Part 2 – How to get your part 107 drone license – A step by step guide

all right so Part 2 – I kind of want to
talk about getting your license and what you should so as I was saying
the rules are changing really fast and I really believe that soon honestly if you
don't have your own license you're gonna be really limited to what you can do
with your even just as flying it around your house if you get your own
license then you know you really can take full advantage of your footage if
you ever want to sell it or use it to promote a business or anything like that
so I think it's really worth it so let's let's check out on the what you
would have to do to get your license so again I'm back on the here
is pretty much the main page that will give you the different things you would
have to do to get your license so first of all you have to be at least 16 years
old to get a license so that's something to keep in mind you will have to take a
test initially to get your license and then your license will be only valid for
two years then you'll have to take another test every two years to keep
your license active and I think I believe that the main reason they're
doing that is to make sure that we keep up with all the rules
and all the changes that have been happening recently so pretty much if you
I wanted to show you yeah so once the next step would be to schedule your test
so honestly even before starting to study I would go ahead and schedule the
test even if it's like a month or two months out because that first I'll give
you a deadline and something to really follow so if you click on this PDF here
this will open the list of all the testing centers in the United States so
pretty much pick you know state pick your city call the phone number
associated with the closest location to you and pretty much put it down on the
calendar just pick a date and schedule it so then you'll really have a deadline
to follow so then let's say that now you scheduled it, now
you have to start studying and make sure you get prepared so the test is a 60
question two-hour test on the computer and here is another PDF from the
where they'll give you all the reference that the test could cover so
that's a lot of stuff and even though they have a really good they have a
really good they have really good PDF that it can provide you
they will reference to a lot of different things and honestly when I saw
that I just thought to myself there must be a better way to study for this
instead of like going and pulling all those different references and really
study them all so then I went on Amazon and pretty much found this test prep
book so I know there's a lot of classes out there and honestly all you need is
this I'm not being paid by those people for saying that I actually got this book
myself it's below $20 and it has everything you need to study for this
test so I'll show you so that's the book that I was mentioning so I got
the this book before before I started to study for the test and it really has
everything you need to know they will also provide you with a lot of questions
samples I mean probably action at this maybe a hundred or so so you really get
to you know learn the material and then practice as you go I think they also
provide you with this so this is actually you will actually have that
with you at the test not you know you won't bring it but I have they all have
one for you there and pretty much this is just a reference where they will ask
you questions over like a look at you know figure 22 on page 34 and then ask
you a question about that so for example you'll have a lot of the sectional
charts which are pretty much maps of the United States showing you different
airports and they'll ask you a really precise question about you know the
location of an airport or the different
or they will also ask you to locate some towers or ask you if you can fly your
in certain areas oh I mean really they can pick a lot of different there's
a lot of information of those on the sectional charts so really you have to
spend on some decent decent amount of time studying and getting used to them
because you can't just wing it honestly you would you would have to study and
get used to those before you you can take that test so yeah I mean if you if
you go through this book which is not that big honestly if you go through this
book and you refer to this for your questions and practice I mean I think
you'll be fine honestly and that's what I did and I was I was able to take in I
think I scored a 90% so ok let's say that you took the test you passed it so
the next step is that they'll give you a letter pretty much from the test center
with your information and telling you that you pass the test so let me show
you what you would do so going back to this main page you would pretty much
have to go back to here and that's the link that you would follow to actually
get your drone license so if I click on this this will open this website so
that's where that's the portal actually what you will do you would apply for
your drone license after you pass the test so first you'll start by
registering which will just be pretty much creating an account on this website
as soon as you registered and after waiting 24 to 48 hours after you to your
test you will be able to start applying for the license so if you use again they
will they will ask for an exam ID number that you got on that paperwork
that they gave you after the exam by using that exam ID on this website they
were able to pull you from the database and find your score and that you passed
and once you do that you will be able to follow the steps and actually actually
submit your your application and then we've seen a
few days you will get a temporary license and then after that they will
send the final license by mail that you and you will get it at your location at
your house so yeah that's pretty much it as far as getting your license again you
will have to take another test every two years to keep your license active and
really stay knowledgeable on the new rules coming up but I think
that this is all you need to know to get started and get your license so that's
about it about how to register your drone and now to get ready and take your
drone license I hope that you got value from this video if you have any question
as far as the process for user registering of drone all getting your
license please make sure to leave it below and I'll make sure to get back we
see you so other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I'll see you in
the next one bye

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