was so powerful.

Definitely some serious skills and right here I think I made a bit of a boo-boo here, so I tumbled into the back now here’s, where things start to pick up a little bit. Actually, we started a stop chasing, stop doing the chase footage and trying to do some races and Tom’s.

Takeoffs are phenomenal. He felt like he was like 50 meters away before I’d, even sort of left the starting plate. So here this is where I think we were both sort of going for it. Well, I know I was going for it.

Maybe tom was just cruising around because I was really trying to push it and it took a long time until you know, until I could sort of catch up to him a little bit or at least find him in my sights, because he had such a big Jump off that start line – and you got to remember like this – is look.

This is my track and he was absolutely thrashing at some was fantastic to see another pilot, ripping it around the course and as fast as I was, I was in total, or so this was probably one of my luckier flights or want to buy a small stream Blown flights – and I think Tom should be coming into picture sometime soon because he is out there.

I’m just working. I can just hear him Barry. As you can sort of see me. I’m, just working, my quite as hard as I can trying to push it around, and that was that one place where I sort of could overtake him a little bit.

But that was because there might have been like his sixth or seventh battery right there, but by the end of the day, and I’m going to show you some footage soon, I couldn’t even keep up with him. I couldn’t even see him again once it’s left that style, and so I think Tom might have crashed out on this.

One unluckily and I’ll, bring it in for a landing, and then we’re gonna see in a real magical. I might even just let some music roll who knows what’s gonna happen, because I’ve my hardest on this next round, and I can tell Tom, did as well and he just disappeared like from when he disappeared off the Start line he was totally gone, so let’s cut that to that now it might seem a little bit boring to you guys because it’s.

Just gonna be my feed that you’ll, be seeing but uh Tom. Just look at this takeoff likely from look from the get-go. He just totally disappears. So I think it I don’t even know when the countdown is, but some words.

So there we go it’s like full-on 90 degrees off the take-off all very, very close, and he can just see him. He’s just disappearing a little bit by a little bit. I’m trying to push it as much as I can like this is on the limits of my school levels, but for Tom yeah he was just going.

It was. It was so impressive to see such a young talented pilot. I was really in awe and yeah. I learned a lot from him, so I just want to give a shout out to those guys for coming down. For the day I had an absolute blast and if you’re watching this video definitely go check out Tom and for more BMS web.

There’ll, be a link down below cuz. They do some fantastic stuff. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this video anyway, and this is sort of like a new little series. I might want to start so. I’m, just sort of testing it.

So let me know down in the comments below what did you think about this sort of interviewing some of the top pilots and the top people in our industry and sort of sharing the knowledge that they have and asking them.

Some of the questions and sort of yeah do they have any secrets or what is it that you know makes them so good or sets them apart, just getting their insights into the world anyway, we don’t, see Tom again because he’s totally disappeared.

He’s, probably about to let me but subscribe for more fpv related content and, as always, happy flying all righty. So hopefully you guys enjoyed that video definitely subscribe. If you’re new to the channel and check out these videos – and I’m – also going to leave a little link here to my patreon page, because I’ve got some fantastic patreon supporters and I’D like to give back to them as well, so if you want to join the futures family, there’s, things like bonus, velcro, straps little bundles of fpv goodies and things like that, but also get sent out anyway.

Happy flying

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