PRO Drone Pilot Builds DREAM HOUSE (From a Kit!) – Trent Palmer

by Jose

That is so cool, oh, that is amazing, [ Music! ] are you? Are you doing anything, or is this army that’s? All you, I’m flying a plane right now, hey friend, welcome to beautiful Northern Nevada and in this video we’re gonna.

Do something completely different that I’ve ever done before in the channel. I’ve, been stranded here for several days at my buddy Trent’s place and that kind of got me thinking about an idea what he’s got going on here, his lifestyle, what he’s built This house, behind me they just finished building, is pretty rad.

So I want to give you a tour of that place and then later we’re gonna try head out on an adventure. So this is going to be an action-packed video that I think you’re really gonna enjoy, but Trent’s actually gone this morning, picking something up so uh.

Let’s! Show you where we’re at [, Music ], so this beautiful property and the incredible house that Trent and his wife Haley just finished building on it actually is a really interesting story behind all of it.

So this house was actually built from a kit, something that I didn ‘ T even know was still a thing, but all the pieces arrived on different truck beds to here on site where it has been assembled into this gorgeous finished home.

So a little back story on Trent is that he ‘ S, been on the bleeding edge of aerial, camera, tech and usage in the film industry. Now for longer than almost anyone, and that’s through his company, copper, kids and they’ve, been on the front edge of actually getting cameras into the air on these flying platforms.

But he’s, been putting in some hard work establishing his company as the go-to resource for getting aerial images, and he’s been at it for more than a decade and it’s, really cool. Seeing how hard work pays off when you nice yourself down and offer a service that’s, actually really valuable and it’s honestly been a bit of a blessing in disguise, being forced to kind of slow down and just chill out Here for a bit because, honestly, some of the conversations and hanging out with Trent in the past couple days have just been really refreshing and life-giving for me because he’s, someone that’s, really passionate about the film industry.

I’m, making quality videos, but there’s, also transferred into this Internet land of making videos about your own life and experiences. And there’s, just something about a connection with other creators and being able to talk through the real life stuff of what this experience is actually like and dealing with self-doubt, and so those conversations I’ve, been here for several days And I haven’t really been making videos, and that to me has just been the reason why I’m on this trip and it’s.

Ironic that I don’t have that captured in video, but Trent should be here any minute and we’ll, get this tour underway. So this right here is the reason I’ve been stranded at Trent’s place, oh yeah. There is take this out there’s Trent coming in for a landing that is so cool dude that is so cool.

You got a you got to explain to me this whole house situation first, a little bit first, because this is a pretty epic set of food [, Music ]. This property was something that we kind of stumbled into a few years back, and the thing that appealed to me was when I flew over it.

I was like hold on. You could land a plane there, so runways is. Their house is here someplace to play on fun toys over there in the dirt, and you’re gonna put a hanger kind of right over there behind where my van is right now yeah in an ideal world yeah and once I can save Up and recovery from from what I’ve, gotten myself, the dream, Playland or dreamland, of like keeping your plane in your house, which is the reality I haven’t like really had yet so it’s cool like now.

I can lay on the plane at the house, but it’s more of the novelty because I just don’t want to tie it down and leave it out in the elements. So once we have the hanger and I have like a shop and everything that’s when it’s, like you know, everyone’s, dream right.

When did you first? Have the idea of wanting to have your own runway and in place and and then how long did it take to that actually becoming reality? I don’t know when I I don’t know what the tipping point was when I was like.

I want to be able to land at my house, but that’s. Any pilots dream I don’t care like whatever tool you have. You want to be able to have it right there and do it from your house like if you’re into boats like being on a lake, would be every guy’s dream, but then seeing this property that was like whoa hold On it’s, not even like I would have to land on the road I can land at the house, [, Music ].

I mean this whole house is just it’s, so rad and the way that Trent was able to pull this together and make it happen just kind of off some sweat and grits and hard work is just super cool. He made this whole video showcasing and doing a proper walkthrough tour of the house itself.

So I would highly recommend if you’re actually interested in the interior of the house, making sure you see that because he actually explains more of the house. But for me personally, when I’m, far more intrigued by is what the shop looks like and what kind of things he’s got going on in here track.

This is a dope shot dude one day I will build a real shop, but so at the shop portion of the garage needs the shop will be in the airplane hangar like a like a actual, be like garage. We want this to be pristine, parked cars right like keep it nice and clean in here, but we don’t.

You know until I have the actual shop that I can do all the working in. I just have to do the work that you do. I kind of gave that I got them up to speed it’s. You do drone stuff like just kind of give them the big picture.

Basically, they see aerial shots and movies or TV shows there’s, a good chance. If you worked on some of those yeah that’s, a shoot low range aerials for the film industry, our bread and butters car commercials.

That’s. What like 90 % of our work is shooting car spots, but yeah I’ve done a bunch of episodic TV shows done, features done a little bit of everything really and if you think that drones are prolific or used a lot now take that Back a decade and then add some and that’s when Trent was starting to actually get into flying cameras yeah and they weren’t drones.

We’re treated that, like the term drones. I think that was what the military used to drop bombs. We didn’t, we didn’t want to be associated, they were radio-controlled helicopters right that we strapped a camera on the front and we had to basically the helicopter ground up, and this is not copters.

This is sketchy single rotor, yeah, traditional, like a helicopter with a standard rotor and a tail. Those things are all manually flown. There was no safety features to them and, like the tip, speed on the blades is 250 miles an hour.

They like take that steak head off speed yeah without a doubt. So, as far as like early to the game, that’s, what Trent kind of really knocked out of the park was being early to the new tech and mastering it really quick.

So that’s kind of what you build. Your whole business off of yeah right place right time, man that’s, so cool. So I don’t see what’s going on over here, you’ve got for our job. We’re. Just shooting our standard set up now, which is a multi rotor, which I’ve gone soft in that respect, because these are really easy to fly fly a pretty light camera package, so monstro I’ve, got this little custom, yeah yeah.

Here to the 35 yeah, if you’re into film stuff, this is a one that we had from the back door of a large camera and lens company in Hollywood that I can’t say because it’s kind Of like off the books, but this lens optically is like incredible and it weighs almost nothing.

So we’re able to get a short zoom that clears the monstro sensor and we’ll run three axis lens control and everything like the flexibility you have with the setups like unheard of these little guys right here.

These are the phys motors, so they attach them to the 15-month meter rails right there and that’s. What the gears on the cinema lens! Basically, you can control all aspects of the zoom iris focus, so cool yeah and with the the RCP which is red control protocol, we can change every camera setting and run playback and everything from the thing.

So it’s. If you want to change ISO, you need to change white balance. I mean get people so back in the day when you’re flying because you’re. So how would you trigger a recording on the cameras back in the day they, like 7d, that you were flying yeah? We just put a little servo and made it push the start/stop button, and so there was a double sided tape yeah.

It was so funny that that was so like foreign to so many people. There was a. We did. A test for this new camera that had 240 frames like slow-mo is really cool, but the thing was, it was a buffer, so you had to trigger it and the only other people do an RC.

He’ll. He stuff back in the day. Would just trigger on the ground and then take off and film the whole flight. We just put a little servo on there and it just broke people’s, brain to think. How did you trigger it? I’m, like guys you’re.

Fine, it’s, got a remote controller, just just program a button that’s. What’s, so cool about flying these larger drone setups? Is that there’s, an operator whose sole purpose is flying the drone and keeping it in the air not hitting things in the flight pattern? So that way, the operator can point the camera in the right spot and get a beautiful shot, and so Trent does the stressful part, which is making sure the very very expensive rig, does not crash into people or cars or anything and is in the right place.

At the right time, yeah, which is I mean that the inspire is like the budget version of what something like this can do, where you can actually have two operators which allows you to really focus on getting beautiful shots inspires great.

I mean I have one in the case there that’s. What brings our like backup? We never have to bring it out, but also, if there’s more of a high-risk scenario where I might lose it so now I’m, getting distracted.

What’s behind the camera stuff? Here you ‘ Ve got some toys, so I mean there’s, a practicality going on here. But what’s? What are some of the go-to fun having devices you have these dish that you’ve, been messing around with well prior to flying.

I was really into these player side-by-sides I used to race razors, which was that was cool, but it’s like a money hole if you think like find some money, hole or filming, and all that it was bad. So I got rid of those when I got into flying and then the wife missed it.

We cuz we used to just take it from our house and go up to the top of the mountain range behind us and have like wine at sunset, yeah, and so she missed that part and plus with us. Knowing we were moving out here, we’re, like we’ll, be able to utilize it out here, and this gets driven all the time like it take the trash out with it.

We plow with it even just check in the mail or getting firewood like everything around here is Dyke. I can’t believe how useful that thing is right and it’s, fun, the players, electric bike, one wheel, that’s, the fun having devices yeah.

I guess I have a lot of toys. You got a lot of place to play around. You got the dirt track out behind the property yeah a little secret dirt track there yeah I intentionally made hidden. I haven’t even like shown anything about that.

Yet so that’s. My next, like I’m, excited to make a video about those things. Obviously, with the the prepping after we build camera, then I got a boatload of batteries to charge and all that that’s, that’s.

Part of this is being prepared and being able to sustain not only like coming to set with a big load of batteries but being able to maintain charging so with how we do a lot of these car jobs that are on the road.

We don’t necessarily they have somewhere to plug into. I do have that charging box – I’ve, shown you this. This is so slick, [, Music, ] yeah. It allows us to charge for drone batteries, as well as to gimbal batteries and a camera or a lot battery all while we’re driving, so you literally, like you, jump in here, start it close.

It up leave it running and there’s, no downtime, so I take it. You like Rio, be invested. I like the car the whole, like Bob, the Builder set. Oh my my guys that helped me work on the house that are actually that construction people like just make fun of iov stuff sure what I love about your shop here is just are your garage is how clean everything isn’t out detail, organized Everything has a place.

What my studio in my shop was never this clean at any stage, and so knowing that I think I’m, just impressed by other people being very detail-oriented and and so good at keeping things clean. We put big glass garage doors right, so how will I close it and hiding it right? Everyone can see it right when they come up and it’s like the entrance to the whole house, so yeah all these massive windows.

They’re, so good yeah until you have to clean them. In your view, oh you’re like come on. This is a that was the big selling point and the thing that kind of makes it worth it all said and done so this whole every part of this house came like in a kit yeah for the most part, basically all the materials that there’s a couple things that have to be done on-site so like stucco, drywall, that kind of stuff, rough plumbing and electrical and wasn’t included, but, like all the decking, all the metal siding all those light fixtures all the windows and doors, the Roofing, the you know, soffit and facia.

All all of that was included, so it’s really like the ultimate like a rector set, only and not really like full instructions. If you had no, like you’ve, you haven’t built the house before no, I have like relatively no construction experience because I mean well.

I’m tinkering around trying to finish a van build your over here. Building a whole on house, because we’re gonna have like a paved path to a house van bills. Fascinate me because it’s, just not like it.

Hasn’t been done forever bond in here turning sweet. I think your finish works better than I expected. Thank you well like that. Sometimes, as a filmmaker, I’m, like there is intentional use of wide-angle lens there.

This there’s, all these Cedars milled from a tree in our hometown yeah. I saw that whole. I was super into that yeah yeah we were gonna, do all clear cedar for our siding, but to a fire code that wouldn’t allow it so I mean it’s kind of just basic kitchen.

Whole situation here, the bed’s back here down over there is where I end up spending a lot of time, so that’s. This is where you edit and work in yes in that chair, just swing it out and say here. I go between both, so it’s good and then how much water do you have on board 46? It’s too much water.

It is that full it ends up being hundreds of pounds of water. So usually, when we’re driving, we have it like halfway full okay, but I have the ability to have more if you need yeah. I’m running out of water.

Like you’re gonna say that’s, no good hidden dishes in the sink yeah it’s. That way you don’t have to look at them because you don ‘ T always want to do your dishes right after what about one of my favorite things about is that we have a like 400 amps of lithium down there in a full electrical system, so charging batteries and running a 3000 watt inverter it’s, just Like anything out like I run hot water kettles, I have a hot water heater in the back for showers like it’s, a charging batteries is a struggle.

I can relate to all your cutting board or is it an extension? It’s, just like you can cut on it. It’s, an extension that’s. Bitchin. You can change a baby’s, diaper on it. I love it [, Music ]. What kind of plane is this trip? It’s, a Kitfox, it’s technically a series.

Five and STI is the package being the stole, inspired wing and landing gear right, because these big tires here. Basically, this is what allows you to land kind of whatever you want. Yeah the tires. Let you roll over stuff, the wing helps you get slow and the landing gear gets your props the impact.

So but enough about this, let’s. Go fly. Let’s. Go fly. I’m gonna just taxi for a little like the first 50 or hundred feet. Just try not to bust my house, [ Music ]. I can’t get over. How short that takeoff is yeah when you actually give it throttle? You’re up so fast, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], you comfortable, you ready, oh yeah, that is so cool this cruise it down a hill yeah.

Now it’s. Functions it’s, got the little ski jump yeah like that. Those are my favorite. If you get a little like ski jump, going something to like booty on the air yeah, you were saying you kind of got your pilot’s license on accident right or what’s? What’s up this story? Cuz from the drone world there’s that time where, with FAA, you had to be a certified pilot that’s.

What made me do it yeah, so I mean I grew up fascinated with flight. I think that’s, probably what pushed me into like the RC world that led to the RC helicopter and I was a in the film as well. So it was just kind of a collaboration of my two interests right but then yeah 2014, the FAA, said.

Ok, if you’re gonna be a commercial drone pilot you, you need to have at least a private pilot certificate and at the time like I was terrified of like big planes like me just and I did a lot of travel for work And I was like you know, I was still the one that was just sure I was gonna die in an airliner I’m.

Just like I understand how safe they are, but I just couldn’t get past the fear of flying at the fear of heights right and all of that stuff. So I’m just doing the little one royal thing, because we’re flying point on, so it was one of those things the FA forced me to and when I got my license, I literally had no intent of flying again.

After getting the certificate, but at about 20 hours, I went from being scared of it to realizing. I have control of this airplane and it’s in my hands and all of a sudden having control is like. Okay, I’m, not gonna like die.

They don’t just like fall out of the air and the wings don’t, just fall off of airplanes, so at 20 hours, that kind of clicked and then come check ride like once I got my pilot’s. License I was like what airplane am i buying yeah? I don’t.

Think I don’t think I had any awareness before watching some of your videos that people own their own Busch crap that they would just go land on mountains. For fun and ride them like dirt, bikes and yeah, I don’t think I knew and a lot of this stuff like it seems like it’s.

Maybe it’s because of the social, the online social thing that you see more of it, but it feels like this. This sector of flying is growing right, like the a that number I don’t know that there was always like we’ll go over into Northern California.

There’s 16, like awesome bush planes, and we’re all out like finding new places, the land and it’s. So but, and I don’t know if that’s, always been a thing that’s new right. How do you describe what it is that you like? What are we doing today? What do you know? Would you call this? We get a little bit of like flak from the Alaska guys for calling a bush pilot, because I think their definition is normally it’s for hire and a lot of what makes their job so difficult is the necessity to get something not like.

They don’t just go out play like I write. They have to fight through it at the weather, up there so variable and as very little like stations or data access points for pilots. So right, push flying to me is like your land and it pushes okay.

So I kind of call it bush or off field or stole. I don’t know what you call it. I just just call it fun. I’m gonna look at this place right now. We ‘ Ve got a pretty good crosswind, so I’m gon. Na kind of that is so cool.

Well, so you can see that we’ve kind of got a path here where we normally land, but it put us with a pretty good like quartering tailing. So we’re, just gonna turn and go off that edge of the hill next level.

With me right now, all right here we go [ Music ], but that that is insane. That was definitely sub 100 feet. Then we hit that rich lifters. Just elevator that was so cool that was fun yeah, that’s, the stuff that makes me smile, that was cool, was it challenging for you, like notching down like what was that experience like, as you looked at other people, making YouTube videos, and obviously There’s a sense of well.

I could probably do that, but is that a worthwhile thing to start doing? What was that experience like for you, as you yeah decision, to start making videos it’s so hard for me, because it’s, always an evaluation of like input versus output, and then there’s.

This weird theory that I have that, if you polish, a YouTube video too much, it almost feels like TV or something so then it almost pulls them audience away from it. So the raw nature of the vlog style like that’s.

What is organic and and intimate for about YouTube filmmaking so like? I definitely have never made a film that from a technical standpoint or a finished product standpoint, I’m, not proud of on YouTube, but it’s like you got to know your market.

You know like right. I there’s got to be so. We got to come up with a name for for that rule of basically the more professional you try to go on YouTube. It’s, almost inversely, how the worse that will perform and like so you know there’s, a lot of creators that are like notorious for doing the cinematic looking content and, most to me, I think the people interested in that are People that make content right, my audience, doesn’t, make contact, they want to see flying and they want to see it an approachable, fun way and get to feel like they were there right.

So to me, it doesn’t. Add anything to to make it look like a movie so but of course than me I have that internal battle of like I am attracted to the cinematic content. I’m and I’m, a technical guy like that whole aspect of making this really polished product.

So it’s, always a little bit of a struggle like keep it myself. You know shuttle down. You know I because put me outside people looking at. I mean at least for me. I’ve. I’ve, encountered your channel off advice from a friend and it from the outside.

I’m, like man, this guy’s, doing all the things that I want to be doing as far as buying property. Thinking of building a dream home, why an aircraft for fun? What is that kind of? Do you think you get? I guess what I’m thinking about here.

Is it’s, easy to assume that making content about that must be so straightforward, because a lot of the elements are that are potentially interesting are there. But what is what is your experience? But now is you’ve made hundreds of these flying videos.

So what what? What & #? 39 s? Next, like? How do you keep changing and yeah grow? It because I mean have you, got bored of making flying videos yet well, not necessarily bored, but I get tired of doing the same thing over and over and over right and what the definition of insanity is doing.

The same thing expecting different results. So not that I’m, looking for any different results, but I know people will get bored and if I’m getting bored, it’s, probably an indication and then also, if I do too much of the flying like Video thing there’s, just extra weight, it feels like work, and I hit a point last year that it’s like I flew because I kind of felt obligated to make a video I wasn’t flying like we Are now or I’m like I just want to go blow holes in the sky and, like you know, check things out and have fun, so I think, like longer term the clearly there’s, been a little interest in the house.

Build side of things and that lifestyle – and I I don’t – know again. I have no idea what I’m doing on YouTube, but I think maybe people will appreciate more of the lifestyle stuff. So I’m, trying to put myself out there, hopefully in the future.

With more of that kind of stuff, I mean when I look at what you’ve done so well on the channel it’s a. I love that you not have decided to. I mean I had some of the first videos that you made. You were using a handycam on a gorilla pod right.

I found that, especially with that discomfort of being in front of the camera. I would instantly leech on the technical side of it, so I intentionally said stop you know I’m gonna giving myself a handycam yeah so that I can no longer use that as my excuse to not tell stories like I just need to Yeah, I was almost going down that thing.

Well, I just needed. You know if I have the right gimbal that can fit in the airplane that I could shoot with and if I could get this and then oh man can you imagine if I had a little shallower depth of me, I just you go down that whole rabbit Hole so just pull myself away from there and saying let’s, learn to one get comfortable in front of the camera and use myself as the character to tell stories.

Even if it’s, just sharing the experiences it’s, not necessarily like you know, my would never be scripted stories. It’s kind of like what happened today. Yeah yeah rule that I created for myself when I was starting was three out of ten quality.

It’s like whatever, whatever I picture is being done at the tent. For my current skill set yeah, you’re way over that to God, but just like notch. It way back so that way, when I go back and watch the most early videos, it’s, pretty painful yeah.

I feel the same way, but I swear. I watch yours and I’m like dang like how do you put out content more consistently than me and then like? The quality of your content, at least to my outside vision, is like way more well produced thought-out than mine, so I’m just sitting there like.

How do you have time to do that? I feel like this is just creator to create her stuff. That happens all the time, with the way that we think about our own work is always probably the most critical of any viewer.

Everyone’s, their own worst critics and that which we watch other people’s. Stuff we don’t have is, with your remove from the experience of actually of having to beta it all the emotions that went along with the baking of it are gone, so you just get to experience it.

You almost get too close to it. You know you’re, like for sure you’re, so micro on on all the little pieces that you’re, not looking at broad strokes anymore. Do you want to try flying Braille yeah, so input is so sensitive? I thought that’s kind of surprising to be out, but it responds immediately yeah yeah this thing because it’s.

All the of the plane is really nice. In that respect it’s. A very touchy, docile plane are you? Are you doing anything, or is this army that’s, all you so let’s, make another turn to the right.

Let’s just go to the lowest part that Canyon up there. So mellow turn so right. If I read something out, do grab yeah, let’s, pull back a little off the stick: okay, cuz, that’s; a sight picture thing, a little more back pressure there you go and love low yep.

That’s, so cool yeah that’s textbook dude, I didn’t. Do anything I’m flying a plane right now. This is so cool. What how high are we right now? It is it sixty. Four hundred feet – and I would guess the ground below us is probably at 4,000, we’re, probably 2500 up.

So let’s. Make a we’re gonna make a bigger left turn. We’re gonna get head back towards the airport, so left rudder, yep bounce it out on the stick, pull up yep that’s, plenty Steve, so my windsock is not showing much went at all, so it’s.

Just up here there’s, probably a layer that will go through that might be this around, or maybe we’re sitting in it yeah. I was both very excited for you, and also so envious when, when I realized that you had bought property that you put your own runway on, you’re gonna be building a house on out.

I was like man grants doing it. He’s, uh it’s. Sometimes still doesn’t feel real and it really isn’t real. Yet because I don’t have the hanger, so it’s like it’s, a novelty to land in my house.

It’s not like I’m actively flying from my house around. So there are power lines on approach. They’re, pretty much invisible, so you just try to stay higher. The other thing: if you hit those power lines, you’re actually below the runway.

So how steep this thing is can be deceiving. So, like the first time I came in, it actually was like whoa. There’s, a lot more to landing here than I anticipated, and there’s, often sink on this end of the runway.

That tries to put you into this hill right so yeah you’d read this was so cool man that’s, fun yeah! I’m, not gonna forget this day. Any time see it if you haven’t seen any of Trent stuff, I highly recommend watching it.

It’s like a scape ISM. For me like going out on these flying adventures with you and your buddies like I. I still wish that I was experiencing this on the daily, but I can through Trent’s. Videos yeah so make sure to go check out some stuff just because it’s, a lot of fun and you can say hi for me too in the comments, because that would be a nice thing to do.

But thanks for the Hat, oh yeah is this: it is this available. Like. Can people buy this hat yeah Jen Palmer common next time when I come by, is there gonna be a hanger or what’s? The depends on how long it takes you to come back by, but hopefully okay, but hopefully you don’t.

Take that long. I think that hanger will take longer than you’d, come back. It’d, come sooner than that. Okay, hopefully I make it further than 30 minutes down the road before my wheels explode. Yes, that would be ideal.

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