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by Jose

[, Music ], my name is Carlos worthless, but you know the drone community. I’m known as Chaput it’s almost like a superpower. Is this complete freedom, [ Music ]? I’m, not a really competitive person. I don’t like to have that feeling like I want to beat this guy prefer just enjoying and they kind of like freestyle of it, [ Music ].

Now he’s younger. I used to do a lot of extreme sports. A lot of skating snowboarding 10 years ago, I have an injury climbing and I completely broke my leg and I have a few surgeries in my legs. I wasn’t able to kind of do those things anymore.

I discovered drawn a 3d flying and slowly I realized that I was getting the same adrenaline you been doing this without the danger: [ Music ]. It feels like an out-of-body experience and it almost feels like you’re inside a complete different animal.

You’re, not a human anymore, [ Music ], I’ve, been doing the drawing stuff and posting videos online. Probably for a couple of years I never got so much attention it’s. Pretty amazing. I never expected anything like this to happen.

We were flying today. It’s, a little dangerous. Why? Because there’s, a lot of metal. I got stuck right there. Let’s, see if I reach it’s, the problem with frequency you know and the interference that all of these metal bars create.

The view that I can see on my goggles sometimes gets a little fuzzy because of all of these metals and it creates lines: [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], god, ah easy it Tilikum.

Let’s, find a rhythm something kinky like this model is nobody the same, but it ‘ S like this is a little scary. They’re, not toys. You know there’s, a model in it that spins really fast. It has four propellers that’s in really fast.

So obviously, if you put your thing in me, that’s going to cut you, so it’s. Important to know you know it’s. Fun is important to kind of respect it. Okay back up to that I fly. It is called a sharp ooh X, completely designed for my taste and it flights really amazing, [, Music ].

It’s, amazing, to go to events and have everybody kind of stopping you to say like Amen. Thank so much because of your video. I start fine. Every time I hear that it just makes you want to fly more. I definitely see it as an art form as a way of recording is something that is not easy to see something that you don’t see every day, all right, a way of seeing an environment in a completely different perspective: [ Music, ] [ Applause: ] [, Music, ],

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