PERFECT beginner Drone Training kit + DRONE = Eachine q90c review

by Jose
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You’ve, seen some of the FBI racing videos on YouTube. You want to get the Hobby, but you think gee I don’t have the skills. You know. How hard is that I’m, not sure. If I can do that, fear, not because this little bad boy right here is one of the best training tools in the business today to hear from your futures and today, well, I’ve got something pretty exciting, then I think it’S gonna be really good for a hobby.

It’s, gonna get a lot of people flying and into fpv racing. So what I have here this is a Shane’s q90 and it’s very similar to the little like mini pepper or drunk bell pepper. I’ll, leave a link up here to go watch that, but what this is in this little kit, you get everything to actually get started with some fpv action and what we’ve got you’ve got the it’s, a 2’s.

Micro drone as well. You’ve got your radio and you ‘ Ve also got your fpv goggles. So this entire kit, you can actually have a real fpv experience and have some fun and find out. Is this hobby going to be right for you and even better? You know this thing: it’s rocking beta flight, which is like the program that we use and also you can even hook up this radio to your computer and practice on some of the sims.

So when you want to get into the real serious end of the stuff, so what we’re gonna do when is to get on the band’s, break it down, go through all the components. Show you how the goggle is. The drone and the radio all sort of works we’ll fly it around show you guys some DVR footage of what it’s actually like and then also I’ll.

Show you how to hook up the radio. So you can practice it on the sim and get working on those drone skills. All right, let’s. Do it alrighty now, here’s, a little fpv drone are right here in atlanta. It’s.

Looking pretty much like a frog, actually, I think that’s. It’s, nicknamed the Frog, the q90, and you can see it’s got some brush motors on the outside. We’re, going to very quickly. Go through some of the components that’s got its brush motors on the outside it’s, got some little.

Try props right there and brush motors. They’re, not the most powerful. But look for this thing. It’s, gonna be absolutely fine, but they do wear out eventually. So don’t expect this drawing to be lasting forever because they’re a little bit less durable than some of our brushless motors.

It is on a 2s, so it should have plenty of power when you’re flying around indoors and stuff, like that left, I tested that outdoors. I’m, not going to be too sure I have put on these little bumpers, so they come.

You can simply install them by taking the prop off use this little tool and they slide over the top of the motors and that’s, going to be grateful when you’re flying around inside. You might want to be your.

It might be a little bit worried about bumping into the TV or hurting somebody. This thing it’s, going to be make it very, very safe because those keeping those props away from hitting anything also kind of make it so it doesn’t crash as much as well.

Well, let’s. Stick it on the scales, how find out how much it weighs so this little toy drones coming in about 47 grams, so very, very light. Shouldn’t be doing any damage whatsoever. If you can see it’s, not carbon fiber.

It’s, all just plastic, I guess it’s, not a I wouldn’t want to be dropping it on concrete or anything like that, but I do think it’s, going to be fine for a Little purpose of you know just just experiencing this flying around the house.

You can see we ‘ Ve got a little fpv camera at the front. It’s, not on an angle. So I don’t expect this thing to be going crazy, fast or anything like that. I would like it if it had a little bit of upper tilt and then in the middle, this is actually pretty cool.

We’ve, got a little bita flight controller, so you can hook it up to b2 flight and also on the top. You ‘ Ve got a your little VTX. It’s, an 8 channel VTX, and you can actually change that.

You can change what channel you’re on by pressing one of the buttons on just here. So on the radio. You can change your video channel. That’s, fantastic because that actually hooks up to our fpv goggles.

Now the goggles i’ve got here. These are the asian vr, w sixes and overall, look usually i’m gonna say these: are they’re? Not they’re, not very good, goggles or whatsoever, but goggles can be a very, very expensive and for the price that you get in this kit, this thing is absolutely amazing.

So look don’t expect the best of the best or anything like that, but I really love these goggles, like I think they do their job fantastic. The screen is fine for what you get look. It is pretty small, but still this thing it’s.

Gon na be more than enough for flying around. Now it doesn’t, have too many bells and whistles it’s, got one little audio in you. Get this little antenna with it, this little dipole antenna, so you just simply screw that on right there.

If you need to charge it one thing I do like it’s, got an internal battery and you just plug it in by this USB cable, which you get so you plug the USB cable in the side charge it away. You’re ready to rock and roll, so obviously you know you don’t have to fly with that.

Take that out this thing will charge up. You’re ready to rock and roll. Now it doesn’t, have too many buttons. So on the side it’s, nice and simple: it’s, got an auto scan feature, which is when you turn it off on and off, and then you can also cycle through.

I guess if you want to just manually, go up and down now you can see here. I’m scanning through the channel, so hopefully it stops on the bottom. So you can see it’s, cycling through all the bottom right there.

There we go so it’s. Now locked in that channel someone you’ve actually got this on. It is more than enough to actually see around when you’re flying hello. There we go now the SS sixes they don’t have any DVR there’s, no way to record your flights or anything like that.

But look I’ve flown around with these things in the past. When did that little pepper review and these things were great for the money – look that you don’t expect anything absolutely outstanding, but for the money you definitely can’t complain for the money.

These things are absolutely great. I’m, a big fan of these goggles and I think it’s. Gon na make the Hobby very very accessible now the final important bit before we fly it around because that’s, where the fun is we ‘

Ve got our little radio and this thing actually is a little bit special. So this is the radio here, and this is probably where I think the biggest upgrade is in terms of this little kit. I wasn’t expecting the radio to be quite so good.

Look, it still is a cheap radio and it’s, definitely not going to be as good as your Tyrannis or some of those 100 $ 200 radios. Anything like that, but you do get a heap of functions with this thing in number one.

You know the gimbals were one thing I always complained about, but when you put these little there’s, little sticks on here. They actually feel. If I can get this in hang on one second, there we go they actually, because the sticks are a little bit longer.

It means you’ve, got a bit more throw so it doesn’t, feel quite like you’re flying such a little toy. You actually have a bit more throw so it’s. A little bit easy to control when you in the air you put your on/off switch here, you’ve got some trims, which is nice.

Oh these buttons they don’t do anything and on the bottom here. This is where there’s, some of the magic. So I like how it’s, clearly labeled, so you can see if you got your three modes and that’s for your drone, whether you want sort of I guess self, leveling mode or totally acro manual mode, that’S what I’m, going to be flying with.

Not all these drones come with that option and I think that’s really good, especially if you want to go learning in this hobby, everybody should be learning on manual because it’s, really how we fly all our race drones and That’s, that’s, exactly how I’m.

Looking at this. This is a perfect training tool for those people who want to get a little bit more serious about the Hobby and just try it out, as well as being a ton of fun. Now, over this side, you can see we put our buying buttons.

All that sort of stuff here is where you can change the channel, so you can actually a bit like smart audio change, what VTX channel. So if you get a whole bunch of these flying together, all you’ve got to do, is press the button, and then you can find a different channel that one of your friends isn’t using and then finally, probably my favorite Part which we’re, going to jump over and have a look at as well what you do.

You can actually connect this up to your computer using this part right here. You hold this button down, it connects to your computer and then you can practice on an actual like liftoff simulator, or something like that.

Now, that is a massive game changer. As far as I’m concerned, because simulators are one of the best ways you can get good before you take out fly around you, don’t want to crash your expensive racing drone straight off the bat, and this thing by being Able to hook up to the computer what a fantastic idea! So let’s.

Jump over, have a look at what that looks like meow in 3, 2. 1. All right, I want to show you how easy this isn’t. It kind of does in a different way, so what we need to do have a plug out dronin right here, because that needs to be actually having the battery in and then we’re, also going to put in our little USB.

So we’ll, plug that in to the side. Just like that, then you can see the other ends obviously plugged into my computer. Then what we’re going to do. We’re, going to turn my radio on and there’s. This little button down here it says channel or game, hold that in alrighty and now we should be ready to hook it up to our computer.

So it’s. Actually it’s pretty strange, because the way it talks about the radio talks wirelessly to the drĂ´me, but the drones got to be plugged in by the USB. So let’s open up. One of our seems we ‘

Ve got free-rider right here. Alright, we’re, going to go over to calibrate controller and we’re going to send to all the sticks. Ok, so there we go! That’s. Our lipstick throttled, sorry, not roll and pitch sorry.

So now we’re done. Let’s, click! Ok and well. It looks like I loaded the level that one’s, probably a bit hot. Actually let’s. Go into the desert and we’re ready to fly around all right except turn the volume down and look.

It definitely does work. It doesn’t feel super smooth or anything like that. But if you just want to practice or anything like that, it’s, definitely not too bad. Very nice. You can do this on such a cheap toy, because Sims are one of the best ways that you can learn how? Obviously it’s.

Gon na take a little bit of practice anyway. What we should do, let’s, jump over and actually fly this thing around and try some fpv action without a little drone all right! So let’s. Cut to that and three two one crash alrighty, so here we go on board and look this thing has a few different rates.

This is in its expert right. You can see, look it’s got a little bit of pepper and we will be flying around it. Something funny does happen towards the end. We have a little bit almost of a Flyway thinks the wind, but you can see you’re flying it around.

I didn’t, see the screen door, it closed right there, so those guards do come in handy when you’re, bouncing off things and are sort of bumping into walls. It does stop your crashing because without them look I would have been it would have been all over.

So you can see it’s, pretty maneuverable it’s like a characteristics. Okay, it’s, not the most stable thing, but it’s, also not the worst either, and if you get the lines right, it’s, not too bad to fly.

I think the only tricky part is when you’re, trying to do a hover, so you can see there’s, a bit of speed, actually bumping off the wall. When you’re trying to do a hover, it’s, sort of it can be a little bit all over the place.

So here here’s, those bumpers coming into effect again bouncing off, and I don’t know. All I wanted to do was go forward, so that part was a little bit frustrating as well. Now the reception is something we should talk about and I’m gonna say in the goggles.

I really like the goal that’s. What they do, but the reception here on the DVR is actually better than what I was getting, because this is recorded on my own ways, which are a much more expensive goggle.

So the reception was a little bit better, but with that, like, I guess, the really cheap pair, it was very, very difficult to see in there and I’ll show you a part in a moment what happens when I try to use the cheaper Pair I’m gonna try to flap over my house now here’s.

What happens if it starts to sort of cut out? You can see the lines in the screen when you’re, getting a low battery as well. So once you get to a low battery, you gonna lose your video first of all. Now here we go.

This is on medium mode, so you can see it’s a little bit more docilely or was a little bit to achieve. See. Didn’t. Have that fine control, don’t know if that’s, just cause of the radio or something like that.

But this thing it’s, got like a bit of a dead band in the middle, so you might want to just move a little bit and then it takes a while, and then you’ll, like you’ll, find Yourself over correcting or something like that, so that the response of the yaw I found was a little bit.

I guess not not perfect as well, but you can’t really expect too much from a cheap drain. Now, if you’re wanting to get into the Hobby into actually try fpv, this is what it’s. All about like you, can still have a great time and just because of flight characteristics.

Aren’t like a crazy 10 out of 10 $ 500 drone doesn’t mean this thing is in a heap of fun. I was still having a blast fly around. You still get to try some real fpv, so it’s like still get the crash everywhere.

You still get to actually experience what it’s like to fly around and sort of you know get become part of the Hobby. So in that respect, I’m. A massive fan of this whole kit, everything it does do for the price it does really really well.

Now I’ve got sort of two funny clips here. This was on the same morning when I was flying around and both of these things seem to happen when I flew over that for my house. So this one was pretty calm and it looks okay, but with the goggles it was becoming very hard to see on the cheaper goggles and I couldn’t, see if I was gonna clip the wall and of course, where does it get stuck On the roof, so that part was annoying as well, and then this one this one was, I don’t fly this thing in the wind, so this is on the day before, look what happens? I take it up and it was very gusting up there.

You can see it’s, just blowing it away. I’ve tried to turn it around and it is still disappearing and if I know anything about fly ways it’s. Don’t fight them for too long. If the drone is disappearing, just just cut it because of a how-to kept the throttle up.

This thing would have been gone, but you can see the range there was okay as well, so we did get pretty good range alrighty. So there it is there’s, my review of this little bad boy, this little frog that a Shinji.

Ninety the full kit I’ll, leave the link down below and overall, I’m, a big fan because look it’s. Gon na get people into the Hobby, it’s, going to get them flying where they can experience some real fpv action, not just that junk on your phone, some real fpv action with a real radio real pair of goggles.

You know and actually find out what it’s all about, and it is so much fun so for getting people into the hobby. I’m gonna give it a 10 out of 10. Now, as far as the drawing goes look, I’m, probably going to give that, like a 7 out of 10, it wasn’t terrible, but remember you’re, not gonna be getting crazy performance because it is just That it’s, a beginner’s drone.

You know the reception was ok. It wasn’t the best we’re sorting, get some of those drop out some of those sorts of things, but for the price. I don’t think you can complain too much the goggles look. I’ve reviewed these before.

I still think they for the price they do a fantastic job and my favorite part about this radio, even though, was a little bit twitchy and you can see I’ve done someone’s, trying to take the antenna round.

All that sort of stuff overall, I love how you can hook this up to the sim, because that is this thing strongest feature. If you want to get into the Hobby, try it out and you still want to progress further.

You think you like it. This is going to give you the room to do that. You can practice on the simulator. So when you get your full-size fpv racing drone, you’re gonna have a little bit more experience, and hopefully things go a little bit better for you.

Anyway, what do you think about the the HQ 90? I know a lot of us in a lot of other videos with people like them as well drop them in the comments down below. Or what do you think about and subscribe for more fpv related content and, as always, happy flying alrighty? So hopefully you guys enjoyed that video definitely subscribe.

If you’re new to the channel and check out these videos – and I’m – also going to leave a little link here to my patreon page, because I’ve got some fantastic patreon supporters and I’D like to give back to them as well, so if you want to join the futures family, there’s, things like bonus, velcro, straps little bundles of fpv goodies and things like that, but also get sent out anyway.

Happy flying

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