Murfreesboro To Begin Drone Training

One city in Middle Tennessee is experimenting with and the test flights begin this week. New at ten. Our Rebecca schleicher is live in the newsroom with why the city of Murfreesboro spent the last year getting the go-ahead for this Rebecca Rory.

It took the city 11 months to get the approval from the FAA, and now Murfreesboro is one of the first cities in the state to begin training with a originally used in war. have quickly become an American household hobby, yes, but in the park where you may notice a bird or the occasional flying disc, the city of Murfreesboro will begin training.

This week I mean we had a criminal escape, pretty pretty recent and the whole school had to go on a Code Red. I think the helped out a lot with that. The city says, searches and difficult areas are one way a could help, but for the most part they want it for routine mapping like for gps’s and the water department there will be some uses that we will have that will prevent us Or keep us from having to use an airplane? In those cases, staff say that could save the city time and money.

If the training goes well, they could loan it to the fire department. Fire suppression ability would allow them to be able to see better in the location where they’re fighting the fire or use it to check out electrical towers without putting workers in harm’s way.

People around town see mixed on the idea. I think it definitely has a lot of potential to be something good for the city. I don’t, really trust machinery like that, a city IT employee, whose FAA certified will pilot the drone during training at barfield crescent park, and while drones tend to bring up concerns for privacy, some say what was something to murphys.

We’re going on. This may just be the way of the future. Well, this training will take several weeks and once that’s over the city and the FAA will both have to decide to move the program forward before it can become operational within city limits.

If that does happen, there is a laundry list of requirements about where how high and when they’re able to fly the drone in the newsroom Rebecca schleicher, newsChannel 5. There are some rules, including some altitude limits.

It is not allowed to fly the drone above 400 feet that’s, to keep it clear from any air traffic which starts at five hundred feet.

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