Online Drone Training, Heliguy Blackbox (Home Training) NEW 2020

by Jose
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We are proud to announce the launch of our new online training platform. Heli guide black box black box is much more than just another online training platform and it puts you in control of your own learning.

Featuring pre-recorded lesson, presentations, podcasts, interactive webinars, engaging learning activities and live guidance from our expert team of instructors. We’ve, blended learning solutions together with industry-leading platforms in order to reinforce the learning outcomes for each lesson.

Making training enjoyable, learn at your own convenience, how you like, when you like you’re in control, download the app for the convenience of learning on the go any device anytime staying connected has never been easier thanks to our dedicated training team, who will Host live Q & amp A sessions and we’re only ever a click away.

Should you need help? My box also features a multitude of different resources. Keeping you informed of the very latest pro news regulation changes and is your pathway to continued professional development, [ Music ] at our cloud platform, you can switch to any device and continue your training where you left off to track your progress through your training and set Yourself, personal goals for activity completion: blackbox is available 24 hours a day across multiple platforms: [, Music, ], [, Music, ], our exclusive partner discounts means starting.

Your drone career has never been easier. So if you’re, an existing heli guy candidate and haven’t yet had the opportunity to complete your permission for commercial operation training. Then we’re very pleased to give you the opportunity to transition across to the a to stiphu of competency or the general visual line of sight certificate courses online, absolutely free.

This is much more than just training. This is hella. Guy training,

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