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Everyoneís Matt Williams, mr. npw calm and welcome to today’s, drone news quite a big week for the drone industry. So a couple or one main article that we’re, going to focus on this week and then a smell a little bit different, so wrap everything up.

Everyone welcome to this week’s news, so things to think about or talk about the DJI maverick minis have shipped today. The CA drone registration is now open and some good drone news thermal drone operator finds a missing six year old boy in Minnesota.

First up today, then, after DJ’s, announcement of the launch of the DJI maverick mini last week. The first units have shipped today to end-users and they should reach their lucky new owners. On Monday, we ‘

Ll have a bunch of setup and obviously the obligatory unboxing videos for the Maverick mini coming over the next few weeks so make sure you stay tuned to the channel for that, in the meantime, make sure you share your new drones, arrive in first flights, etc.

With us, by using the hashtag hashtag mr. MPW, we look forward to seeing what you’re all up to with this amazing new machine, the biggest selling point of which seems to be that at 249 grams it doesn’t require its Operator to complete the CIA’s, new drone registration scheme, which leads me nicely on to the second item on today’s, news agenda, probably the biggest thing in the news in the UK in particular this week, full stop for the drone Industry, so, as I’m sure, everyone is aware: the cia’s, drone and model aircraft, registration and education scheme the damaras launched this week and on the 5th of November 2019, the scheme went live.

It seems, though, quite a lot of people actually went ahead and registered themselves, which is a good thing to see. I think, particularly given the pushback that we’ve, seen from the community and ourselves to some degree surrounding this.

For those who have been following along with the channel over the last kind of months, you’ll. Be aware that we fought tooth and nail against the scheme since it was announced, unfortunately to no avail.

That being said, the registration process itself, despite a few tie, pose some slightly ambiguous questions and the odd 404. Our error seems to have been fairly well received and, dare I say it fairly straightforward in the most part, there does still seem to be plenty of confusion, those surrounding which elements people need to complete and when particularly if they have a PFC.

Oh, if you’ve completed nqe training and don’t hold a PFC, oh and if you’re, a member of certain organizations. The list for these kind of bits of confusion goes on and on and on what we’ve done is collate as many of these confusing pieces as we can find across the groups.

The forums people who’ve messages directly comments that we’ve, had on the videos, and we’ve posed those questions directly to the CAA as soon as they come back to us with any answers we’Ll do our best to disseminate them to you all.

This includes the state of the current exemption, which is in place so RS, 13 27 132 7, which we’re, expecting to be replaced, or at the very least, updated in the next few weeks. To incorporate the different exemptions which have been discussed by the CAA, it seems kind of ironic to in a way that the Demaryius scissors went live on bonfire night and evening which sees members of the general public able to go to their local shops and purchase explosives.

Without the need for a license or any form of registration and also saw said, explosives being used in leads as weapons against riot . Now now he ‘ S meant to be a little bit tongue-in-cheek, and we put it in there deliberately to provoke some thoughts on the subject.

What do you think’s? More dangerous drop? Your thoughts comments, questions to him below, as always, and finally, then moving on it seems to be the way that we as a society at the moment, kind of everything we read about and see on.

The news is so negative so time for a positive drone news story to wrap everything up for this week. We often discuss drones in terms of the incredible images that they produce or at times the nuisance they can cause in public spaces, but wander alien.

Photographer has just proved that this can life saving American drain photographers Steve finds, who specializes in commercial imagery recently used his thermal camera to help find a young boy who was lost in the woods in Minnesota.

A six-year-old boy went missing after school. He got off the school bus with her siblings, ran off to play in the woods with the family dog. Unfortunately, he then got lost and couldn’t make his way back home as night fell and temperatures dropped quickly.

The entire community of Sherbourne County in Minnesota came together to ensure that he could be found finds. The drone operator was among the 600 volunteers who searched tirelessly for 10 hours, while temperatures dropped to below freezing, though he’s never used the thermal camera on his drone.

In this way, previously finds expertise was critical in the search, particularly as darkness set in at around 1:40 in the morning. Using information that ground volunteers had given him finds was able to locate the missing boy and his dog using the thermal camera on his mitrice m 210 drone.

He quickly informed rescuers of the location and they were able to make their way to the young boy who, unfortunately, was dressed in like clothing. Luckily, the young boy and his dog were found fine and well, and given the successful use of the drone, the Sherbourne County Sheriff has stated that their department is looking into purchasing their own drones to help in future situations.

If you’ve got any news stories, particularly those surrounding the positive use of drones. Then please send them in to us. We’ll pick the best ones to feature in each week’s, news segments and let’s start to get that message out there of the positive use of drones.

Let’s, get away from all of the negativity surrounding the operations of them. Let’s, get away from all the negativity surrounding the drone registration scheme and everything that’s, going on and start to get this message across to the general public about drones for good.

Finally, don’t. Forget we’re still running our show real competition where you could get your company’s, show real featured on the channel, go check out the video at the link below for more details and use the hashtag hashtag.

Mr. M PW show real challenge on social media, so we can find your showreel a huge thank you to everyone who sent us links in and tagged us so far. They’ve been some incredible entries and it’s. Amazing to see the differences in everyone’s, creative and storytelling styles, so with snow due for the first time in the UK this weekend, particularly down at the lower levels.

If you’re, not north of the wall, let’s kind of get together. Let’s, get your drone registration done, get yourself registered and fly safely. I’ve, been Matt. Williams, fly safe, blue skies;

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