Meet Doris: The 101 year old Drone Pilot – KEN HERON

by Jose

Hey everybody: this is your pal Ken here, and this is my friend Doris and we are in Hilton Head South Carolina and we’re about to go for a little ride in the car on that right. That’s right yep yeah. We’re gonna fly drone and what’s extra-special about this trip is that Doris is a hundred and one years old as of two weeks from now that’s right.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m just going to buckle up if you don’t mind all right, we’re on our way on the way to a park. They don’t, have island yeah and you’ve, never flown a drone before have you? No? Never.

Have you seen the drone? I’ve, seen pictures of them in the news and okay, we’ll meet talking to you and asking you questions. While you’re driving distract you from that task, yeah, okay, good! Well! When I get a car iolo it yeah yeah that’ll, be a clue.

When was the last time you drove the car yesterday, okay, I have to go to this tomorrow. Yeah you do that, so people are probably thinking. Looking at you like you, you don’t, look a hundred you don’t.

Look a hundred Doris! You know that’s. What they tell me I don’t know. I know I wonder you’re very lucky. You know you’ve won at life. Well, my point my point is: I was able to hold my brain together.

Yes, and I don’t know who’s in charge of that, but somehow it worked yeah you lucked out there yeah. How long have we known each other well at 52 years, yeah as long as I’ve been around yeah, so I don’t know you.

I always knew about you. I didn’t, see you so much’good. I saw some of you when you’re raising hell in high school yeah. Doris here was friends with my grandmother and that’s. How I knew her and right now we’re, trying to negotiate a circle.

They will come in this way. It’s hard to see them. So your eyesight’s. Pretty good! Is it well? I have a macular in my right eye, okay, but the left eye is fine. All right I can see with that, like I can’t, put the two eyes together and read a book okay, but you’re, okay to drive and you don’t have any problems at the DMV yeah.

I know I know all the things are: okay, the lights are all that business night. I hate to be the bearer of bad news Doris. But what’s that you’ve, fallen into that old people trap? What’s? That you ‘

Ve left your turn signal on Hey, so DARS. Who was the first president that you voted for, because I know you you were born before Delano Roosevelt. You voted for Roosevelt and I mean cuz. You were. Were you a voting age before women could even vote? I vote yeah yeah, but I mean when was the I know what you’re, trying to say yeah the rule going that women can vote [, Music, ].

So what year were you born? 18? Okay, so you were 20 1938. Can you remember all that? Can you remember like all or you know, specific things cuz? I was in college for anyways talks about the war yeah.

Remember that guys I was dating was Jenny to be an airline pilot and he crashed. It was felt so badly for him and you never married oh yeah. I was married for 20 years. Oh you, don’t, have any kids, no right right and but Doris here was a teacher right.

What age did you teach one? Two three in four? Okay, so is that why I don’t have any kids cuz you’re already, you got your full your fill of kids when you’re teaching like mentally got don’t were so that’s good, I didn’t.

Have it Oh, careful, careful, Doris. So thanks for letting me drive your car doors, not that I was nervous with you driver. I was absolutely fine. I was. I was waiting for that car to come up and take my side yeah.

So we tried to go to a park back there, but we checked the air man. I was right. I knew it wasn’t, yeah, hey Doris! There we go so what we’ve done. Is we secretly borrowed someone’s backyard? I’m, going to hear that I’m sure Vijay.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna launch the drone and then show everybody how beautiful it is because, right now let’s. Go you really can’t tell, but first you have to meet the drone. You haven’t met the drone, yet no get the show on the road.

All right here we go. This is the DJI phantom4 professional? No, what do you think of him? He does. You know that’s, the camera and it just flops around. No, once it’s on it’s on a gimbal, so it holds it steady.

Does it yeah? If, when you were 20 years old in 1938 – and you saw something like this flying around, what would you have thought yeah these these control sticks, yeah yeah and you’re gonna. Do it well, I’ll.

Do it first, but then you’re gonna. Do it? Oh, okay, all right! So it’s. Booting up. What do you say? He said boo do doop and a little fin just make it fly in the air yep. Those are the propellers yeah and now you’ll, see what the camera sees.

You see your feet. No yeah move your feet. You see that’s, you so so then you can see yeah. So so you can see you can see yourself, you see in the screen over here. I was sure yeah about that. Okay, I’m gonna.

Let you launch it: Oh yep! It’s really easy. Remember how I was showing you on your iPhone yeah by the way she has an iPhone 6. Somebody in Instagram was asking if you have a smartphone, and yes, I’m gonna hit this and now just slide that over and it will take off there.

You go that’s, it you’ve done it. It is how about that, what you think there we are and see. I’m, not touching the controls, so it just stays work that you can make it dealer yeah. I can make it come over here and then we can take off and show everybody where we’re sitting.

Look at your dick! Can you put it in the water? No, no! I don’t want to put it in the water. What’d? You do with it. You see it. I don’t even say it. Yeah yeah it’s. You wouldn’t, be a good spotter cuz your eyes.

Aren’t that great, no, that’s. It I don’t even get it up by the you swing it. Oh, it’s, gone past the swing it’s. It’s out over the beach. Oh, and now it’s going out over the ocean and yeah. Can you see it’s all over the ocean? Yeah it’s.

Fine. I ran like in heaven yeah and I’ll, bring it up a little bit there. Okay! Now we can look, we can look down the beach. Look down that way: yeah don’t touch the screen you’ll crash it. She’s. What’s? That crash? Am I gonna mess? Okay yeah? So there look at that.

You can see the entire beach okay, this one yeah says obstacle: sensing and avoidance has been switched off. Please don’t less Doris fly this oh yeah and then and then we’ll, look down the other way, and I see what you’re doing with these yeah this you bring it up over that swing over the Swing yeah, it’s hard.

You rationalize these distances, yeah. It is that’s. True. What do you think of this ? Isn’t, it mind-blowing everything just not real my hand, yeah it’s, pretty amazing yeah. So here comes! Oh you think it’s.

Coming I don’t, see you don’t, see it. I’m sure you can hear it and there we are right by the swing. Oh, I see it was that far yeah there. It is see it’s. There’s. There’s, our swing. Oh it’s, real yeah yeah.

It is it’s. Surreal, yes for real, and so I’m gonna bring it back here. Yeah to us, you want to try it. Do you? Dare me well, yeah, you’re 101. Why not live it up a little bit! Do you that this is probably the first time 101 year old is flown a drum? What do you think I haven’t included that oh yeah, this one makes it go up and down.

This is up, and this is down – and this is and and this will make it go right and left they’re engaged and back and forth. So don’t worry about the one on the left, worry about this one on the right, oh really and then yeah, and then we’ll, keep it at that height and then you can move it around.

Okay, see what I can do it you-you-you-you for a teacher forever. Did I do a good job of your first drum here? You’re. Making me understand. Oh good good. Here you go now just be careful. It’s, heavy yep because I got it okay, if you get into trouble, let go of everything.

Okay, if you get into trouble, let go everything. How am I gonna go right, yeah? I know I’m. Do you near the tree, I’m gonna bring it up a little bit all right. Let’s, bring it out to the ocean very slowly.

There you go well, I should going down it’s. Not it just seems like it is because it’s going towards the horizon. Oh there, it goes yeah and then use the one. This stick on the left, push it to the right very slightly to the right and that’ll spin.

It around so we can see that our the house, you look down here, look down here. Can you see what you’re doing right there, stop you’re. Making me dizzy, Doris Doris! You’re. Making me dizzy. Stop stop don’t.

Stop it! Okay! All right now move this very slightly until you see the house very slightly slower, slower, slower, slow. I see the drone. Okay now stop see. Okay, it’s job. Can you see what it’s? Doing you’re moving yeah so now line it up with with the house viciously and there’s, a hiss.

Keep going you’ll, see it and then and then stop moving the drone right there stop close enough so trying to bring it back, bring it back towards us, okay, so force. What you want to do is point the drone towards us, and can you see this little red? Yes, that is a representation of the driver that’s where he is yes, and that H is us that’s home.

So if you spin this very slightly until the point of the red touches, is pointing towards the H they all work together. Yes, then, that’ll, bring it back. That will be meaning it’s, pointing towards us so go ahead.

Use your this left here very very slightly and keep going that’s, good! That’s good! So now use this one to steer it back towards us and that’ll, bring it over back towards us yeah! You’re doing it. I don’t Sam.

You see over here. Now you’re gonna push my hand away. I did yes, I did absolutely I don’t want you to hit the flagpole. Are you doing it? Oh, I see it yeah little red arrows bunny that’s it, but look up here: hey! Oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah! Now you’re, close enough where you can see the drone right here and bring it over until right about there and I ‘

Ll stop stop, and by stop I mean let go very good. All right now use this one on your left, thumb and forefinger to bring it down, but not in the pool. Slowly take home like Mylar, Elvia, dance, yeah, excellent, excellent, very good! Can we win the stuff? Well, you can go down lower yeah, you’re, doing it yeah.

This is fun. All right now use the one on the right. You can stop at the one on the left, now use the one on the right to bring it a little bit closer towards us and when you hover it over the pole, then stop let go.

Let go. Let go that’s great. That’s great, that’s great. We should probably have been in a in a more open area for this, but the open area – wouldn’t, have a great scenery like this. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and land it in my hand.

Okay, that would be fun. Yeah, [, Music ]. That thing looks real attaboy good landing. Yeah you didn’t fall in the water. Oh, what do you think? I think it’s fun, and I think I could learn how to use that yeah.

You’d, be having to buy new batteries. Doris final thoughts on that: what do you think? Okay, I just had the best time in the world. I mean it great yeah yeah. Do it again someday let’s. Do it again, yeah sure, let’s.

Make this a tradition. I’ll, come and visit you every year, every year in DC. I’m December right around Christmas time and I’m alive. You you, you’ll, be around, I think so I mean we’re. Not gonna go, take out a 30-year mortgage for you or anything, but since it is Christmas time yeah it’s.

All that I have a present for you, what do people usually get you for Christmas, boring stuff clothes, yeah Chloe? Well, I got you something fun. I did. What do you think of that? Do you know what it is? These are bubbles, you know like blowing bubbles, but they’re edible.

Oh really, you can blow them and you can eat them and eat the stuff mm-hmm lucky bubble. Do you want to try them yeah? Let’s. Give it a try here: hey since I’ve won enough right back yeah yeah. I see some all right now go well.

I think do it again, do it again all right got him. Now there you go Merry Christmas, Doris god bless you sleep! Really is it tastes kind of soapy I never. I never heard of this recently got my life and that better than like you know, like old people, stuff that’s, exactly right, yeah don’t.

You hate it. When people talk to old people like it’s very condescending in there, that’s right, oh yeah yeah, it’s a low blow. It really is and when people say I ‘ Ve heard this a lot in like checkout places they’ll, say sure you have a great day, young lady.

You get that. I know exactly what you’re saying: yeah people are like live yeah, stop doing that the answers yeah. I respect your helpers cuz. They know you’re, being a pain in the ass yeah thanks so much for watching thanks for subscribing thanks for playing with me today, Doris, Oh, until next time, buh and bye, you know our picture being taken with these things.

Yep, the little red things are popping a little ooze yep everybody’s. Gon na know how awesome you are [, Music, ],

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