Menlo Park Fire Drone Training Demo

by Jose
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We’ve all come together today to test out our UAS capabilities skills work together, share some best practices and hopefully come out on the other side. With you know, some some lessons learned and some takeaways that help us all build our programs out when the common goal here is just training together kind of learning the limitations of the kind of getting dialed in on some of the more like intricate settings of It and then how to operate best practices as far as like how to set up search grids, how to do some of that autonomously how we can operate together.

Communication agencies from the Bay Area out here today: training we have Santa Clara San Jose Fremont Alameda County Menlo Park, Redwood City, San Mateo. The goal is to get a whole bunch of guys from different departments, really programs.

We did a wide area search for a lost hiker, which was a set up. Everybody worked with three drones up in the air. All different levels or can safely have nicely coordinating everything found the victim in about an hour and 10 hours of treatment worked great.

It was, it was really interesting to see how guys figured out how teams figured out organically how we were going to organize ourselves and how how to perform these searches a number of different ways of what the best ways to do.

Those things were safe, [, Music, ], Jeff, Clavin and battalion chief. He brought the program to us and we ‘ Ve got our pcs on board. In the back of the time fix. We have a camera all set up and we have Apple TV with it, so we can sync right onto the screen and lucky for us.

We’ve had a lot of deployment. We’ve had very good success and we’ve partnered with a Fremont PD. The Fremont game is going to fly, but it found out in the PD world it’s, a lot tougher for them, because people think they’re looking in their backyards.

But when the fire department’s flying or everybody’s, friends, so the Jenkins drowning we’ve, had a couple shootings with the PD, where we going in where the guy actually committed suicide. We were able to get in real close with the CHP helicopter.

They were on top with their flare camera, but a little more blurry. We’re able to get right in there with our infrared able to show the body, the more importantly, the guests, and that was very helpful for PD.

So our partnership to them is amazing. Hey they went really well. You know the goal is to get a whole bunch of guys from different departments, with these programs combined a different between DGI, Flur, drone, deploy and overlap, and all that all combined and we found we found our victim.

It’s been great. I think that’s, one of the big takeaways right. It’s networking and it’s kind of figuring out how this whole thing can mesh and how you know we figure out safety, be conflicting airspace.

Some of the more subtle issues that we weren’t weren’t apparent when we started doing this overwatch right firefighter safety. If we’re talking about going out across that commercial roof – and we have you – know a thermal camera flying over top of guys and just looking out for them changing conditions for that truck company, that’s going out to do that.

We have our people operating them, so we know what those safety concerns are that we need to relay in real time. We’re on comms with them. Their people were training with you know. At Menlo we’re constantly putting up drones.

Overtop of new people, you know conditioning them to not be worried about what that sound. Is they know that when they hear that buzzing sound that swarm of bees that that’s, our guys, looking out for them and they don’t need to be worried about that? We just it’s, overwatch it’s.

Close air support is kind of how I term it, and you know it’s, tactical decision making in real time. You know relaying that information to an IC. Those are all things that were concerns, obviously, with drones plane.

I’m worrying about that. You know the privacy is going to be invaded, it was about an hour and a half presentation. We showed all the missions if you’re flown, and there was a couple good valid questions from the community but, more importantly, a nail bought in great policies and the procedures that we use and care the throne.

The Chinese text, which weighed more seven, you have one Operator on duty, and then we have a co-pilot. We fly together as you set up our area of interest. We set the altitude to be 247, gives us the minimum altitude field.

Stander needs right now in the future. Hopefully we can get that altitude closer. So you get a little bit higher definition result set the flight direction to be in the full longer direction. The field standards tend to work better.

That way, as opposed to doing something like this, will you’ll, get many different strips to superglue west. If you Jason for linear building over in west of that one sincerity that comes out that evolved into another couple hundred yards down Wesley any point right now really hard, I copy so there’s, another one, the farmers now individual, you’Re looking at [, Music, ]

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