Putting Our RED Cinema Camera on a 100mph FPV Racing Drone

sam what do you think about flying fpv drones it's the hardest thing i've ever had to do when i first started flying this this is what i looked like this is tough i look stupid and sam you've been practicing right yeah yes you want to show us your skills okay all right sam let's see what you got [Laughter] there you go sweet there you go hey there you go hey you're way up there oh my god you're gonna lose it you're gonna lose it oh my god did i do good it's harder than it looks like it's not easy so that is why sam is training on this little tiny drone i upgraded and i have this one which has a gopro on top and then our buddy nerc here brought mine out oh holy crap this is a and this is paul nercola also known as nerk fpv on youtube youtube channel right there click it check out his stuff please go to it first of all i've seen cameras being flown on drones before but not an that is kind of crazy so a regular drone they're designed to be as smart and as easy as possible to fly if a regular drone was a luxury car it's a smooth easy to drive vehicle to turn that into an you would essentially rip out the air conditioning you would rip out all the passenger seats out of it you would strip down the doors you would make everything as light as possible and put a massive engine in it if it's gonna create weight it has to be for better performance yeah so this fpv drone is designed to be as small as possible so literally every little ounce has been shaved off it to make sure that it can still get pretty decent images in a super compact frame even to the point where the gopro has been torn down like there's too much on a little tiny action cam like i'll just take some half that out exactly but then you could also go the other way make it as powerful and insane as possible and that's what we've got here so these props are about 2.5 inches these are 13 inches and there's two of them stacked on each corner so it's an octocopter so can i fly it he says you suck let's start with something on the ground what do you mean on the ground oh you want me to start with that thing yeah i think you'll have fun with that dude that's actually pretty dope it's like a steering wheel yeah yeah i know i know give it to me what's the master at work where's the controller for the money shot i'm ready now [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if i get a jolt of adrenaline find that little thing what's it like flying it with a red leading up to the flight i'm pretty nervous like i've got a little bit of like i'm thinking about it but as soon as it takes off like i forget about all that and it's just in the moment make sure that we're not crashing it we're gonna bring it home sir robert was telling me about the show you guys so i can beat in the league it's a tv show on nbc um i've competed in it for three years and i'm the 2018 world champion of that's cool yeah i got a big trophy it's like that big is it really that big yeah it weighs like 30 pounds holy crap that's actually a big bro now i'm impressed okay that's what you start with you know you don't go i'm the world champion at 28 you just go hi hi i'm paul i have a 30 pound trophy back at home 30 pounds so you know how people are like yeah i'm into fpv you're not really into fpv until your trunk looks like this i'm trying to fly 100 to 150 batteries in a day on a track in order to do that i need to charge fast so i built this charger so i could just bring you you could also charge your phone yeah we got usb 3.0 uh this looks like car batteries they're actually life batteries i'm fearing the day that i get like rear ended and those light on fire but oh my god your van will literally yeah thanks for doing that graphic justin so i build these from the ground up the frame is called the project 399 super g it goes 0 to 60 in less than a second so it's instant power because it's got a 10 to 1 thrust to weight ratio like a formula one car is like six to one and this is a relatively slow drone it's not even a racing drone it's a freestyle drone it's definitely faster than my dji mavic yes are you gonna trust me with that thing absolutely i've seen you fly you're great i don't think he knows that i fly in stabilization mode and not nothing no yeah i'm totally good with this yeah so this has an angle like that because the drone is always going forward so these don't really like to fly level these like to go fast yeah for people that are learning to fly fpv i actually really encourage people to not try to hover hovering is the hardest thing to do but if you kind of keep it moving forward and just kind of use that reference point of things moving past you you get a lot better control over the drone i think let me see you fire first though okay i don't know what to expect yeah we're not even at the big drone yet and i'm already starting to feel a little nervous just watching him fly this thing what was that that thing's like a freaking firework what oh holy sh what oh my god are you kidding me okay here do the glasses through the glasses oh snap oh holy crap like when you descend on a dji drone it's like when this descends it's just dropping it's literally watching that thing go upside down is crazy because the fastest i've ever seen anything drop is just free fall but this shoots it down towards the ground you gotta try this experience this slow drone holy crap carrie how do you feel oh my gosh it's crazy oh man i know what you're buying next that's a good ride i am intimidated by this there's no reason so if you break it if you smash into a million pieces it's on me it's fine well the same goes with his red later so okay you got it you got it you're doing pretty good it's in the air still wait so do when you do the roll do you just shut off the throttle uh you can just leave some of it on a little bit of throttle okay here we go oh my god it's actually kind of cool you can actually fall for a while yeah so it you can you can spend a whole 35 seconds just waiting for it to free fall while you figure out where your horizon is uh i could just land it right here [Music] oh i feel like i just like landed from a parachute i'm like oh thank god i never thought i'd see you again oh gosh oh that was so scary all right i'm ready to fly the red let's do it gosh what's interesting is you don't just do this as a hobby you're actually a professional you go around travel to places and actually do legitimate shoots right yeah absolutely yeah i i mean i love doing content creation and making youtube videos and stuff but i love shooting for for movies and and commercials and stuff like that using crazy drums like this so what are some of the shots that they've asked you to do because i'm assuming the go-to drone shot would be you know a typical regular drone and have this hanging off a gimbal but they must be giving you calls when they need to chase something fast yeah so it's obviously a very stylized shot like you're doing something that's different right it's not it's not gimbal it's not super smooth um so like something that i've been asked to do a lot is for example for like a documentary they bring me in and say imitate this bird so fly the same way that this bird would that is a five inch and this is the money shot well here goes nothing [Music] how are you so good bro dude just lots of practice man surprisingly it feels a lot like the other one wait do you think people will notice that it's not plugged in should i get the cable and we'll do that [Music] oh my god that was probably one of the scariest things i've witnessed in a while i posted this on the instagram and let's see what people are asking oh that's my buddy chris he says ask him if he's flown on any more trains trains yeah so i my most popular video of all time was uh the it's called nurse flight of the year 2017.

I flew over under and into a moving freight train and no i haven't the faa was not very thrilled about that video i bet i have a receipt that i can show you but uh wait so no i am definitely not flying around any more trains did you really have to pay fine i did i could have bought a car with the amount are you serious do you hear that a train yeah yeah hey hey get it up in there i got a great idea what are we up to no good oh good that's definitely true it has to do something with the red fpv ring pulled out by finglink how do we figure that out but yeah that's it for this video make sure you check out nercftv tons more content about that rig but all my other stuff how to build drones from the ground up like i have like step-by-step tutorials all that stuff so come on over hang out good deal all right see you guys later [Music] you

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