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Everyone, its Matt Williams for mr. MPW, calm and today, a big day for the drone industry. Potentially the announcement by DJI of the DJI Mavic mini everyone, its Matt Williams, mister and PW calm, and today, big announcement DJI have released or announced the release of the DJI maverick mini.

Now then stands to be seen exactly when we’re going to get them into stock. But if you are interested in one we are now taking pre-orders over at flyer, crisco dot, uk’so go and grab on on pre-order.

While you can so you can get one of the first into the UK, so moving on the DJ maverick many, then this little drone looks like it could be a total game changer for drone enthusiasts. Well, it’s, probably not at a level whereby it will cover the requirements of true commercial drone operators.

There will be an incredible creative tool in the right hands and it’s. Certainly, a big kick in the nuts for the regulatory bodies in countries like America and the UK, because you won’t need to register as a drone operator in order to fly it because it comes in under that crucial 250 grams.

So you can fly it in the UK, in particular, with no need to complete the drone and model aircraft, registration and education scheme, the demurrers, and that’s. Just for you again, I’ll James, although I have to say it is an expensive way around the nine pounds annual fee.

That being said to me, the data protection element kind of side of things in terms of not going on to the CIA’s database and don’t. Forget. The CIA have been hacked in the last few weeks with phishing emails going out to about 400 PF Co holders, so that to me is worth more than the cost of getting a new drone.

I’ll, certainly be getting one as soon as we can, and we look forward to sharing that with you on the channel when the aircraft arrives into stock so onto the specs that have just been confirmed by DJI.

Then firstly, and as we’ve already alluded to this thing, really is a tiny little pocket rocket using the narrow, familiar folding form factor of its larger sibling. The DJI Mavic, the DJI maverick mini, has four foldable arms and literally fits into the palm of your hands.

When you’re, not waving them around, making it an ultra transportable drone. Perhaps the biggest win with this new drone is the weight going in under the turn and a 50 gram weight. Category limit means that it’s currently exempt from the requirements to register it or you as a drone operator, particularly in the UK.

Now I’m certain that the regulator ‘ S, will quickly change and adapt the regulations as best as they can to counter this, but they ‘ Ll certainly struggle to separate this new aircraft from DJI from the toy drones, which can’t really be regulated for yet not that this drone falls by any means into the toy category.

Given its price point and its capabilities, though, the next thing is battery tech, part of the weight saving measures of this DG I’m. A bit mini, is the switch away from lipo batteries to lithium-ion.

This is one of the first times we’ve, seen this power cell type being used in a drone, but I’m guessing that, because of the smaller motors required to get there stone in the air, the current draw is low enough To not overheat a lithium ion battery in the grand scheme of things, this switch in tech has very little impact on the end user and the switch will be transparent to the uninitiated.

The next thing to talk about is the camera. The new DG I’m, a VIP mini, has a three axis gimbal, rather than a two axis gimbal that the spark had, which is an incredible thing for a drone as small and light as this.

In addition, the camera can record in 2.7 K which, albeit not quite the 4k, that someone hoped for again an incredible capability for a drone of this size. Bear in mind that very few of us actually output in 4k anyway and shooting in 2.

7, will still allow some level of cropping and zooming into the image at 1080. Anyway, personally, I think the portability and deploy ability of a drone, this small, will outweigh the fact that it’s limited to 2.

7 K because of where and how you’ll be able to fly it. One of the big things to bear in mind outside of the market in hyperbole is that, despite the figures on the DJI move, it many saying that we can fly the drone a few kilometers away.

There are very few places where this can be done legally and certainly in the UK, you’ll, be looking at probably having to keep the drone within about a hundred meters of you in order to maintain visual line of sight.

So a brief rundown of what we’ve, been taught and told about and taught about what we’ve been shown and told about the DJI maverick mini today by DJI. As I said, we will let you know as soon as they come into stock.

You can go over to mr. and pww comm go down to the bottom, the page sign up for the newsletter we’ll. Let all of the subscribers know when we’ve got those in or you can go on pre-order yours now over at fly, Icarus, co, dot, uk ‘

We will have an unboxing of the aircraft. We will have a first flight, a set-up guide for the aircraft coming out on the channel as soon as we get hold of one, and we are pegged to have one of the very first units to come into the UK so stay tuned.

For that one dropping thoughts, comments, questions down in the comment section below. As always, I’ve, been Matt Williams, fly safe and blue skies.

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