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by Jose

hey pilot at Jason here
bringing you a another unmanned aircraft systems update lists and if you haven't
passed your part 107 test or have a recurrent test coming up pilot
is where you need to be no one has helped more pilots become
certificated overcurrent then remote pilot so today I'd like to give you
an update this is the latest from the FAA on how the tests are to be
administered as well as a few kind of written changes to the FAA that I really
believe you should know about first a bit of background now when you go to
take your test you're in the hands of a company called psi they're actually good
friends of ours every year at inner we have a booth right next to them
as well now they're contracted by the FAA to administer all airman tests this
is not just part 107 so you could be sitting next to someone who's taking the
private pilot exam or their airline transport pilot exam just as an example
so psi services actually based in Glendale California and they receive
their awarded contract to administer all testing back in 2018 however it's taken
a couple of years to get up to speed so now psi is actually a fully established
within more than 800 testing centers throughout the United States so if you
want to register for your part 107 just general initial exam you go to the psi
that's psi exams comm you create your account you look for your testing
locations around the country sign up you pay your testing costs it's usually or
used to be we'll say $150 it's up to $160 now interestingly enough the FAA
does not pay psi to conduct these testings so PSI makes all that money
directly from these registration fees now remember that this company psi
administers exams in many areas not just for the FAA so when you see the drop
down menu for what kind of entity choose government and then FAA and then
unmanned general unless you're taking the two-year renewal instead you should
choose recurrent here so now that things are pretty well up
and running at 4 psi the FAA has announced some will call the
modifications to the testing procedures that take effect January 13th 2020 the
most important change is that anyone registering to take an FAA exam must get
what's called an FAA tracking number or ftn you must do this first so how is
this different than what you did before well up to now you didn't apply for an F
T n until after you passed the test so when you register to take your test
psi I assigned you an administrative testing ID number remember it's the
super super long way too many numbers and everything else right
the FAA figured well it's too many numbers it can get confusing so an
effort to be more efficient the FAA is saying that starting January 13th you
must apply for an F T n number first before registering for your test so now
where do we apply for this f TN well we do that at the FAA SCI Accra webpage so
for those of you have not been to I Accra site by the way it stands for
integrated airman certification and rating application it's basically the
FAA is webpage for pilot applications so here's what we do we go to AI Accra FAA
gov don't choose a user name yet choose register agree to the Terms of Service
for those of you who hold an airman certification already you have an FTM
number you enter that and the system finds you if not fill in the personal
info include email and security questions we create our username and our
password we then click the register button and we get our FTN you will need
to know this number to sign up for your knowledge test so keep it somewhere safe
some other provisions in this January 13th 2020 update by the FAA include the
removal of the seal on the test results document that means they just you know
they use that stamp to kind of seal the document they're not going to do that
anymore no big deal just in case you read about it you understand actually
what it means and the addition now of ACS codes for the missed questions this
is what that really means to you you're gonna get a list of codes for the
questions that you men so that you can go look them up online
later and see what areas you need to study up on or maybe take the test again
if need be just for your own edification if you want to interestingly enough
though they don't give you the exact questions that you missed only the
knowledge category so that's probably because they don't want you to have the
actual test questions and those get revealed to the public but at least
you'll know the questions you missed we're in this given subject area for
example density altitude or weight and balance so what we can do we go to psi
exams calm or we can give them a ring on their phone as well so we I have that
listed there for you listen the industry by the way is is full of acronyms so
before I leave you I want to fill you in on just one more acronym it's a TS
airman certificate Testing Center that's the job that was awarded to psi to
manage and facilitate all F a knowledge testing we also learned about ft n
that's the FAA tracking number that's the number you must apply for ahead of
time for registering for your tests then we have I Accra integrated airman
certification and rating application that's the webpage we go to well to get
our F TN a kts airman knowledge testing supplement you'll see that one a lot
that's the booklet cost eight bucks on Amazon or the psi that they have
it there there's PDFs available as well psi is
going to provide you with a copy of the booklet to use while you're taking the
test but you might want to order your own so you have it while you're going
through the remote pilot 101 course as well we have it as a PDF as well for you
now when you go to take your test they're not gonna let you bring your
phone in you got to put everything in a locker so nothing goes into the testing
room with you with the exception if I can bring in my basic calculator a
magnifying glass or whatever it is but they're gonna have pencil paper there
for you they'll have a copy of that akes that knowledge supplement book
there as well you have two hours answer 60 questions which sounds like a lot but
I promise it's plenty of time so you have it an update on how to take your
part 107 and knowledge test I want to thank you for checking us out and thank
you for making wrote pilot 101 the most popular and successful
part 107 test prep course on the market we'll see you remote pilot 101 is the
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