Professional FPV Drone Pilot Reviews DJI’s New FPV Drone

Hi guys welcome to this video today we’re going to be doing a quick review of the new dgi fpv drone. Our pilot josh who’s had stick time on it. Today is going to give his quick and honest feedback about this drone, so uh yeah, the goggles, are really good, they’re really really comfortable to to have on your head and it they’re much more improved from the version one so with the latencies that there’s literally none Um, the transmission is really good. You know, even when we um further away we’re not losing any transmission or becoming blurry or blocky. There’S no drop out so goggles are much improved.

It’S a really clear image: the remote’s really comfortable to have in your hands the layout’s awesome and it’s more of a natural games. Controller feel as opposed to the classic controller, which is sort of more bulky. And then the drone itself really responsive. Really quick. And it’s good that you’ve got the three different modes, so you can um flick it between sort of classic drone modes and then put it into full manual and then flying in acro was was a really good experience and so yeah really impressed with it.

So in terms of first impressions really good, there’s nothing at the moment, i’m picking out to say that’s, not not working and overall, really happy with it yeah . Obviously, the ’s different uh, normally with fpv we’re used to the the fpv camera for the for the pilot being sort of inside the body of the drone being quite low down. So you’re sat higher up um the fact that then the the camera’s got a gimbal on. It means that you can change your speeds quite a lot whilst you’re flying, so you can move in those nice, dynamic, slow, cinematic shots, and so obviously, we’ve not really seen that on an fpv drone before especially sort of the binding flies. So the but the camera is really good, but also having that gimbal position means that it’s a lot easier to land, because you can judge where you’re landing a lot better.

So it’s a safer system and then the gps is a lot more. Accurate, obviously return to homes, fantastic and the pause button is a really good feature to have also in case you’ve sort of been a bit too over confident. You need to bail out so yeah. So as you as you’re, doing rolls, etc, you’re not getting a the drone’s, not overly heavy, so we’re not having a. Are you having to put lots of power on um lots of throttle to to do you to pitch up, etc when we’re coming back down when it’s in that air mode?

We’Re not we’re not having massive variances, so we can do quite some um, ambitious maneuvers and the amount of the amount of height you’re losing you’re not losing too much okay, so i’ve i’ve obviously used the v1 transmission system, so the original fpv and what you Had there was the focus mode activated quite quickly, so you begin to lose the detail in the edges and then you get um blockiness and because it’s digital, we, the signal, jumps. So you will you’ll, see something and then there’ll be a pause in the frame. But obviously, at that time the drone’s still moving, and then it jumps back to where it is when we’ve been flying here and we’d, be quite it’d, be quite challenging to fly in this location with the version one we’ve not had any of those issues. Um we’ve at no point have i had a loss of connection. Have i had um the sort of low latency or the level of the latency and has always been really low.

We’Ve not had the focus mode activated so yeah. The v2 goggles are much improved from the v1. I i really like the fact that you can switch from obviously full manual mode to then the sport and the standard modes, because it allows you to if you’re, if you’re honest on a location, you can almost go and do that scouting out with the drone and Then flick it back into manual mode, go and do the flying so having those three modes available and then work properly because gps, for example, with fpv drones, has always been about gps rescue, and it’s never been that great um, but the sort of gps modes on This there it works just as a normal drone would, and so it’s that two for one package i mean it performs both really really well. So that’s my that’s my personal favorite part. I think the main beneficial points is that it’s a it’s essentially that um commercial off the shelf system.

It’S a it’s off the shelf, so there’s no building it’s a you’re not having to get all the different parts and putting it together. So you’ve got all the transmission system, it’s all in one, so you’re ready to go for me. The main points that i really like is the fact that you can flip between those three modes so quickly and you can use it for it’s, not just one package. Then it it’s it’s more than just one drone, if that makes sense, whereas before, if we want to do fpv work, we’d have to do an fpv drone and to then record or fly something else that we want. A different type of footage.

We’D have to change the aircraft, potentially we’re not going to have to do that anymore. The quality of the camera is excellent, and especially to have that as your um, as your main camera means that you can the work you’re doing. Is it’s a lot more smooth? So you’re shooting with the camera you’re then going to use the footage for, as opposed to as normal we’ve got the fpv system, which is just for seeing and then you’ve got a gopro or sim or something on top, which is then the footage that you’re going To record so you don’t know if it’s correct until you landed, whereas we can be pretty happy when we’re flying. If we’ve seen what we want, we know we’ve got the shot already yeah.

So the in terms of for a beginner and the package that dji delivering is really good, so you’ve got the simulator, that’s part of the goggles and the simulator, having used it and having then used the drone. The drone flies quite accurately compared to the um the profile of the flight for the in the in the simulator, so once you’re, confident that you can fly with that, simulator you’re gonna be able to fly relatively well outside so for people who are wanting to Get into fpv this is a really good drone, but it’s also got the safety systems around it. So we can pause the flight if we’re, if we’re in a situation where we think we’ve lost control of the drone, so to speak, we can press the pause reset yourself and then carry on um. So you know it’s more for me. There’S two there’s two target markers: really, it’s the people who want to learn fpv, but it’s also the opportunities for commercial operators who want to get into fpv who want a off-the-shelf system that they don’t have to build themselves and to go flying and then have the Safety systems around gps etc, which we can then use in commercial work.

So it’s two target audiences. I think it’s really good. Well, i hope josh has given you some good insight in the brand new dji fpv drone. It is now in stock at

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