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Today, I’m going to give you guys a really awesome tip on how to very easily improve your flying almost instantly for very little cost. So I hope I have your attention. So a lot of my students that come to me when they’re looking to take lessons, you know, they they come with their own equipment and they come with a basically traditional neck strap that goes around them and attaches to the remote control, just like right here.

And no matter which one it is, it never works out well and the students are always either, Most likely, the remote controls are sagging like this way or they’re not quite balanced from side to side.

And the students end up, what they’re doing is that they compensate for this by, they hold up the remote control with their hands while the remaining fingers fly the aircraft like this And that’s really, a really poor and inefficient way to be able to fly. And that’s why a lot of my students struggle at first because they’re not comfortable and it’s very difficult to be able to fly like this. So, what we end up using, and we highly recommend all our students at our flight academy use, is a combination just like you’re seeing right here.

This is a Secraft remote control cage alongside a full body strap that goes around to the back It’s absolutely outstanding! I can’t recommend this setup enough because as you can see, look how balanced it is.

The student here could take their hands off completely and it stays right there and they’re just now All they’re worried about is the controls on the sticks of the remote control. And now they can fly freely without having to worry about balance issues or instability, for the with worrying about what the their setup is going to do. Now for pricing, the tray is approximately about $85 dollars and the strap is about $35 dollars Give or take $5 dollars, and the combination is about $120 dollars. Our friends at Florida Supply carry this and they can hook you up really good pricing. But, basically, I said, ya know, we don’t sell these and we don’t make any money off of these, but.


We highly recommend them. And I can’t tell you how many times when I set up new lessons with students and I’ll ask them, “Would you like to try something like this?” and, they kind of at first, they’re hesitant, they say, “No, we’ll just go ahead with what I have” They show up to their lesson and they’re using what they have and I’ll say, “Would you mind if we end up trying what I have” and I always bring it with me.

And every single person that I’ve had with lessons comes back and purchases exactly, they’ll purchase this.

They’ll say it’s worth every penny. And I can’t tell you, I can honestly tell you, you will not spend a better $120 dollars if you’re serious about your flying and want to do really well. Lastly, on the last subject of being able to improve your flying and just jobs in general. I can’t recommend enough a really high bright monitor to use for your flying. So many of my students they go out and they try to use an iPad mini and it just doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work in the sun. If you look at my other video that I have about comparing the two, it’s night and day. So between a really good monitor and a really good setup like this you’re going to, it’s going to make your life so much better. You’re flying that much better and doing jobs is going to be just that much better.

So with that said, I hope this really helps.

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