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Today’S equipment review is going to be on DJ eyes. Pro also be sure to stay tuned, to learn how you could win some drone accessories Friday, hey, I’m Mike with bid news . Now this review is not going to be a tech review on the specs there’s a bajillion of those already on YouTube. This review is going to be more about my personal opinions of the map of to crow and what I use it for so here is my list of the five things I like about the Maverick Pro number one flight times now. Those of you who don’t know here at vid news were a company and one of the main pieces of gear.

We use our now. My main purpose for buying the Pro was to have a scalp drug. Now the mag’s flight times are great: we’re able to get a good 25 minutes of airtime for battery depending on elevation, air temperature and wind. But this thing is great for sending out ahead of time to scout for the best shot when the director of EP is kind of unsure of camera placement or lens choices. Picking the lenses number two lens options.

Now the mapping to Pro essentially has two focal lengths. The wide field of view is equivalent to a 28 millimeter lens, and then we can punch into a 40 millimeter lens. This is really helpful for the DP to see what type of lens he or she wants, depending on the shot. Number 3 range. Okay.

Now this one’s baffling right away, I was blown away with the signal and HD downlink ranges on this drone. According to DJI, we have 5 miles of range. That’S insane the signal. Strength even puts my heavy lifter to shame. Alright now think about this, I can be in the woods, surrounded by tons of trees and foliage and fly a mile away and not even have ello s line of sight and still have plenty of signal strength to go around crazy, alright, number, 4 noise, and now I’M not talking about video noise, audible, noise, the noise on the crow is stinking quiet now mind you we’re used to flying 40 pound drones, which sounds like an angry beehive on crack, but the Pro is super quiet great for buzzing around without harassing Anyone finally number 5 portability, now we’re always on the road and have to drag all of our gear with us.

Now our vid news’mobile is always busting up. It seems with lots of gears or knowing that everything for the maverick Pro fits in one case and a small one at that makes me a very happy camper. Now, on to more exciting news, you should be very happy to know that we’re going to have some prize giveaways in November, we’re actually gon na be giving away three accessories. The Y Z charger, the polar Pro Stix and a soft carry case for thematic tooth Pro. Now I do have another video coming out here, that you can go ahead and check out it’ll be released the same time as this video, but that video will show you all of the to pro accessories that I use.

So how do you enter this? Drawing simple go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram. Then, when you go to our Instagram channel, you’ll find a photo gallery of the Mavic tooth Pro simply like this gallery, then starting on November 15th, we’re going to have one drawing a day for three days. If you follow us and like the Mavic 2 gallery, then your name will be placed in the drawing if you’re one of the winners you’ll be announced in another video on instagram, so stay tuned for that. Well then, contact the winners directly to get shipping info and send out your prize alright.

So that’s all I’ve got for now. If you like, this video, be sure to subscribe again. My next video is going to be on what accessories I use for the Mavic to throw and why. I hope this video was helpful and you got to learn a few things again. I’M Mike with bid news safe flying, we’ll see you next time.

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