Paf Drone Training Facility || Amraam Missile on Tejas || Jf-17 replace F-7 || Japan 6th Gen Fighter

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Defense news channel get up some may up sub-code. The bottom did get those to ask you defense, update, subset, Bella Pakistan, Air Force, ki taraf SE here, so those topics on Air Force get that I’ll, say a large number of facility.

Carbonara Hodges. Can the Pakistan Air Force catarse up na? Did drone pilots on go drink yeah? I got ta get Pakistan Air Force Gators. A large number of don’t. Give leaders got ta, cut out the heroine custom, all corniglia pilot skills to do the 30-year the pakistan air force.

Kiev say a be: is exam quote higher Giada hi disc in the Box, an Air Force egg facility established karaoke camera canned, the jumpy in key training, be hoagie or barred me Ășnico, daily routine per helicopter K and they be training DJ guitar key in Quahog book System case our awareness mill, Kyra, hey PAF, gated of sahaja yoga, Pakistan, air for jerk off a tourniquet drones up in the past doctor year, gingka and the Pakistan Air Force kept us topper, Oh Cobb, or just who suggested your tones of amudhan or Pakistan Air Force.

A be in kita that Quezada be Currahee, her cuca Pakistan, Air Force, Lee Army, Assad milk, it up nazar, the third drones. You have boarded a di Kasab, the guy having a job a Pakistan hit you don’t the BA a sunny Indian border cross, cut away Indian skin just to secret area here or Doha.

Sauce you gonna keep maluma go to Burger taker kept Pakistan, be nothing here. Topics and here for Skeeter, say a be large. Number of UAVs could be in Turkey, Ajara haha, oh sorry, sad niko, mr. Malkani, clean a pilots, Kobe train, Kiara, ha ha da da k project, Azam K and the B Pakistan Air Force get her sake: new next generation, car, male , benaiah, jaga or scalable.

Pakistan. Air Force quest a specialist pilots kuzu, the Joker is cooperate, cursor, key qmk, Pakistan, Army or Air Force capacity, or a spoke drone module their own. Can the it kneecap ability own ket need a or Indian Ocean Cooper or sorry, sir Indian airspace? Can the jog at Kolkata, Chennai or a socket digger India, Gabourey city is the only purpose on it just to see be constructing a okay, Joel count.

Don’t curse at me away, but a fighter jet nahi kar, sakta X Delta don’t, go a radar, be a sanyasin. A drone sector. Agar don’t go lower altitude paranoia, jato, osco, yo, HSA, Acharya Dorota will be de technique.

He cursed it on Fox on Air Force gives us a border check that the much higher Jarrah hard disk in the Pakistan Air Force up. No new drones get your pilot on cote, our career or taki encoder. This is other better training.

Before a white key jockey. You see the pakistan army Keter say we up: ninja birddog drona, oh no, chill, unintelligible, estranged cage over here. One key facility, Kobe Kaimuki. I get that get this. Is the pilots could train KJ? Okay, Pakistan? I’ll, make it past your Barack Dona j8 milieu a via or sada said yeah I’m.

Armed is kaput, though laser-guided bombs, collar jaw, satire or you have up NASA those who pound soccer but then carry weaker cetera. So they say, scaleable box on our MINIX facility established a disk in the box and army up in a pilot script rain.

Can I get a cable in Barack don’t squares thermal car? Second, so those two ask oneself? Did Japan or us Skeeter set the goes to Japan, key Turks, a USSR, the milk it up on a sixth generation fighter jet kill Hakam with higher? Aha or Japan, jelly us cathodic si agreements.

I encourage this image upon a us milk, a Japan. Can the Japan kill his sixth generation fighter jet Cabana in gay a beat Japan hit herself enough fifth-generation fighter jet Cabana Jarrah haha Japan catarse is fighter jet Coburn Anna Karenina.

He you K ki help like Elena. He us take II, Japan, Katara, Sokka, active all locally of is fighter jet, optimal code manufactured cutting gay or is killed. Technology could be abnormal. My husband on your work, you seem be multi Kobe health, nahi, lien and Jeppe allocate Japan, keep that up, say America f-35 fighter jet could be hostile Kia, Giada hi.

I’m agarose co-op, no milk, my banana calm, nahi kiya jar. I could get japonica terasaka ha JA, decay, f-35, co-op, animal women on a body, costly part. I just give, I just say: Japan kid you aired for Savoy is Co, afford incorrect Assad, Assad on Gator, say, yeah, be cocky K AB Japan upon a fifth-generation fighter, jet or still generation party did become karahi disc in the japan-us key help.

Lega, those two above Kopitar had been amiss. 15 heated RK is over few generation fighter jet a bow monthly ampere. I origin is soccer JP service, canada caucasian f-22, f-35 or Janica j-20 fighter jet A or a B bottom of moloch, fifth-generation fighter jet Cooper come karahi.

Is kilowatt genome elect a fifth-generation fighter jet Banali? I have a stick generation a fighter. Jet Cooper become Currahee. Well, I will it does happen. The solo can the horse attack his sixth generation departed or they will be another.

I is it at Japan, Co coffee experienced a charge, banana got QK, Ananya America, f-16 Collison built karaoke f2, can-am, say abnormal chemical benaiah or is co-op Nissan whiskey under D Raqqah up on ikita akashi are akin to f3 new fighter jet Ogawa f-22 fighter jet over Escoba a place called a gas at ISA.

Ungifted of CA be cocky kid china up missile defense. Can the f2 poker face at the s thermal curtain or recent air? Can the Georgia panther or you can a milky unprogrammed co-starred catheter skin? The word japonica li F? 2D fighter jet Copeman hang gay bar denied Japan he just sink.

I news agency escape the refs, a karateka Japan, a British company, Cassatt, calm, Canada, Inc Arcadia, Hey, Oh started on an IAB, kajada ke Japan, who you kick ass at. Concerning avoid Japan gigas technician, a fighter jet can become kurta one caters to a be cog, a kabocha Jimmy host act like a u.

s. cuss at Eastern, a comm, correct UK. You keep us to hair, go up in a safety nation, Cappadocia to become star, cut, require or door fifth-generation refer to your company, fluid man and Doug Baker, choker or Japan.

Kb kaga give Bob us custard milk. A is f3 just a generation ago fighter jet oka Isco indigenously Purdue scoring as a stealth aircraft uh promote my s, cut . We could connect, or us case assistance link attack a us, your n, Co banana may Japan key mother could as artists as us Katara said Japan, who encased weapons, PDA, Jenga G, okay, is jaws key performance, Kovac, Amy, Betten, jaws, benign gay.

No doubt K is da Jakob ethylene dual jaws above fifth-generation fighter jet each are Jamaica AB, Joe sick generation, Kazuko Walker, him a fifth-generation, Cafferty jerkiness with both be 13 Josue, go scan.

The coffee improvements be angry, though up technically, but the a key Japan Cup. The company is f3 district generation before DJ. Tesco complete Korea, though those to ask etcö defense update an Air Force skitters ahead to those topics.

An Air Force could have say a B Eclair Nikki, a Gurkha jf-17 Thunder walkie him a Pakistan Air Force kendama dude f70. I don’t, go or Mirage there. Don’t, go replace Galaga QK, a bitter Pakistan Air Force made jf-17 thunder coffees.

I thought my induct for choking him a bit like f7 Tamara, steady, please Nikki again ho sakta hai, Pakistan Air Force future mikuni afforded it s at the EU who do in fighter jets. Cody place carry quicker parks on air forces and risky under a BB to f7 theory.

Over me, right theory said this theater here yeah Pakistan, Air Force need jf-17, Thunder Co asleep and I’ll talk about Pakistan Air Force kiddo. This is URI Ottoman. Kapoor rockers, okay, naki unquote, is live in a cave of pakistan.

Air force K, fighter jets could replace curry its colossal horse of taking medium weight fighter jet could gel chief, you chick and the Banerjee okay in poor. Honestly, I don’t, go to place cut a cooker Pakistan Air Force.

Canada is so romantic. Xo, a city curry force a generation gauge ha for choking Dean Cain, the projected f-16 or sad, sad Bucky, jf-17, Thunder Theory. Here, ok, jf-17 Thunder block one. You have Oscar block twister Nate Cooper, upgrade Katya or jf-17 Thunder block 3br Nevada, Joe cake fourth plus generation Kajal saga ho sakta future map, Pakistan, Air Force, ki taraf, SE jf-17 Thunder cabbage iOS app fighter jet inductee.

I did you happen to put on a fighter jet could replace kadai. Yes, that is at first attack at jf-17, thunder kesa, a core blocks for Bernard joking medium weight category go over Pakistan Air Force. Captain a fighter jet could replace g’day.

So those two are incepted: India, Qataris a so those two and yet co-op clearance, Mel qu qiu bo america gaben ma AI am 120 c7o, aim-120 see a tumors, an unco up in a past career tech sector. I, like a Pakistan Air Force, K past your f-16.

Flew to only put your AMRAAMs, I’ll. Give him boy a. I am 123 five-o India. America say I am 120 c7o: c8 jai simha’s; al correlated you okay, egg b, vr missile, hi air-to-air, doe, Pakistan, Air Force, Korea, hot Robin second; here, okay, yes, d5 can use but coffee, advanced or solder that in kid HP, coffee better here, But India host okay upon a binary to teachers, fighter jet own cupola gajala contagious Cooper, is so Joe opteka, subsea, betadine gbbr missdella order boomers at a jockey on Anna is that I’ll, say hustle Kia artists at own own, a red checker burn Away are 37 over 77 Jumbo’s.

Oliver be a skipper: integrate key Agra future move of Pakistan. Air Force, Co counter chronically is like a missile hustle Carla t, though ajj Keenan on K, fighter jet ski to PVR capability, Roscoe, purportedly kisser, but hangar you get.

They just cut your new block. I go or scan that is a dial Cabana WA Alta, 2052 80s. At Adaro gobble Ogawa hoga OS e. Your range will give up with a chromatic dose of kilometers. Are the key hoagie or is sang kbbr missile fire karna Yoho taeho is lucky at the Jets.

A b3 no think UK opera dark Eden, Chiya underwater or saw this add up net target. Kobe 13:30 Quezon Hashanah be like a sucked in here to India, get dev steady future. My horse tactic America Gabbana by Joe M Ramazan quirky our own company indigenous so-called, whenever they just killed a guy to those top technical comedy.

Video percent are yet to like curry, sheer couldn’t subscribe, couldn’t command script. Me like, as I have to route the uber like another bondable MLT help me ugly, video epic litany hood office.

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