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Everyoneís Matt Williams was trumpw and welcome to today’s. Video today we’re, going to be looking at drone qualifications. What should you or shouldn’t? You spend your money on after you ‘ Ve done your Maine drone qualification, fo Matt with you, mister pw.

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We were on a Thursday night instead of on a Friday lunchtime, so yeah today question that he’s been coming in a lot over the last three or four weeks. I think, because the majority of us in the UK are you know either furloughed or we’re kind of off work because of the lockdown and all that sort of stuff people are looking at what they can spend their money on.

What should they be spending their money on their time on and investing in themselves, so that when the lockdown finishes they are best placed? You are best place to be able to advance your skills and actually be able to get more business in than you would have done before.

So a lot of people saying you know what are the best qualifications to do and a big one that seems to be being pushed hard at the moment to a lot of people in under industry, the one that people come in to them to as the most About is, is the off qual level, five qualification worth me doing? Is it worth anything and I think that it’s quite an interesting question, the fact that people are coming to us and asking? Is it worth anything? What does it mean? Is there any point to it? I think actually almost answers there.

You know all most people are answering their own question. If you don’t know what it is and you’re in the drone industry. How are people outside of the drone industry going to know what it is as well? How are they going to look at that and think? Oh yeah, I’m gonna get this person to do this gig for me, rather than somebody else.

You know certainly additional qualifications have their place. I’m, not denying that at all and of all level 5 is something that I know within our businesses. We looked at doing a few years ago because it gave us access to the enhanced learning credit scheme, so we could get kind of the military people in and they get cash well grant-funded up to 2,000 pounds per course for things.

If they’re qualified to a certain level, but when we looked at it I was like. Do you know what this doesn’t add anything. I’d, rather give a massive discount to those people and look after them and get them the right qualifications rather than taking their money for something which isn’t necessarily required, and isn’t necessarily going to make.

You stand out and I think that’s, the key for the off-ball level-5 in particular. You know, I know there are other companies, I think charge in any way from one hundred to a few hundred pounds to be able to get the different qualifications on the off call scheme.

And for me I just think that it’s. Money that you could and should be spending elsewhere. You know you, shouldn’t be having to do additional qualifications on top of your CAA qualifications like UPF, cou GBC.

It order to be a confident and capable operator. You know I think, for a while. In the industry, certainly, we saw a bit of a scramble for people to get logos on the websites. We saw a bit of a scramble for people to have these accreditations.

You know we saw that the I think a ARP has I don’t. My name in them in this instance, because a lot of people for the first few years of the drone industry joined a ARP as the Association remotely piloted aircraft systems.

You have the trade representative body of the drone industry. They join. They are pairs purely to get the AR PA’s logo on their on their correspondence, and I think it’s quite interesting, because if you speak to a lot of the people who joined a up as if you speak to A lot of the people who put that logo on the it actually didn’t, bring any additional business in that’s, not to say it can’t, but I think in terms of using these additional qualifications, in Terms of use and additional things to be able to you know make yourself stand out the qualifications roots unless it’s, a recognised qualification and by recognized I understand that the off call one is its equivalent to an HND is equivalent to.

I think the second year of a bachelor’s, degree from from what I can remember how he looks at it kind of two three years ago and to get kind of see if we wanted to implement it by recognized, I mean things that your Clients are going to recognize, you know, certainly if you are looking at getting a job in the drone industry and not that many of those exist yet then, yes, it could be a way of making yourself stand out.

But for me I think it’s, a bit like saying, oh, go to university and get a degree. You know lots of. I personally, as a CEO of a couple of companies, would prefer to take someone without a degree but with experience or without a degree but with capability, because degrees have become so devalued now, and I think that’s.

The same for these qualifications, which don’t really mean anything and like say, if you look at the syllabus for the qualifications that companies are doing now in that sphere, they actually don’t really effectively give you anything other than you Should already be doing and getting and being able to know without them, so personally I would suggest that you spend that money elsewhere.

You know the isn’t worth spending the money on those qualifications. You just don’t need it. You know if you need a specific qualification to do a specific type of work. For example, if you want to go and work offshore on oil rigs, and you need to go and do your, you know your C training, your water survival, training drills, then sure go and do that and get that formal accreditation, which is recognized by employers by potential People pacaya contractors, we’re, going to contract you rather than being able to say you know.

Oh, I’ve got my driving license, but I ‘ Ve got my advanced motoring certificate as well. That’s awesome, but it’s, not gonna get you any additional gigs so that’s. My take on it and you know I’m fairly kind of staunch on that, like I say, we look to implement in the off core level-5 ourselves a few years ago.

It just wasn’t, something that we thought was worth the money and we never put anything in place to try and upsell to people when we don’t think that it’s worth it or appropriate. So, certainly until people until contractors, until employers are starting to say, oh and if you don’t, you’re off call level five, because that’s.

What we need, then don’t, bother getting it. What I would say is in this time of change in this strange interim period between normality and whatever the new normal looks like. What I would say is that you should be upskilling yourself.

So do you know what, if you were looking at doing those courses to be able to help market yourself, and I think that’s, how they’re kind of being pushed to people don’t. Do that? Do a course do some kind of advertising course do some kind of business training that will allow you to work out how to network how to engage, how to generate leads generate a pipeline that you can then convert those leads into sales.

Convert those you know those sales into long, lasting contracts, friendships relationships and business. That is where the value comes in, so take that money and use it go on to udemy and do a you know.

A Photoshop course go on to usually you’re somewhere else and do a an Adobe Premiere course or something like that. Join LinkedIn and go into the LinkedIn training which you get for free when you become a Premium Subscription member, do something that’s.

Gon na help you, rather than something that basically gives you a worthless piece of paper and a little logo that you can put on your . Because if I’m honest, having done a lot of jobs in the drone industry, a very, very high level, not once have, I ever been asked to show my qualifications, except for those qualifications which are required by law.

So my permission for commercial operation, for example in the UK or my sea survival drills, and I went and works offshore. You know those kind of things, fine, something that you’re investing in yourself, but something to give you a logo.

Don’t bother, spend that money spend that time now doing something which is going to further your skill set. You know help you to make a better show real, for example, help you to be able to understand how Facebook pixels work so that you can retarget your customers and spend your advertising money more wisely is where I would concentrate on spending the money and the time Which is more important or it’s, just anything else, so yeah.

Please drop your thoughts and comments down below, though, because if I’m miles off the mark which I may be on this, then I’m, happy to kind of look at that and say you know what actually yeah. I was wrong and it is worth something that you know if you’ve got the off call level 5 qualifications and it helps you get business in.

Please drop that down below, but, as always, you know, let me know what you think. You know it’s just my opinion. The questions come in probably 15 16 times now over the last month, or so I know people looking at it and I think it’s, important that you spend your money and your time wisely.

So go and do something that’s. Gon na UPS kill you, which is gonna help you in your preferred arena. You know the thing you want to do: go into a survey in a mapping course, if that’s, what you want to learn about, go and do like, say your premier course or go and check out the guys at echo alpha.

I know that they have got Alex Cameron from echo. Alpha has got a channel where he’s. Teaching people DaVinci Resolve, for example, so go and check them out. I’ll, try and find their course and drop a link to it down below this wasn’t a kind of paid ad or by the way it was just something off the top of my head that I just remember that those Guys are doing so go and do that kind of thing and enjoy, but yeah look after yourself stay safe and I look forward to catching you.

Some of you later on this evening. Don’t forget, keep me questions coming in, though matter m80 TV to tease out mister mp3.com during the discord server join us on all the social they’ve got together, do like, if you did give it a thumbs down twice.

If you didn’t subscribe, if you haven’t, and i’ll see you in the next one I’ve been Matt. Williams fly safe and blue skies, [ Music, ]

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