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by Jose
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Hey everybody: this is mark of north stereo, so today I’m going to talk about, as you saw last time in the last video that I posted up. I did a video on the new drone that I bought so DJI phantom 2 plus 3.

0. Fantastic love it. The video, is phenomenal. It’s, just it’s. Great, I’ve, been really really happy with it. So you know my goal was, I said on the video was to get it and be able to shoot true video for real estate.

I’m a real estate agent as well. You know I can shoot it from a plane, but it’s. It’s, so much nicer to be able to do it with the with the drone. You can get tighter shots. You can do a lot of cool. You know cinematic things with the you know, flying around the property and it’s.

Just really neat, so you know I thought that it’s. Just you know that’s. What I want to use it for that’s, why I bought it so I went out and bought this and unfortunately, I didn’t really start thinking about anything outside of you know.

As far as regulations were concerned, they could cook, you know, could come into play with this until after I bought it. So you know I want to go out and shoot some video, and I got to thinking you know, especially as a pilot.

I’m, a commercial ready to pilot it, so I’m like well. Let me just call the FAA and see you know kind of where we’re at with the drone stuff or the regulations that I need to be careful of. You know I’m commercial rate, a pilot, so they can’t, be anything you know around that it ‘

S got to be just you know. Worst-Case scenario I’d. Have to you know I don’t know, put an entry in my logbook. I don’t know what you do so that’s. What I was thinking anyway, I mean you know: I got 4,500 hours, you know multi rated, you know commercial instrument, CF Fazio double I so I’ve, been around airplanes, been flying for 15 years now.

So I was like you know. We’re just talking about this little thing here. I’m. Just gonna do fly this around taking pictures of people’s houses, so you know not a big deal, so I call it the FAA and I’m in North Carolina, so I call it the Charlotte Fisto for non aviation, guys That fist, a flight standard district office, you’re gonna – have him around usually be wondering the bigger cities around your state, like we have one and Charlotte Greensboro drizzle Murali, so they basically just you know that’s kind of your Go-To point: if you live in that region to get information about, you know, regulations or you know, noise problems, or things like that.

So I called up the the FAA and you know, had some correspondence with a person at the Charlotte phys though, and she was fantastic. I mean really helpful, you know kind of explained, you know what needs to be done where they’re at with the whole process, told me had to apply for an exemption for commercial use.

What yeah! So you, in order to use these for commercial use, you can’t just buy one and go fly it around. So what you have to do is you have to apply for a commercial exemption? What does that mean? Well, we’re gonna get into that as far as the relations are concerned, so I told the lady – and you know I’m like okay.

I understand you know somebody’s. Not are not a pilot, you know they should have some kind of training. I mean you know as a pilot. We know the air space system, we know where the airports are at. We have an understanding of you know the whole system how everything works there’s, a non-pilot.

I understand you know. People wouldn’t understand the airspace, how that works, the weather limitations. You know so classes to become familiar with that. Not a bad idea, you know maybe do some kind of little could be online certification or something at least so everybody’s, getting the training in so I said, surely you know, since I’m, a commercial rated current pilot, you know, I shouldn’t need to do that and she’s like well.

To be honest with you, I don’t know I you know honestly. The only way I know to do it is with the exemption, but let me give you let me put you in contact with somebody else. That may be able answer for you.

I said okay, so I called this other person who’s very familiar. Another FAA person very familiar with the UA. They call him UAS as drones, and you know I talked to him about my situation. What I’m looking to do you know I’m just using it for pictures.

My own pictures I’m, not even starting to businesses, taking pictures for other people. I just wanted for my list. Things were a two-pilot. He says well that’s fantastic. You know it’s, awesome to your commercial rated pilot.

You understand the system. How all that works. All you have to do is apply for your exemption. You’re good to go. I said seriously, you know commercial rated pilot Ike moving an airplane six people could pay me to fly them around and you know I can fly them across the country, but you’re telling me that in order to fly this thing and take pictures, I have to have an exemption.

He says unfortunately, yes, awesome, so that’s, where this whole thing started. So what the purpose of this video is. First, I’m gonna rant for a while. I thought I’ll. Pissed off, I am about the whole situation with the drones, then, after that I’m gonna go through the process of, and talk a little bit about how to get your exemption.

If you want to get an exemption for commercial use, how you go about doing that, then a probably around a little bit more and I’m, going to go through some stuff from some exemptions that have been put out that other people have applied.

For and got and at that point you know, I might fall off the wagon and really start ranting once you hear some of the requirements that they’re requiring you in order to to pilot this thing for commercial use so and keep in mind This is only for commercial use.

You want to go fly this thing around your yard crash in your neighbor’s house. You know they’ll be pissed, but you’re, not breaking any FAA regulations. As long as you’re using it for hobby use, I don’t care.

What you do, keep it under 400 feet and go fly it around. So this is only for commercial use, so you want to make money doing this or you want to use it further instead of the business. This is what the video is for all right, so you know they told me I got to do the I got to do the exemption, so you know, and he was saying that he’s like you’ve worked awful hard for Your pilot certificates, you wouldn’t, want to put them at risk and a comment cut took me back and I said no, what do you mean? He said? Well, if you’re, not a pilot, and you’re out flying one of these around and you get caught, you know for commercial use should up to $ 10,000 fine.

However, if you are a rated pilot, you can be subjected the same $ 10,000 fine, but you can also for flying this thing. You’re gonna see me do this a lot today, just to keep this into perspective for anybody in the government that’s out there watching.

This is what we’re. Talking about. You can have your certificates put in jeopardy. Now he didn’t say you know they can be your suspended revoked. He just said he just said your certificates can be put in jeopardy by flying that for commercial use without the exemption.

So obviously it’s not been tested in court yet, but I can assure you I’m, not gonna, be the first one to try it. So if some of you guys you’ve got a aviation attorney buddy and you’re feeling spunky have at it try to set the precedent for the rest of us, so that would be.

That would be great, but so I decided, after talking to you, know the the different FAA people and, let me say it, the fa people were, they were all super helpful. You know you’re gonna hear me rant about what’s going on with this.

It’s more about the situation. Their hands are tied as far as what they’re allowed to do. They can’t just make up stuff. You know they have to go by the regulations that are written. They can’t just make it up as they go, even though that would probably make more sense um in the situation.

We’re in right now, but they have to follow the regulations, so they have to get the drone to fit into. You know, basically the box that they’ve already created for all the other. You know, balloons and airplanes and all that stuff, so we kind of get roped into that and that whole thing, so their hands are pretty much tied and, like a like, I said, I know there’s, a couple people working on the exemptions and My understand there’s only a couple people in DC that are going through all these exemptions.

I’m sure they’re overwhelmed. All the people that I that I talk to you. You know they sent me how to instructional things of how to go through and apply for this I mean super helpful. You know if I had any questions, so I’m.

Not I’m, not beating up on the FAA here at a kind of the ground level. Now the upper level, the guys are in charge of FA come on out so, but all the I talked to an SI, were you know, Charlotte fizzed? It was so helpful, they’re, really nice and they’re.

Like you know, if you find out anything else, let us know it’s like it’s so new and it’s. Changing so much and you know every every exemption – that’s – put out that’s, a little bit of precedent. You know for everybody else, so you know they were like you know.

If you hear anything new or find anything new. Let us know we’d, be we’d love to hear about it, so so, as a good pilot, I set out to do this the right way so I went through and they were nice enough to send me a and let Me say the process for the first few people.

The process would have been daunting. You know pretty much attorney involved. It’s a whole big deal. Basically, what I was told to do is look at the exemptions and I ‘ Ll. Put the link in the descriptions for where to find the exemptions I’ll, put a link to all the information as far as how to apply where to go where to see what exemptions are pending.

What have been approved, all that sort of stuff. So basically, what I was told to do is go through finding exemption that’s, been approved and kind of make it your own. So I went through found one that looked like.

I was you know, kind of what I wanted to do, which is the real estate stuff. I went through and kind of made it my own. You know change stuff around change it for the altitude that I want to fly the length of time.

The area that I was in my personal background will pilot, so I put that in there as well, because you know you kind of asked for a bunch of stuff and they kind of give you what they can within within reasons, so that’s.

What I did so I went through submitted everything you know you can do it in a few hours. If you were feeling really spunky, you know you can go ahead and just just bust it out. You know, so you’re, submitting the whole exemption.

You’re, submitting most of the guys that I I’ve, read through a ton of them most of the exemptions they submit the owner’s manual for the drone. They submit basically a kind of a made-up pilot operations manual and some other stuff about how they’re gonna operate it some emergency procedures.

Things like that. You know it basically lays out you’re, basically telling the FAA here’s. How I’m, not gonna hurt other people that’s, what they care about so so I went ahead and submitted all that stuff and I’m waiting on that.

How long am I gonna be waiting? Well, that’s. Another problem, we’re, looking at four to six months, not even kidding, so it is February 24th today. So I’m, looking best-case scenario June, worst-case scenario.

Who knows so the first one of the first ones. I was Doug Trudeau out to album Tucson Arizona that’s submitted awesome. I don’t, know the guy, but you know kudos to you. Man, you went out and you know did something.

He got a got, an exemption. You know and basically set the groundwork for all this other stuff that we’re. Trying to do and little guys like me that are trying to do the same thing, so you definitely made our life a lot easier.

So you know I went out and you know pulled up and Dodos one of the first guys like I said that applied for an exemption. I think he originally applied back in July of last year July of 2014. He was just approved in January.

I had this exemption pulled up here, just for reference, so he applied in July of 2014 and I can’t find the approved date on here quickly, but I think it was approved in December or January. So it took him a good six months and he was one of the first guys to do it.

There been some video companies and stuff that had done it. You know for close-set, videoing and stuff, but he was really the first guy that kind of went out there, and I want to do this for real estate or some other kind of you know surveying or you know there’s been as of right.

Now, as of when I looked a little bit ago, they’ve, been 33 exemptions granted when I looked mid-january so a month ago, ever been 16 granted, so we pretty much doubled the amount in a month, so it took them.

You know six seven months to get the first 16 granted and now they’ve granted 16 in a month. The last time I looked, there were two to three hundred exemptions that or have been applied for so you can see.

Even at that pace we’re. Looking at quite a while. So I’m, hoping there’s. Gon na be something in there that’s gonna speed that process up. So I was told minimum of four to six months. So you know I went ahead, submitted my paperwork, and so now I ‘

Ve got this great drone that I’m flying around my house for fun. So with that being said, you know I kind of what kind of walk you through about what the exemption means and what you can do with it so and for commercial use.

You know, like I said flight around your house hobby used to do whatever you want commercially use in furtherance of a business. You’re, trying to make money with it. You have to apply for the exemption so when applying for the exemption in the exemption, it’s, a it’s, a section 333 exemption.

It’s. Basically, a petition that you’re. Putting in to exclude yourself are your operations from certain Federal Aviation Regulations, so I’m gonna go down through and I’ll kind of you know kind of go through some of the regulations that we want to be exempt from, And then I’m gonna go through the exemptions that they granted so and I’ve got this pull up here, so you know they’re trying to get out of the you know, being a private pilot in Order to fly it, you know 91.

7, which is you know it being in an air worthy condition. You know not really sure how you determine if it’s in here, where the condition other than is it working it’s not like we can take it apart and look inside of it.

You know 91 103 Bruce familiar with the runway links at airports. I’m intending use. We’re, not flying to airports. So you know these are just things. These are FAA regulations that you know you say I’m, not gonna be able to comply with or they don’t apply to the situation that I’m in so you know whole bunch of them here.

Most of them, you know in number, you know trying to get get output and number on it’s requiring a six month or a six inch in number. So there’s, a whole bunch of things here. You know it’s, you know trying to get out of you know, keeping the record, you know, basically the logbook for it.

Some of that stuff makes sense, and I understand keep in mind. You know, I understand the need for regulation and when it comes to commercial use, I understand the need for safety as a pilot. You know it’s super important to me, but we’re gonna get into what the FAA has granted.

As far as any exemptions – and I’m gonna try to stay calm, but it’s. Not gonna work, I’m, telling you right now, the first time I read these, I almost fell over and the first time somebody told to me I thought they were joking.

I was like we’re them. I’m, being Punk’d, hey what’s going on here, I was like you got ta, be kidding me all right, so we’ll, go down through and talk about the exemptions here. Some of the other stuff that this person applied for he want to keep it under 300 feet.

I actually changed that in mind. You can use them up to 400 feet, so I put 400 feet in mind. The software limit tree to 400 feet with the DJ eyes, so I did that as well. He had three to seven minutes flight time.

You get about thirty minutes out of these, so I put, I think, fifteen to twenty minutes. You know give myself plenty of plenty of window in there, because you know you don’t wan na run it out the battery, and you have to come back all the time.

So visual line of sight things like that. So all right. So I’m gonna scroll down here and I’m gonna. Take you through what it takes to be a UAS pilot or a drone pilot for commercial use. So I’m, a commercial pilot.

I thought you know no big deal right, so I’m, going down to the FAA decision portion all right. You guys ready for this. Hopefully you have a drink in hand. Relax. You will yoga chilled out. You found your Chi all right here.

We go so . Mot may not be flown faster than indicator speed of 30 knots, so you know 33 34 miles an hour. I don’t know if we’ll go that fast, but not a big deal right. I I don’t know how indicated airspeed I’m.

Guessing what I see on my phone, I’m flying it and if I don’t have my phone up there. I guess I don’t how I determine how fast it’s going, but anyway, all right so and this person applied for a maximum althrough to 300 feet which is granted.

So you know they granted no more than 300 feet AGL, which is above ground, which makes sense so all right, so you a must be operated within visual line of sight of the piloting command at all times. Okay, I mean that you know that makes sense.

This requires the pilot in command to be able to use human vision unaided by any device other than corrective lenses on the FAA issued Airmen medical certificate. So I did say, medical certificate. Keep that in mind all right.

So here’s where it gets all kinds of stupid so, like I said, the ground level guys at the FAA are doing the best they can with what they had to work with. But I mean somebody’s got to frickin. Do something this is ridiculous! All right so, like I said here’s, where it just gets all kinds of stupid all right.

So now I’ve, went out and purchased this little guy. It’s, two pound UAS or drone a little camera hanging on the bottom of it pretty fancy. You know I fly, you know bigger planes around, but you know I got my exemption for this, so I applied for my exemption.

Let’s, let’s. Just say I got it so the FAA was, you know they they christened me and say I can go fly this thing so now. What do I need to do so? I can’t. Go fast from 30 knots make sense, try to keep it in line of sight.

Let me be childish, sometimes just white. Maybe if I painted a different color, my Geezer. Okay, no big deal all right. So let’s, see what’s. This next one all operations must utilize a visual observer, visual observer.

You a must be operated within visual line of sight of the visual observer. At all times, visual observer may be used to satisfy visual line of sight requirement. As long as pee, I see always maintains visual line of sight capability, visual observer and pee, I see must communicate verbally at all times.

The pee I see must be designated before the flight and cannot transfer his or her controls during the flight. Tea, I see must ensure that the visual observer can perform the functions as prescribed in these documents.

All right, I can go out and get in a twin-engine airplane. I can stuff six people on it. They can pay me money. I can fly in Miami. I, however, cannot go out in somebody’s yard. Take this thing off: take a picture of their house without having my crew in place, my crew is a person flying it who cannot transfer the controls and a visual observer who has to watch me fly it because, apparently, I’m doing something else.

Then, actually watching up and flying this thing, I can fly single. You know I can fly twin engine airplane with six people on it to Miami all by myself. No big deal can ‘ T fly this by myself. Alright, so we’re.

Going out through a few other things here, so you must operated per the operating documents, make sense prior to each flight. The pse must inspect the UAS to ensure conditions, safer flight make sure pieces aren’t falling off.

That kind of makes sense. I mean I’m, not a a UAS mechanic, but you know I guess I could see it just fall off of it, so any maintenance alterations that affect the UAS operation or flight characteristics or replacement of critical flight component, most undergrow functional flight tests.

So you put a new prop on it and you fly it around and make sure it’s. Finally break off. I guess that’s, you know what else you do so. The picu conducts the functional flight test must make an entry in the aircraft record aircraft records.

So now I had a logbook for this. So let’s, go through the list real quick again. So now I’ve got somebody flying it got somebody watching. Somebody fly it and I ‘ Ll set a log. Look for this. Okay, let’s.

Keep this list going alright. So we do a pre-flight inspection, make sure nothing’s falling off of it. It makes perfect sense to me all right: maintenance carry out maintenance inspections, manufacturers.

You must comply with manufacturers safety bulletins. So I’m, assuming he doesn’t specify, but I’m. Assuming that would be you know if you had a software updates things like that, no deal, it makes sense.

So any corrective actions you must make you’ve got your aircraft logbook, so you must make an entry in the log book now for corrective actions. You take them with any discrepancies. You find so I don’t know.

If the sticker comes off, you put a new one on. You got to do that. I’m, not sure if, if I take off the SD card, if I got it, if I have to do a an entry on that, I’m, not really sure on that one. Alright, so I mentioned that the visual observer is where it started to get all kinds of stupid.

So now we just went clear to a whole another level. So all you folks out there that are watching this, that are not pilots. I have some bad news for you, because now your flight crew, to fly your drone to take a picture of somebody’s house just got a little bit bigger.

So here we go. Uas operations must be conducted by an API seed, Pyland command possessing at least a private pilot certificate. You heard me right: you must be a private pilot to fly this thing for money, alright, so private pilot, you know let’s say I was a pilot back in the 80s.

I’m flown in a long time. Pilot civics don’t expire, like driver’s, license expires after 10 years or whatever pie. Specifics are always good. You know what she burned it and you ‘ Ve earned it now.

You have to do recurrency stuff every two years. You have to do a flight review, but once you’ve earned it. You’re good to go so you know I would say as long as it would make sense. You know, even if is crazy, as it seems about being a pilot to fly this thing.

As long as somebody has been a pilot, they’ve. Had that training it’s, not like it leaves you. You know I get a little fuzzy, but so let’s, keep reading them all right, at least a private pilot certificate, which i think is ridiculous, but you know then it goes to the next line and at least a third class medical.

Ok. Now the aviation guys that are watching this and girls are gonna understand what I’m. Talking about you, non-aviation people will probably won ‘ T understand what I’m talking about, but I’m gonna rant about it anyway.

Ok, so keep mine. I’m gonna bring this up a lot. This is water flying. So I have to have a third class medical to fly this now. Those of you are familiar with sport pilot certificate. Sport pilot certificate is a certificate where you can fly smaller aircraft to passenger aircraft.

There’s, limitations on horsepower, speed and weight, but you can put yourself in another person and fly it around and you don’t have to have a medical. They they consider the driver’s, license sufficient for a medical.

So if you have a valid driver’s license, you can use that luffa medical not to fly this, though, if you’re gonna be flying this bad boy, you’re gonna have a third class medical. That’s, that just that’s; the way it’s gonna be that’s, perfect! Alright! So now I ‘

Ve got my private pilot certificate. I’ve got my third class medical, but I haven’t flown in a couple years. You know I’m. Like I don’t, I just a lot of stuff going on, but I’m sure they can fly this drone.

The P I see must also meet the flight review requirements of 61 56 and in the aircraft which the P IC is rated on his or her pilot’s ticket. So now, once again to fly this, I’m, a private pilot. The third at least the third class medical and I’ve, had a flight review and aircraft that I’m certified in to fly this.

I can’t even fly by myself, guys somebody watching you fly airplane by myself, not this one, alright! So so now I ‘ Ve got all that done. I’m red goo. Now I’m, a private pilot I went out and spent $ 7,000 get my private pilot certificate.

It’s like a fly, my and take pictures. You know my buddy’s. Gon na watch me take pictures and you’re gonna stand beside me. I’ve yeah. I’m ready to go. Let’s. Let’s. Do this? Let’s. Make some money taking pictures of stuff, so I get to the next line here.

The phd must have accumulated and logged in a manner consistent with 6151, the FA RS a minimum of 25 hours, total time in a u.s. rotorcraft, including at least 10 hours logged. As a UAS pilot in a multi rotor at UAS, alright, so now we’ve, determined that, even though I’m a pilot and take me, for instance, I’ve got 4,500 hours.

I’ve flown no doesn’t. Quite three dollars ever comes aircraft. I can ‘ T fly this freakin plastic thing until I have 25 hours 25 hours it’s, that’s; 50 recharges. That’s 50 recharges. On this thing I mean, if I fly it an hour a day, it’s.

Gon na take me a month to be able to fly this thing. Are you serious right now, 10 hours? So, even if I had 100 hours in a different one of these deals, I got ta have 10 hours in a multi one, because obviously, that’s, important all right.

So I’ve done that and I’ve. I’ve logged the required time, because, obviously you must log it so now I ‘ Ve got my 25 hours in my my UAS there all right! So surely that’s got to be the end of the stupidness P.

I see must have accumulated and logged in a manner consistent with 6151, a minimum of five hours in the make and model of UAS five hours. Making model time may be included in the 10 hours of multi-rotor time prescribed above P.

I see must accomplish three takeoffs and landings in the preceding 90 days. You guys that are familiar with DJI. This thing will take off and land its take off the land itself, so you can sit in a GPS course.

It’ll. Take off fly around and come back and land itself, but in order to fly it for commercial purposes, you must have, and you’re gonna have to log it cuz. You got to be able to prove it three takeoffs and landings in this thing, so you ‘

Ve got twenty five hours in this thing, our 25 hours total in the UAS, but not to be in this for just ten hours in this one. You see I’m, a little frustrated, three of which are three takeoffs. Elena’s last 90 days ago.

Okay, so we ‘ Ve got to be ready to fly this thing now, um, alright, so let’s. Look down see if any about anything else here is gonna. Surely we got to be we I’d, be ready apply, so you can’t operate within five miles of an airport makes sense, you know have basically says, has things in place for emergency procedure? So, okay, so let’s, go through the whole list of what we’ve done here.

So we’ve applied for the exemption. We’ve, waited say six months, we’ve got our exemption, so we realized that now we have to a flight crew. So I’m, not a pilot, so I hired a pilot Private Pilot. I’ve got a visual observer.

I guess I could be the visual observer um. So either way you got a crew right. We got two people that screw so I ‘ Ve got a crew, so we are. We’re ready to go so my private pilot he has went out and he has spent two months flying this thing because he can’t fly it every day.

He ‘ S got other stuff going on, so he flies. This thing you know half hour a day for two months, so now he is, he’s officially great to go in that these guys, three takeoffs landings in ninety days.

He’s, got his 25 hours of time in his UAS. Ten of witches and a multi, so you know he’s spent a couple months doing that, so he’s. He’s, pretty well ready to go with that. He’s, got third class medical, which you know you’ve got to have the third class medical, which makes a lot of sense.

You know so you know he ‘ S got his flight review in so we’re ready to go um. I think I think you know we’re, pretty much pretty much ready to go with this see if there’s, anything else that might affect us here.

What’s this one? The operator must obtain an air traffic Organization issued certificate of waiver or authorization prior to conducting any operations under this grant of exemption. The CoA or certificate of what of authorization will also require the operator to request a notice to Airmen for nodal, not more than 72 hours in advance, but not less than 48 hours prior to operation.

Okay, I’m limited, and this exemption to 300 feet it can’t, go faster than 30 knots for the exemption. I’ve got a pilot flying it, who’s, actually a pilot. He’s, got 25 hours minimum in a UAS, ten of which is in this thing.

He’s, got a third class medical, a flight review. He’s, got an observer not using binoculars to watch it’s. Two people watching this and you still have to let the FA know, and they still have to issue you a certificate of authorization or waiver be able to fly.

This thing, the stupidity that is wrapped up in this whole situation right now, is just mind-boggling. It’s, absolutely mind-boggling. Then you have to apply for an Odom, so that means all for all of us pilots.

Every time you pull up your iPad and look at the map and they’re gonna see 500 no domes of stupid. Little UAS is flying around because they have to have no domes okay. So, oh, you also have to put an end on it by the way, but it only has to be as large as practical so that’s.

Okay um! I guess all right, so we’re good to go. So we know that you know FA David. This we got to get you got to get them to okay, each flight. We have to apply at least two days in advance. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

Then, if not, you’ll reapply two days in advance kind of go from there. So here was the last thing that I read so at this point I was you know, as you can tell even read redoing this I was frustrated.

So as a pilot, you know one of the big things that we were all about a safety. You know it’s important to us. We train a lot for safety accidents do happen, but we really push hard to learn as much as we can and B’s, but be the best we can right.

So it says any accident incident or flight operation that transgresses the lateral or vertical boundaries of the operational area is defined by the applicable coa or certificate of authorization must be reported to the FAS UAS integration office within 24 hours.

So I’m, not sure what the funds instant inter accident. My guess is, if I knock this thing over and the props at the ground is that an incident? I have no idea, but I got to report it. Apparently, the thing that makes me spasm is the next line.

Accidents must be reported to the National Transportation Safety Board per instructions on the NTSB . Okay, so I don’t know whether they’re intending to use the things that in an airplane, specify incident an accident or if it’s.

Like I crash this thing, that’s, totaled does that constitute an accident does an airplane it does so. Does that mean that if I crash this thing or if it falls out of the sky, one of the props quits working, it falls out of sky? I’m reporting.

This the NTSB is an accident. Are you kidding me? It’s, a freaking two-pound plastic drone and I have to report this to the NTSB. Do you guys not see the stupidity in this? It is absolutely it’s, so frustrating, and so now, as a pilot, I’m.

Looking back so on every insurance certificate that I fill out as a pilot for a new aircraft, they asked me: do I have any incidents or accidents, so am I gonna have to put that. I have an accident. This thing falls all the sky or, if I crashed into a tree, I want to put on there that I have an accident now on my record, because I crashed a drone, a UAS it’s, just it’s, so frustrating so That’s kind of the exemption.

So basically this situation, like I said the FA – is doing the best they can at the lower level at the upper level. I have no holds barred get to work on this. This is ridiculous. You know you got caught by an industry that popped up out of nowhere.

I understand that, but it’s been out for a few years now, and somebody should have the foresight to say: hey. Maybe people are gonna start utilizing this and doing something. Maybe we should get in front of this, but nobody did so now.

We’re in this position. Where you know we ‘ Ve got hundreds of people across the country flying these things illegally for business, flying them into airplane or towards airplanes. Look what we haven’t had an accident that I know of yet and when you do officially get an exemption, you really can’t.

Hardly do it, because you have to have a pilot. I’m lucky enough that I am a pilot, but you have to have a private pilot. So if you don’t know private Pyle, I’m, not sure what you do. They have to have 25 hours.

So, even if you find a buddy that’s got this, he ‘ S, got to go, fly it around for two months. Before he can’t even use it. Then you got standing or washing to it. He’s got to have his medical, his come on guys I mean this.

Is it’s? February 20. 2015. This isn’t rocket science. This isn’t. I mean model aircraft have been out for years. You know they’ve been flying model aircraft for years. Now you get one that somebody sticks a camera on and you don’t know what to do with it.

I mean seriously, you know let’s. Get on this. Let’s. Do something about this. I hope somebody sees this video and you know I hope it gets some airtime. You know share this video put it out there. I know it’s long, but let’s get some traction on this and I think if we can get some traction on this, we can really get some people.

You know moving forward and doing something about this, so we can actually take advantage of these things. I mean there’s, so many great opportunities to be able to utilize this thing and we just can’t.

Do it – and you know it’s because the FAA is tied, which you know ties us down, so you know share this like this video do whatever you can to push this, make your own videos. I don’t care. What you do write your Congressman call the FAA, you know if you’re, you know, write notes to their letters.

The editor I mean, whatever you can do, you know call eight or EAA, you know and let’s start pushing to get something out there to get this fixed. You know there’s, no reason that we should have all these regulations to to oversee.

You know a two pound little plastic thing that I want to fly on my yard and take pictures of people’s; houses, alright, guys thanks for listening the rant. Sorry, it was so long, but this is you know something I’m.

Very passionate about, as far as you know, a new industry, and I think it’s, important that we all kind of band together and pilots are not. You know if you’re flying these things, you’re. Basically, a pilot too, so it’s, all kind of band together and see if we can’t get something done with this.

That makes more sense, and I appreciate you guys and be safe out there.

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