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by Jose

Alright, what’s up guys doing something different this time I’m gonna. Take you guys, along for a job, we have a five day shoot it’s, actually a six day shoot, but we already did one of those days. The remainder are gonna, be all in the san francisco area.

So we’re. Just loading up all the gear getting packed and heading towards the bay I’m Tripp Palmer, just like drones for a living and bush planes for fun follow along as I journey off the beaten path of aviation, [, Music, ], oh and another little Side note all of the stuff that we shoot for the most part is considered black out it.

Basically it’s all on NDA, I’m, not allowed to talk about what we’re, shooting or show over shooting. So it might be a little tricky. I don’t even know. If I’ll make a vlog out of this, but I figure you guys can at least see some of the behind the scenes, as well as the gear and and what goes into some of the stuff that I do for work.

In the aerial film industry, [, Music ] all right, so we are just getting loaded for our first shoot of the day. Basically, this job, which I can’t tell you too much about. We’re, shooting six different stories.

This is one of the stories today, which is a fishing scene, so we’ll, be flying off a boat over the ocean flying up to another boat, and you know checking out some fishermen, [ Music ]. So behind me, you can see what we’re gonna fly from I don’t know where I can get, but basically got a little 10 foot deck it’s, not huge, but I don’t.

Think it’s. Gon na be rough out there, so it’s, not that big a deal it’s, always a little bit of a pucker. When you’re flying $ 100,000 in the air over salt water. I have had one go into the water years ago and try not to do that again: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ].

All right just got to our location for shoot day. Three. We’re in these very thick trees, thick forests. I’m gonna be doing something with some sort of actor flying basically from way up high into the forest that does like kind of that area vertically.

Hardly not feeling it. I’ve got a million places I can do, but all be in shot to be able to see the aircraft. The whole visual line of sight role, that’s, killing him yeah. Do you all see a clearing, so my thought is: if we have her somewhere down here, I can fly up from in that window down and have her down here.

Okay, so I think we’re gonna pull out the smaller aircraft. Inspire try. This through we probably around it yeah. I’m gonna end up shooting on that anyway. [, Music, ], okay, so we just did the shot on that little inspire and that thing’s too much of a toy.

It won’t, let you even rack iris or anything. So we’re gonna go, get the real deal. I’m. Just gonna have to fly it in tight quarters that’s. Fine, at least we have manual control of stuff so funny I’ve avoided buying the DJI stuff like they inspire because of this and first job with it.

It’s like every iris rackets clicking like a still lens there’s, no smooth way to do it so back to the real deal there we go so now we got to take the big guy, [, Music, ]. Okay, I’m ready, [ Music ] hey over go charge, these bats cuz.

I’m Batman. You’re. Doing graded, got that fun day three of six tomorrow inner-city we’re doing. This is how you get birthed by a tree, so today we are in downtown San Francisco right in the financial district.

Our shot is starting above the tallest building. Legally, we can go 400 feet above the tallest building. As long as we’re within 400 feet of the building, so the building behind me, we are gonna fly to the top of look straight down and then drop all the way down.

The street level should be a little interesting for some reason. I get scared flying that high up, so we’ll, see how this Kona Convention. I want you to see [ Music ]. What’s happening that box truck broke down right, where we need to shoot so now Stephen wants to push it out of the way they’re.

Really thinking about doing this? Are they gonna use? The bumper of the I can’t push this thing I’m way to god. When we’re starting. Oh, it’s going her purse got ran over [ Music ] [ Laughter, ], JCPenney kind of Jerry, so that was a wrap on day four of six tomorrow, another day downtown San Francisco.

I think we got a small alleyway and then a rooftop. Then we move out of the city and work our way home, [, Music ], all right. We are finally wrapped on day six of six. We ended up back downtown in the financial district here in San Francisco and yeah excited to go home.

I’ll have some time off. We out here: [, Music, ], [ Applause, ],

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