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[, Music, ], well hello. Fellow pilot, I’m John King and I’m, Martha King welcome to your King ground, school and knowledge test. Prep course. This is a complete Brown school that covers what you need to know.

As a remote pilot plus you’ll, learn everything you’ll need for your FAA knowledge test, and do it all at your convenience. Now you’ll. Find this course is rich with video, much of it. From the perspective of a pilot of a manned aircraft, because seeing things from that perspective will give you the tools, you need to understand how airspace is designed and how to efficiently and safely integrate into the National Airspace System and with manned flight operations.

But best of all you can study anywhere and at any time you have access to a high-speed internet connection. Folks, you’ll want to know that we have two main goals for you in this course. First, we want to ensure that you get the knowledge you need to get full utility out of your unmanned aircraft flying and second, we want you to be able to identify and mitigate the risks in your fly and, of course, we want to make sure that you Pass your FAA knowledge test now the FAA does not make their knowledge test questions public and their sample test questions.

Don’t appear on the actual knowledge test, plus they change the test questions frequently both the numbers in the questions and exactly how they ask about a particular concept. So, rather than focusing on memorizing questions, you’ll want to make sure you understand the subject.

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