Police Indoor Drone Training

by Jose
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Indoor drone flying at an empty hospital that’s coming up next, hey everybody, David Plummer, here from . Thank you so much for checking out the channel. If you love drones and the ways they’re changing the world, you’ve, come to the right place.

Today we’re, taking you to Elgin Illinois, where we met up with our friends from the Elgin Department, Mathieu, Lovan and Kevin snow. They got permission to do some training inside the old Sherman hospital.

Now this was a hospital that was built in the late 1800s. It was added on to renovated. Eventually they tore down much of the structure, leaving one building left standing. It’s huge, but we got a chance to go inside there and do some indoor flying now.

We get asked all the time about drones for indoor flying, so we decided to bring the Mavic to duel. This is a smaller drone that actually has a thermal camera built into it. We put some prop guards on it and we tried flying that around the hospital.

It did okay flying indoors, but we did have a little mishap, but don’t worry everyone. The mavet to duel was okay, we fixed some props, got it back up flying. It was okay, but honestly, not a great drone for flying indoors, especially in small spaces.

If it’s, a warehouse or something like that, you’re. Probably okay with the Mavic to duel, but it’s a little too big, especially when you put the prop guards on it’s hard to go through doors.

It’s hard to go through windows. You get turned around you’re, not sure where you are, and then you end up backing into a wall which is exactly what happened and remember. The big thing with flying indoors is that you’re flying in a D mode.

You don’t have GPS, so it makes it a little more difficult to fly. So we love that drone, but probably not a great option for indoor flying now. On the other hand, we also brought a little too low. So this is the tiny little drone it’s cheap.

It’s like a hundred dollars, but it’s, a fun drone. It’s, really durable. It can bounce off walls. It can hit things it’s, not gonna be damaged aside from a proper tree once in a while, but for the value.

This is a great drone, especially for people just beginning to fly drones, but we thought this might be a good option for the for their purposes of indoor flying and in a lot of ways. We were right that ello did a great job going room to room going through doors going through windows going underneath floors.

You see Kevin snow there. He’s. Flying that drone. He’s got a lot of control. It’s, able to go through tight spaces; it does a really good job. Now. The one downfall of the Telo is that it is communicating with the drone completely through Wi-Fi.

So you’re, not gonna get a long ring. You’re gonna have to be close enough to the drone to keep communications. So this isn’t something you’re gonna be able to do from a long distance from outside the building and then fly it indoors because it’s.

Gon na have a hard time communicating. So we didn’t quite find that perfect drone. Yet, but we’re gonna keep looking. There are other options: they’re super expensive there’s, one that is completely encased in a cage.

It flies through bounces off walls is a great job, but it’s like $ 30,000, so we’re. Looking for something more affordable, we’re gonna stay on the hunt. We’re, even gonna look at some racing drones and see if that might be an option, if that gives you enough control inside a closed space.

So thanks to Mathieu, Logan and Kevin snow from the Elgin PD for having us out, we also wanted to say thanks to the folks at the IP WMA n, that is the Illinois. Public Works mutual aid network. It’s, a mouthful, but it’s.

A great organization, if you don’t know about them. These are the folks that, when there’s, a natural disaster in your community, when there’s flooding when there’s, an earthquake when anything goes wrong.

These are the folks that are there to help out to come to your communities, need when you need it, the most, so god forbid you ever have to run into these folks. But I promise you: when you do you’re gonna be happy that they were there.

They invited us to their annual conference to be speakers. We had a great time. It was a couple of days of Education. We answered a lot of questions and we asked a lot of questions of our own thanks, so much the folks at the IP WMA and for including us in this great event and finally, on Saturday November 9th.

We want you all to come out to Ariel influence for drones. 101. If you want to know how drones are changing the professional world, how they’re, changing agriculture, how it’s, changing search-and-rescue, how it’s.

Changing the public works sector, we want you to come on out. We’re gonna tell you what you need to know about becoming a professional drone pilot. We’re gonna show you all the different ways that drones are changing.

Your community now it does cost some money, but it includes a free telo drone. You guys are not gonna regret this. We hope to see you on November, the 9th we’ll, see you next time: [ Music, ]

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