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by Jose

Hi art here off to the media group: do you fly one of these? Do you want your FAA, remote pilot certificate, stay tuned, I’ll, show you how to get it in one week or less hi. Welcome back thanks for watching. We really appreciate it. I hope this video helps you out.

It’S made uh. It’S made a huge difference in my life and things that are going on with me and without any further delay. Let’S get right into it. What this video was about is exactly, as the title states, part 107. In training, it’s how you can prepare for the part 107 FAA, remote pilot test, prepare and take the test and have your temporary certificate.

So you can fly commercially within seven days and it is. It is possible when I started out as many of you did. I was scouring the internet trying to find a way to kind of get a head start on what was going on and didn’t really know which way the program was gon na go, which way the FAA was gon na go. I started out by taking the FAA safety online course to that very site and got the certificate for that, and it was good. It gave me a heads up, but it didn’t it didn’t, go deeply into exactly what was going to be covered on the test.

So I kind of scaled it moved around on the internet for a couple of weeks off and on looking for a program that would suit what I was looking for, because I was all over the place. I was reading book after book after book and scouring and going through and so forth, trying to get a heads up and wasn’t really helping because I didn’t have any direction. I came across multiple at, which is a great course. I’M really passionate about the course because it got me from point A to point B in a short period of time.

I signed up for the course and, as you see on the screen, there are 13 different lessons or modules. Now, within those 13 modules, there are sub chapters. If you will each lesson has say sub chapters within it. Realistically, you could go through the program within seven days and I did it the first time. I didn’t take the test until the second time around, but you can go through it.

You can realistically do a minimum. If you make the time you can do a minimum of two lessons a day and what that would allow you to do will be to complete the entire module program within about seven days. What I would suggest you do is take the the course complete the program and immediately following completing the program after you take your test. Exam, I probably say take you, can take a test exam as many times as you want, but I’d say, take the test exam at least two or three times and get comfortable with the questions. The questions are random.

If you look at the the screenshot, this is actually of my my signing page or my applying my dashboard you’ll see that 13 modules on there are 13 lessons number 11, which is waivers, is not highlighted or doesn’t have a checkmark, and I wanted to bring a Point to that, basically, what that serve out is the course is constantly updated. The site is well-run and they take input from students with regard to the questions that they see on the exam that they feel that they didn’t cover, or they may need more emphasis on. So point being is that module number 11 on waivers wasn’t fair at the time that I completed the course I’m gon na go back in and take take that that section just and update myself, it’s a course for life. It’Ll constantly be updated because every year, once you take the course when you get license, you will have to take the FAA test every two years. Once you pass the course, you will be issued a certificate once you see on your screen now, once you get your certificate, you pass trust me.

You are you’re in good shape to go. Take the test again, I can’t stress it enough. Do not delay once you pass the course online register and that’s part of the process. You learn how to register and where you need to go. It’S two sites that you can go through.

I went to cats. It’S one hundred and fifty dollars to register which you’ll do on the phone and you choose the location or test facility. That’S close to you once you’re registered you’ll, take the exam. You’Ll have two hours, there’s 60 questions and you have two hours to complete them. Once you pass your test, which you take on a computer, your instructor will print out your airman knowledge test report, which you see on the screen.

The circle on the right hand, side on the lower right hand, side is actually an embossed, a seal that he’s going to stamp it and your original copy. You can’t lose because there’s information on there that it’s specific to you, but basically you’ll, have your test results and the number of times that you take it okay, once you have that you can then go to the i acro site or integrated airman certification rating application Or I ACR I Accra, it will take about 24 to 48 hours, for your information from I went through cats, so it took about about 24, took about 24 36 hours to read for the information to populate to the iock recycler to the FAA site. Once that’s populated you can go in line, you can go online and create a profile. You have to create an application. You learn how to do that through the program.

Do the course and you’ll start your application. As you see on here, I started my application November 5th and on the next screen, you’ll see that I actually received my temporary certificate November 7th. They made it available online you’ll get a temporary certificate that will allow you to fly commercially until you’ve received your hard copy in the mail. There are sections that I strongly would suggest you study more heavily or as heavy as Diaz the other sections. You definitely need them to have a grasp of longitude and latitude classes of airspace in different classes of airspace.

Sectional charts be able to locate, say at our our Airport and I don’t be able to name the different types of restricted, prohibited air spaces or sections on a chart based on longitude and latitude. Okay, which basically boils down to knowing your sectional chart front back inside. It out, then, you should also have a handle on the weather. There are some weather questions that it kind of popped. Up that I wasn’t necessarily expecting it’s a great program.

The link is below again is. It is an affiliate link that will receive a small percentage which goes back to producing videos. If you have any questions, any comments leave them below again. Please give us a thumbs up or thumbs down and don’t forget to subscribe, we’re coming out with new reviews. New animations and so forth, the channel is well on the move.

Sell again thanks a lot happy flying good luck.

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