My first job as a professional drone pilot

by Jose

So just thought i’d, bring you guys with me today, because today, my first paying job as a joke piling so come on all right. So i’m here now and uh still waiting on the guy to get here for the shoot. I’m supposed to do some following chasing stuff for uh .

So we’ll, see. Hopefully i don’t mess up, but you know me: okay, so uh, right now i’m, just kind of setting up for the shot and what they want is uh like an underpassing tracking. So i’m. Just kind of sort of getting in place, but maintaining a safe visual line of sight and uh, making sure that there’s.

No other traffic that i’m flying over uh, since his is the only one that i’m supposed to be flying over and there’s, so many power lines in this road. We might have to do a reshoot, i’m, not sure [, Music, ] and yeah just staring at the road waiting for him to find a place to turn around and come back and uh.

This is all done with the autel ii shooting in the camera. It’s, a great camera. It’s, a great platform platform, but uh. You know i did all of this stuff with one battery the loiter time is 40 minutes.

It’s, pretty fantastic and yeah that i don’t know i feel like that, shot sucked just because that other was there and i had to get off out of the way real quick. So here’s, the other shot that we were trying to get and it was like a pan, and i had to do a couple takes because this first one as you can see, is way too jerky.

I was i, i was not very good with tracking the car with the joysticks in manual, that was terrible, [ Music ], what oh, my god, it’s like motion sick, just watching my own video and that’s.

Pretty bad so uh after the end of this shot, we get the the final take coming up, which is good because as soon as they drove off to set up for the shot, my uh controller started saying battery low on the .

So we had to make it right, and this was the best one that i could do and i think it’s, not terrible, but i still feel like. I could have done better. That part’s pretty smooth, and this one thing is going to be bugging me – is the uh, the roof of the building cutting off the front of the car and uh.

I feel like i screwed up that whole shot, but anyways. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below have a good one, so that was a pretty good time got to hang out with brian and uh got the shots that he was looking for and now it’s, time to go home And upload them and uh send them to him, so he can review them and decide if he needs me to reshoot.

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