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Hey everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and in today’s video, I’m gon na look at that guy. Everyone welcome back to the channel. If you are new here, welcome, i’m matt williams over here to help you and the channel is all about how to get our business from start up or very small business to experience in really good, hopefully exponential growth, so that we can make some money And change our lives, if you like the content that you see please subscribe to the channel. That really helps us out, don’t forget to like the video press, the dislike button twice, if you don’t like the video and please let us know in the comments, if you want to know anything else or if this video has been helpful, if you’ve got any thoughts On it, please let us know below so that we can all benefit from it.

So, moving on to today’s content, a couple of weeks ago, I was at an event and I’ll redact the event I was at and I’ll redact the situation, probably in case whoever it was, is out there watching the video, because it may be obvious that it’s you And if it is you, please don’t be offended by this. This is genuinely meant as a way to help you and to guide you now. I was at an event a couple of weeks ago and there was a guy there. Okay and you can replace that with girl or whoever you wanted to, and they are the typical. This person was the typical operator.

They got a van that was signed written and it looked okay. You know it was all cool, it was all there. It’S like yep cool good, a little bit of marketing there a little bit of advertising, I suppose for free once it’s paid for so that’s good. You got that part right. Then I got talking to this person and they didn’t know who I was obviously which was fine.


That was good and they told me what they did and they own a drone. Business they’ve done it for three years, but they quite happily told me there and then that they were making no money yet and they you know we’re just getting by and they weren’t sure how to do things and okay well one. Why are you telling me this? I could be a potential prospect for you, you don’t know me, I might be looking for a drone footage. I might be looking for aerial footage or surveys or 3d mapping.

You know all this stuff was on the side of their van. Why put me off as a potential prospect when you should really be trying to sell your business every opportunity trying to network trying to find them on LinkedIn trying to ask who they are, what they do, how they do things and before we asked who I was And what I did he launched into this spiel about oh yeah, I’ve got these drones and blah blah blah, and you know: okay, that’s cool, I said so, what’s your offer and again, if you’ve not heard me talk about this, there is a video I’ll put a Link to it on the screen now there is a video that you can go back and look about about building your offer, and I said so. What do you offer people? The news like well look at the writing on the van okay cool, so you do loads of different stuff. Then wow, you must have loads of people.

You must have loads of equipment. He said no! No, it’s just me mate. Oh okay, cool it. So I’ve just got a couple of drones and a few cameras and stuff you know just buying buying new toys all the time.

That’S how I referred to it. I’M thinking man, you just you’re just missing the opportunities here, so you’ve got kind of the basics right, but you’re missing this whole opportunity to sell yourself to someone. So there’s a couple of things. I think that we need to take away from this. First of all, when I said, what’s your offer, the chap said we’ll look on the side of the van okay find no problem.

I can see what it is that you do which isn’t your offer, but I can see what it is that you do and then said. Okay, so I can see what you do, but what do you? What do you offer? What is your offer and is like? Well, I’ve got an inspire I’ve got.

You know these cameras for it and these lenses for it and blah blah blah, and it’s like okay, what what does that mean like what? What does all that mean what those numbers mean? How what do you do? What do you offer me? It’S like?

Well, I mean I’ve got all this amazing kit. You know I’ve got all the toys and I spend all my money on, but I knew stuff when it comes out and it’s like okay cool, so you’ve got all the new. Your stuff, that’s awesome! What do you do with it? What do you offer so again, if you haven’t seen this, what you offer is very much different than how you sell yourself and and really the equipment that you’ve got okay, so there’s a couple of things.

First of all, work out your pitch have a 30-second pitch about what it is that you offer people what service you deliver then have a five-minute version of that as well, because if someone then goes off okay, that’s really interesting! That’S what your 30-second should do. It should drag them in and get them going. Wow that sounds really cool. Tell me more about it and you’ve got them.

That is marketing done. You are you’ve captured that audience. You’Ve attracted them to you now you can start nurturing them, seeing if they’re actually interested in what you do so for us in the training world, for example, our 10-second pitch, is we help people build profitable businesses with drones worldwide and then, if people go okay, wow, What does that involve? How do you do that? We then have a five-minute version of that that we can talk to people about and it gets them going and we we go into a little bit of the detail, but here’s the thing: don’t baffle people, okay.

This is one of the things we’re particularly the drone industry, we’re bad for. We go straight into technical jargon. I’Ve got an inspire one with an x5 s. I’Ve got an inspire 2 with an X 7 under v 45 mil lens and F 2.8.

This and big batteries this and that isn’t what generally people want to hear. They want to hear what it is you do and how you do it and how cool it is and ultimately how it can solve a problem for them. So before you get to a point where you might have an opportunity to engage with someone about this, have a think about your pitch come up with a 10 second pitch. We help people build profitable businesses with drones, whatever it is that you do and then have a 5 minute version of that as well. Ok and then the other thing is never miss an opportunity so once you’ve got them in through your pitch have an offer that you could make available to someone.

Don’T just jump straight in and say I can come film. Your wedding mate or I can come. Do some pictures of your business, for you have an offer for them? That’S like well yeah. This is what we do.

If you are interested, I can give you a card. Here’S my LinkedIn address. You know check us out. What’S yours is actually a better way to do that? What’S your LinkedIn, because then you can add them rather than giving them a card and hoping that they add you and then you can start to engage with them and potentially offer them.

Something so don’t be that or that . Okay, there are so many people out there who just have a just have a vehicle sign written if you’re lucky enough to have been able to do that. Lots of people have the same gear nowadays. Most people we see you’ve got my to some havoc to pros. There are some people that we see without equipment who make a fortune from it, because their offer is right.

The way they sell themselves is correct. There are some people who don’t make any money from it. Please don’t be in that group, don’t be part of that statistic. Think about it and all it takes is sit down for half an hour. Think about your short pitch and your medium pitch and then think about what you can offer to people.

Don’T just be negative and spending your time thinking. Well, I can’t make any money at this: there’s no money and it no one’s buying my services. If someone isn’t buying your services, if people aren’t interested in what you’re doing then there’s normally one of two or three things, which is wrong. The first one is your the way that you capture people, the second one is the story that you use to sell to them, and then the third one is the offer and if we find a problem in someone’s business, if we look at those three things, it Is always one or two or three of those three things which is wrong once we can correct those, and we can give them a great way to drag people in and attract people, we can give them a great story to be able to tell people. This is what we did.

This is how we go from here to here, or this is how we take other customers from this place to where you want to be. This is how we help them, and this is our offer, and this is how we can help you once you get those three things right, you’ll find that you get a lot of business and it’s sustainable business and you can make lots of money. I hope that’s been useful, guys again. Another short insight really another little story that we came across and the learning points from it. You should be looking for these opportunities all the time if you did like the video, please, as I said, smash that, like button, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel press the bell button next to the subscriber icon to stay up to date with everything.

If you didn’t like it, press that thumbs down button twice, I’ve been Matt Williams fly safe and blue skies.

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