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It is a lovely day out here – and this is a short video about the new press release that the FAA sent out yesterday, the faith it is concerning remote identification, so it has selected eight companies that it has been working with veterans since 2008 in December 2018 To come up with some kind of method of identifying drones while airborne the interesting thing about it, is that once you go airborne, we had drawn drones will be able to transmit to some central that those eight companies will be working on and the eight companies Selected by the FAA, Airbus, Amazon, Intel , and and wing okay, like I said that in these companies since 2018, now several questions come in mind. Are we going to be required to pay to be able to get this remote identification because it is said that people sorry companies will have to apply, but God should be one of those that are giving or providing those remote identification if a company is to provide It it means that we will have to pay for that remote identification. So not only are we going to pay to register a drone, but we’re going to pay to have that remote identification. The second question that came to my mind is drones, like maverick meaning, which we are not required to register with FAA before flying in the US airspace.


Are we going to require a remote ID for those drugs on? Are we going to pay for that drone as well for drugs like maverick mini as well, so it is kind of tricky, but it is what it is. We need the security we need to be able to be identified while flying. I think it is good. I think it is a good idea, but now all the other extra costs that will come with that.


It’S what it’s a little bit mind, but how much will that be? And if you put together, eight big companies, eight of them Airbus, a map, Amazon, Intel, , , and wink to come up with that technology. It’S not gon na be cheap. I think I don’t think it’s something that we will pay five bucks for a remote idea. It might be, it might be cheaper, but given the fact that those companies would spend a lot of money, developing the technology and coming up with the rules and then other companies would have to apply to supply those IDs, it makes me feel like we will be Paying some money – I don’t know how much we will be paid some money to to register, to get those IDs, and I don’t know what they will .


Another questions. I don’t know what we with the drones that we already have. Are we going to be able to still fly those drones? Are we going to be required to get the IDS for those drones, so it’s all ready to see. We will see in the future what what what the FAA and comes up with, but guys.


I just thought I should put this video out there so watch out very soon. We will require IDs to fly, which is good. I don’t know if the ID the current ID that we have for other drones right now will become obsolete. Maybe we will no longer need those IDs, since we will have that remote ID identification, maybe their registrations that we do right now will be obsolete, and I don’t know yet it wasn’t mentioned here. They only released this statement that they’ve selected 8 companies and maybe because they’re still coming up with the rules and regulations, all the registration that we are doing right now will become obsolete.


Another question is if they bring a new rule that states that we are supposed to transition from the old registration with FAA, the process of registration will FAA to this new remote ideal registration. Will there be some kind of reimbursement with the every Aryan, both money back for the Joseph we’ve already registered? I don’t know, but well it’s five bucks if they don’t register no big deal, but I just thought I should put this out there that there is a new rule out there that is in the making. It will be for our safety to be for a good, and it will force drone pilots to fly in the right location. You will not go and fly somewhere.


That is restricted, because you would know that you will receive the bill or you will be sunshine. One way or the other so guys thank you, leave a comment below have a good day and be safe out. There bye bye for now,

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