Part 1 – How to register your drone with the FAA ? – A Step by Step guide

hey what's up it's Tristan so on this
video we're gonna talk about drones so probably got one of those for yourself
or someone gifted you one so what do you do now that's what we're gonna
discuss today pretty much part 1 is gonna be all your register your drone
and part 2 if you want to take it a step further you wanna get your own license
what should you do so step one registering your drone well if your
drone is more than half a pound which most of the drones out there are you
already you are required to register it so let's take a look at how you would go
about doing this so pretty much you would go on the FAA right here
this is the address I will put it down in the in the comment section in the
description you would just pretty much follow those instructions you can see
that the cost of registration would be $5 per aircraft any dollars for three
years so one thing I wanted to bring to your attention in rules that I've
changed recently is that in the past people would put their registration
number I think inside the where the battery is being kept
but now the now the the the rules have changed and you're supposed to show your
number on the outside of the drone so you can engrave it you can use a sharpie
or anything to really put it on the outside of the drone so just wanted to
show that was you guys so back to here pretty much you would click on this
which will open this page then here if you're just gonna be your hobbyists and
you're not gonna you don't actually have a drone license you would go under this
category and you would register and create an account so I already have an
account so I'll show you alright so I'm logged in now you'll see that's kind of
the dashboard so if you want to register a drone and you're probably would go
here so you will get here then you will only have to add your droid and pretty
much you just fill that in DJI whatever is the serial number you can
find on your drone and you would give you a nickname and then it's it's a
magic Pro and then we just add it then pretty much you'd done and then it would
be here into your call and see the five dollars and then you would just have to
you check out just follow those steps and that's it you would actually have it
registered and then it's gonna show back here so something I wanted to point out
is that you see that I have two of them here actually I've only one drone but
if your drone gets sent to DJI for warranty reasons they will most likely
send you a different drone back so you all have a different serial number on
the drone that you get back so you actually will have to register it again
I mean it's kind of silly but I realize that I realized that once I got my drone
back that it was actually not the same one so that's pretty much it
once you registered if you're only gonna fly so if you have once you register it
you're only gonna fly it as it obvious then that's it that's the only thing you
would have to do and you would be good to go but honestly I would really advise
you to get your own license because there's a lot of rules to make sure that
you fly safely and I believe that getting your license will provide you
with you know all the knowledge that you should have so that's about it about how
to register your drones I hope that you got value from this video I hope you
enjoyed the video and I'll see you in the next one bye

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