Money For Basic Canada Drone Exam Study Guide Education Should Be Free

by Jose
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Just doing some quick caps of one spot, and I say that combo is kind of hazy that looks kind of further south. You can see it looked like wow look see the go, clouds are there like smoke or something? So I thought I go out there just to see you can get like a different view closer over there, [ Music, ] [, Music ].

It’s, almost exactly respond to get the best shot at it. Ah, darn have to stop you seen. That goes towards this way. Now, of course, you want to be able to see it na Rae. I got ta go further down now unexpected adventure today and wider perspective of this angle, [, Music, ] after slowly creeping here now, at least I got my shots.

A little bit of battery love, if I try to save it for me, you know Mike dies a little bit more just to get a different kind of effect, but we’ll, see today. I actually tried taking the test again just out of curiosity to see if it is randomized and all that and this time since I know it’s, ridiculous, it’s, not related entirely about drones and stuff.

I should have been able to do well on it. Unfortunately, when I was trying to test the site kept going down every single time Midway, so they say if you’re taking the test, like you ace it, you come back.

It’ll, just start again like from where you left off at the time, but geez. I was waiting for a like what 10 20 30 minutes for the thing to come back up. In some cases, the time actually just kept going but looks a bit so even though you have like well over an hour, you come back as like.

Oh you have 30 minutes left. I actually did finish it though, but unfortunately you submit the answers again. It’s like the landslides down, so I don’t even know what the results are. Cuz. You can see on the results.

It says it’s still like ongoing, as if I’m still taking the test. But to my understanding at the time runs L, then everything should just be submitted, as is whatever you filled out. So I don’t know what the results are.

Funny thing is, I form the number it says on the screen like. If you have issues and guess what, when you phone in it says, leave us a message, we’ll, get back here in two days, awesome job people that want to be like safe trying to abide by the things that you’re.

Putting out there in the dark everything’s broken, I can’t confirm that the questions seem completely random. Like this time, I didn’t get some of those crazy math questions and all that, like some of them, I could answer just based on common sense, even though I have no knowledge of airplanes and stuff, but this just shows you why some people Will have an extremely hard time, but in doing this test and stuff, like that, one of the points that were brought up where why isn’t all the materials organized with a free guide book and everything like that to help people pass this test.

At the same time, why keep advertising things like drones, school drone school, like? Is this all money? Why aren’t the material available for free? Like just an example, I don’t know how it works everywhere else in a world to get like a driver’s license here, you can actually just go straight to the site.

Read the material download for free. You can even take practice tests, which is actually real questions that they will show you on the test. You get it wrong. Okay, we’ll. Try again when you feel confident enough to actually do this.

You can then take the real test. I mean for me, I’d, have to wonder a wise transfer. Canada mystifying this whole thing, making it so complicated and potentially making it outer reach. For the average person’s financially just the past is basic.

Tests were supposed to be basic, but it’s, not really when you think about, because I even proved to you guys a lot that question doesn’t even have anything to do about drones. At the same time, in comparison, you can’t like talk about the questions or a type that like specifically what they are.

Why not like? What’s there to hide don’t? You want people to be educated and want to know the answers just like these car exams. So how are people supposed to get like an education for this if they don’t already come with like an aviation background and all our stuff, and even if they fly the drones again, a lot of the questions? Aren’t even related to it, so this kind of caught my attention.

Basically, I got an email from a company which say they now offer things like drone training. It says here like this is just an example: our pas drone training, advanced and basic ground school, and guess what $ 200 $ 200 for this for information from what I gather it’s, just an online test like it gives you access to This site, I guess, to go over materials, cuz even says: mandatory online exam with Transport, Canada, exam administered through Transfer, Canada is required, and this basically is a basic knowledge course.

The basic knowledge course is highly recommended by Transport Canada to ensure success in passing the online exam beneficial for insurance applications. Also, so you have to pay $ 200 to get just basic.

I guess an idea of the type of questions you’re gonna. Ask you like to prepare for it. What is this imagine doing that like for the car test, where they charge you $ 200, for what’s readily available for free it’s, not the way it should be like you should make this stuff free.

I can see if you’re, like training, the guy to fly and stuff like that. Okay, that’s, a little different, just like with the car, the guys going out with you in the day training you to drive, then yes, but just for basic, like study, guide materials.

So to speak, and just to be clear, I’m, not against a company making money with their business. I mean if you offer a service where you think someone’s going to benefit excel at something gives them a solution that they need then go for it like charge as much as you want it’s, a free market right, but Not for basic stuff like this – I mentioned it yesterday it’s just unfortunate, because a lot of people don’t actually fly drones so for the average person to hear from the other side.

Oh, you’re, giving people a training in something that sounds good, but if they did this for cars like $ 200, just for like basic like say, a practice study test again you get on the site, like you can see, for free people would Be outraged there’s no way like that would even go by, and I guess another thing people talk about is how do you approve these ground schools like what exactly the qualification like? Even for me, that’s, kind of a mystery, but like for this test here, it says this ground school program is recognized by Transport.

Canada is approximately 20 hours and an online course login valid for 30 days, and you require 90 % to pass and the exam can be taken multiple times. Okay, so basically they tried really hard. I guess to make sure you understand the material, because in the actual test is only 65 % either you need to pass, and here’s.

One point that really got me. It says this course is not a certificate that allows you to use your drone, but it’s required to get approved by Transport, Canada. Only Transport, Canada has jurisdiction to issue permits.

You will need to apply for SFO, see with Transport Canada to use a drone for commercial purposes. If you think about it, that’s, not even true you, don’t have to have an SFO see to do commercial work.

Once the regulation goes in it’s only for those extremely complex operations that you need SFO see you can technically do commercial work as a basic person as long as you do things like stay away from the controlled airspace and all that so far For me, anyways again, none of this feels like it makes me a safer flyer.

They don’t, go through the basics, a person by out of the box. We need, like I said before number one thing is teach the person like how do I know to find out. This is a controlled airspace, and this is not.

I thought that should be one of the first things that you just try to teach people in a really basic way. I mean this might be harsh to say, but at this point with the way everything’s set up how there’s, no real direction.

A lot of the questions is stuff. They’re, not even related to drones and safety. It almost feels like the only way you would really super support. Everything, as is, is, if you’re, some ëletís that wants to like control like say the airspace or whatever all by yourself, that’s.

I can’t justify like answering questions like about airplanes that have absolutely no relevance to a guy that flies and roll it see. If there’s, just a way to stop someone from actually flying their drone in general period as opposed to helping them become safe and, as you guys know, I really don’t like politics and stuff, like that.

I rarely pay attention to that stuff, but what would be really crazy and kind of silly is, if I hear anything from that late, what ministers say well because of my interval odds there’s, never been a death or whatever by a drone, or Some like that, look, if I hear that, like they say it’s because of this yeah, alright, what are the odds of that happening? Actually, I mean if I’m, not mistaken to most of these stories last year in terms of deaths and Aviation’s were related to actual airplanes like it was one I something to do about like a flight instructor or some way That, like they crashed like there’s, some miscommunication I mean for the most part it is actual airplanes and airplanes.

I created the dangers not like that: regular recreational consumer guy flying the drone [ Music ]. It’s -26° in the sky and says here in the ground. It’s like minus 0.9 [ Music. ]. Look at that, like big cold spot, wait, the filters can make it look like it’s nighttime and it’s.

Not just a only way to get the Sun view right now. Otherwise, they’ll, be way too overexposed. [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], hey see you guys later

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