Mavic 2 Advanced Thermal Comparison dji mavic 2 enterprise advanced, dji flir

Hey everybody mel here, 400 agl today i’m, going to talk about the . I’m, going to show you images from that 512 sensor. Show you just what it’s, going to look like let’s, get into it! Let’s.

Go back in time a little bit back to 2018 october to be exact. The enterprise was released, then, in december the enterprise duel was released. We all thought that was going to be a game. Changer dji gave us a clear camera.

Let’s, go up to 2020. Here in april they gave us the 2.. Why is that important? You might ask? Well it’s because of the sensor in this camera. The sensor in the 2 is the same sensor, that’s in the new enterprise, advanced 2 for the cmos sensor, the regular camera here’s.

Some things side by side, the slides comparing the two sensors and it’s. Easy to see it is the same half inch cmos sensor. They downplayed some of the firmware got rid of the 12 megapixel made it only 48, effectively same field of view.

84 degrees same aperture, f, 2.8 and so on, and so on same lens size. Everything’s, the same it’s, basically the same camera that’s in the 2 is now in the mavic 2 . So as we move forward to the dual, this was the sensor 120 resolution that they put in the duel, and nobody was excited about that somewhat excited it was.

It was a a good attempt, but it really didn’t. Do the trick? Lay the the rgb image over the top you couldn’t even hardly make out what things were with that camera, so it was really a disappointment when it come right down to it.

Now, if you look at the thermal camera data on the advanced it’s, the exact same camera of the xt, everything is almost identical, including the 512 resolution and that’s. The game changer with this with this camera on the uh enterprise advanced model here’s, a little bit of footage from the xt and from the enterprise advanced back and forth, and i’m, going to do a little side by side.

Comparison so that you can really see how amazing this advanced sensor is going to be on. The left, of course, is the xt and on the right is the advanced, and with that color palette, that’s, the same color palette you can’t tell the difference between those two cameras.

The resolution on this new one is just amazing, so if you like this video, if you like the information in the video, please give it a like and share it. Tell your friends. I appreciate you watching have a great day.


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